All You Need to Know about Levi’s Strauss’s Exquisite Denim Jacket Collection for Men

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Levi Strauss & co. aka Levi’s is a brand of denim jeans that was founded in May 1853. The corporation is registered in Delaware and its corporate headquarters are located in San Francisco. The brand offers a wide range of clothing from jeans, pants, shorts, T-shirts, sweaters to even Levi’s denim jackets for men as well as women. They cover infinite clothing and style possibilities for both genders with their amazing out-of-the-box collections.

Evolution of the brand

Levi’s as a brand was founded when the German immigrant Levi’s Strauss moved from Buttenheim, Bavaria to San Francisco. From early 1920, modern jeans started appearing in the markets. Their sales however were largely confined to the working class of the western United States, such as cowboys, lumberjacks and railroad workers etc. Later, during the times of World War II, blue jeans were considered as an essential item and were sold only to people who were engaged in defence work of some sort.

It was between the 1950s and 1980s that Levi’s jeans and its products like Levi’s denim jacket for men and women gained wide popularity. The brand began a close collaboration with Walmart in 2002 and produced a special line of ‘signature’ jeans along with other clothing items.

The cultural impact of Levi’s as a brand

From minors to actors to Nobel Prize recipients, Levi’s Strauss & co. is a brand that has been worn by people from all walks of life. It is said that the leather jacket worn by Marlon Brando to Albert Einstein himself was made by Levi’s Strauss and co. in the year 1930. The brand takes a great deal of care and follows the utmost precision in the manufacturing of its garments, advertising of its products as well as in maintaining the perfect storefront presence.

The current range of this quintessential brand’s products

Owing to the availability of cheap labour and raw materials, a wide range of Levi’s products are being manufactured in a huge number of developing countries ranging from India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam to Indonesia etc. Contrary to the popular belief, the production of this corporation is not only limited to jeans but also includes clothing items like sweaters, eyeglasses, socks, underwear, shoes, skirts and shirts etc. What really steals the show is the collection of Levi’s denim jacket for men. With their classy designs, best quality material, perfect fit and availability of the apparel in all sizes, the Levi’s Strauss denim jacket collection is purely exquisite and an absolute must-have in one’s wardrobe.

Everything you need to know about Levi’s denim jacket

  • About denim jackets

Also referred to as the jeans jacket or the trucker jacket, a denim jacket is basically a jacket made from denim. After being introduced in the United States in the late 19th century, it has slowly become the most popular casual apparel amongst the masses. Some would even call it an iconic element of American fashion owing to its widespread use. Be it a party, a get-together or a volunteering event, Levi’s denim jackets for men easily and effortlessly fits the bill and gives one the perfect look. Having said that, even Levi’s denim jacket for the women and children serve the same purpose and allow an endless pool of opportunities to style them with different apparels and create newer, more refined looks each time.

  • Styling the jackets

Although it might seem like the women and children have it easy as the denim jackets go with almost any of their outfits, be it the skirts, shirts and even the flowy gowns and maxi dresses. Levi’s denim jackets for men can be just as easily styled! You can pair them with your basic T-shirts, wear them over your shirts, create Indo-western styles by wearing them over your kurtas and even style them with those relaxing Bermuda shorts!  The best part- Levi’s denim jackets for men and women come in so many enticing colours and patterns that you’ll never fall short of styling ideas.

  • The endless variety of materials to choose from

The brand offers the most exciting collections. There is always an ocean of new arrivals in their stores as well as the websites. When shopping for shirts, everything from standard, sunset pocket, no pocket to reversible shirts can easily be found in Levi’s stores. The same applies to their jeans, skirts, pants, sweaters, sweatshirts and accessories. On that note, Levi’s denim jackets for men and women are an absolute delight. You can enhance your style statement and enrich your wardrobe with their fascinating denim jackets collections that are available in the best of colours and even better materials and styles.

  • The trust of the brand

Levi’s Strauss and co. is amongst the most trusted clothing brands worldwide. This isn’t without reason. The company pays utmost attention to what the customer wants and makes it a point to deliver only the best. Their products are ever-updating and in sync with the present-day fashion trends. They never fail to surprise their clients with their mind-boggling collections that are made from the best quality materials. Be it Levi’s shirt, jeans, sweater or a basic Levi’s denim jacket for men or women, once you invest in this brand’s clothing, it’s going to last for ages and will be worth every penny spent.

Levi’s Strauss as a brand is trustworthy, extremely reliable and offers great styles at unbelievably great prices. Have you been putting off purchasing that perfect pair of denim jacket to save yourself from the shopping headaches? Wait no more! Levi’s denim jacket for men and women are without an iota of doubt, the answer to all your jacket styling prayers.

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