A Non-Electric Kids Scooter by Birdie Scooters

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The best way for you to keep your kids healthy and fit is to make them enjoy some simple outdoor activities. As a parent, if you choose to have kids scooter, then it will be an excellent reason for them to stay active. Although safety is the first priority when you go for kids bike, these products are designed for a certain age to make sure that they are suitable for your kid. Bird is a well-known manufacturer of bikes producing excellent ride quality for a bike and offering exceptional value for your money. In response to the demand for non-electric scooters for kids, Bird has launched which is a three-wheel scooter specially designed for children. This scooter is custom designed by the Bird industry and can be an excellent way for young children to play with friends, scoot around the driveway, and ride alongside their parents in order to have fun and enjoy the fresh air.

What should you know before you buy kids bicycle Singapore?

  • Age and height

Usually, people use height as a measuring stick in order to get the correct size of the kids bike, but it can be pretty misleading as an indicator, as it is not just height, but also the age which has to be a natural place to start. It would be helpful for you if you also kept in mind that the height and age range may overlap for each of the bike ranges.

  • Confidence and ability

Over time, children learn to ride with ease, start to control the bike, and have a lot of fun if they master this domain. The majority of parents like the idea of buying a bike that their kids may grow into, as this can make quite a sense financially. There are also negatives, which include the height, extra size, and weight that can be tough. It is essential that you let your kid master each skill independently and judge your child’s ability and confidence.

  • Physical fitness

Any kids bicycle Singapore can be of correct size when the child can easily sit on the saddle and rest the balls of the feet on the ground and reach the handlebars with a bit of bend in the arms. As the child grows, the seat post and handlebar stem can be raised according to the manual limits of the owner.

  • Weight of the kids bike

It is never a good idea to let your kid ride a bike that may be more than half of their own weight. One can imagine how hard it could be to propel the bike from a stationary position. It is better not to expect this from your child, especially when he is learning to ride.

What are the main features of the Birdie kids scooter?

  • Adjustable T-bar

With the help of the height-adjustable T-bar, it gets easy for your little rider to keep moving without any issues. Parents can move the handlebar to a height that their kid is comfortable with, and they can adjust it as the kid grows.

  • Structurally sound

Birdie scooter is made from some high-quality materials, and its intuitive construction is undoubtedly a long-term addition to your kid’s everyday play. This kids scooter comes with an aircraft-grade aluminum handlebar as well as a fiber-reinforced nylon deck.

  • Safe and comfortable

With the help of a reliable stomp brake, it gets possible for your young rider to stop quickly, whereas its no-slip ergonomic grip offers much better handling for your kid’s smaller hands. It is worth noting that Birdie has done some extensive testing and certification so that your child can have a safe and secure riding experience.

  • Enhanced balancing

This Birdie scooter is relatively easy to control for your kid because it has a lean-to-steer frame and a wide three-wheel design. If your kid wants to move left or right, he has to shift the body weight and get stability, enhanced balancing, and tremendous improved coordination.

You also need to note that this kids scooter has safety stop buttons that are specially designed to prevent any handlebar removals. The scooter has a durable design and frame, offers smooth steering, has reliable brakes, and comes from the minds of the leading vehicle designers of the Bird’s industry, a globally recognized Bird brand.

Use Atome to buy your kid’s favorite Birdie scooter

A good scooter can surely help your kid to learn balance, turn, and brake and can indeed be an excellent substitute for recess and commutes through public transport. Birdie kids scooter offers you a durable frame and design, smooth steering, and three wheels so that you can have increased stability. This particular scooter comes from the minds of the Bird industry, which is a globally recognized and a leading designer of vehicles. Atome has recently powered with Birdie scooters to expand its BNPL acceptance across Asia, especially Singapore.

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