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Among the most well-known and well-liked manufacturers of sporting footwear and clothing worldwide is ASICS shoes. Though many people mistake ASICs for just another manufacturer of sporting shoes, there is a lot more to this brand than first appears. It is a business that places a strong emphasis on technology, both in the production of its shoes and in the way each brand-new pair is created. ASICs running shoes are hands-down the best!

ASICS boasts a variety of only the top quality ASICS shoes, including ASICS tennis shoes, ASICS safety shoes, ASICS netball shoes, ASICS badminton shoes, and more!

All you must know about ASICS

Since 1965, ASICS has been creating athletic gear and footwear. Their implementation of design principles that have altered the sports industry throughout this period has been made possible by innovation. Both female and male athletes are closely involved in their work at their development and research facility in Kobe, Japan. ASICS has created revolutionary sports goods, solutions, and technology via its creative approach, founded on academic experiments and partnership with athletes, to assist sportspeople and active consumers in achieving their objectives.

The business operates a research center called RISS. In the city where the business was founded, Kobe, the Research Institute of Sports Science, or RISS, was established in 1990. Here, the technical advancements created by scientists and sportspeople start to pay off the company’s investment in footwear and gear. Its research includes analyzing how the human body moves and putting various materials to the test to determine which ones are ideal for the user and the next model.

What does ASICS- the brand name stand for?

ASICs is an abbreviation for the company name.

Since ASICS is derived from the Latin phrase “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” it may be appropriate to spell the name in all upper case cases. The translation of the English phrase is “a sound mind in a sound body.” The idea of a mind-body link was not created in the twenty-first century. Nevertheless, the company’s initial name was not ASICS.

Kihachiro Onitsuka founded Onitsuka Co., Limited in 1949 as a manufacturer of basketball shoes in Kobe, Japan. Onitsuka’s living room served as the production facility, where everything appeared to be produced to order. Even though the company has expanded internationally, its headquarters are still in Kobe. There is no proof that the company is associated with the name of the former LA Lakers shooting guard. Buy your favorite pair of ASICS shoes now!

What does the ASICS logo mean?

The original ASICS logo, which has grown to be recognizable over time, debuted in 1977 and featured a modern, edgy logo positioned to the left of a strong, lowercase logotype in a distinctive sans-serif style. The brand’s philosophical idea and core principles of success, well-being, and good health are reflected in the logo’s fluid lines, representing movement and speed. The ASICS visual identity’s vibrant blue color scheme suggested freedom, light, and friendliness while reflecting the company as dependable and trustworthy. Getting yourself and your loved ones ASICS shoes is the best decision, hands down!

ASICS 5 Principles!

Each ASICS shoe is designed with five guiding principles; the shoe’s placement within each category determines its kind.

ASICS inquired about the following while our running shoes are being designed:

Quickness or absolute comfort? Bounding off of paved surfaces or stability across rough terrain? Does the foot fit snugly, or does it feel spacious inside?

Then, each shoe is described in terms of 5 qualities, with a spectrum for each feature that ranges from an extreme to another. Be it tennis shoes or ASICS netball shoes, they all will fit you perfectly according to your taste and style!


There is padding to lessen the impact when your foot touches the ground. It travels underneath your ASICS shoe forefoot and heel and, on occasion, all the way and through the midsole. Your weight, usual pace, and training regimen will all influence how much you require. Buy ASICS shoes and stop worrying about all cushioning issues!


This is just about how well your foot is stabilized when running. If you overpronate, the support ensures that your forward motion is assisted by your forward motion and prevents your foot from sliding inwards too much. ASICS shoes provide the best support! Visit your nearest ASIC outlet in Singapore now!

But neutral runners, who have exactly the perfect degree of inward foot roll, don’t require the stabilizing equipment. They might like a little bit to keep the foot secure as they weary late in a run.


It all comes down to how much the earth beneath your foot feels while you run. Many runners enjoy the closeness and the need to adjust to terrain changes. However, many runners want something more cozy and carefree and like running with supple, springy fabrics underfoot. ASICS shoes can offer you the best of both worlds!


The shoe needs to fit snugly and foot-huggingly at the top of the foot or a little looser for larger feet. Since the shoe holds your foot firmly locked in the center, a tighter fit provides more stability. Get the perfect fit with ASICS shoes!


To some extent, every shoe requires traction, but the amount of traction determines if the shoe is meant for challenging, technical terrain or synthetic racetrack surfaces. Weather is a factor; you’ll need a bit more to maintain your feet secure if it’s pouring. Forget worrying about grip once you buy ASICS Shoes!

What is so special about ASICS?

The following points set ASICS above all its competitors:

  • A Singaporean artist and the ASICS design team worked together to create their newest brand. Talk about stylish, the Limited Edt head and Singaporean artist Mark Ong collaborated with the ASICS creative team to create the brand’s Tiger line-up. Running enthusiasts are never deterred by the rain, so ASICS created the Tiger-line to address another athletic shoe market gap.
  • Gene McCarthy, the current CEO of ASICS America, enjoys running. McCarthy, the company’s CEO, practices sports herself when integrating his professional and personal lives, even though many CEOs of athletic shoe companies usually are less inclined towards fitness or athletics than 20% something. Customers of ASICS can feel confident that the company’s management spends money on understanding the challenges and joys of being a regular runner because he gets up and runs every morning, as opposed to having an executive whose life is spent in business attire.
  • Developing a robust corporate culture is part of the company’s business philosophy. According to ASICS, one of the key components of developing a company culture is recognizing that the company’s core is its workforce. No matter if the person is a clear and comprehensive executive or someone who welcomes customers and clients at the front door, the life of a firm is rolled in its people. A way to solidify a culture is to have individuals within it with a wide range of diverse abilities and personalities. If difficult times arise—which they frequently do—the business can withstand them.
  • ASICS is aware of the value and significance of the consumer. Many businesses make this claim, but when you peruse why ASICS holds this belief, you’ll understand why it continues to be successful. The notion is that any brand a company produces is a consumer product, not a company product. They consider themselves brand managers rather than actual proprietors. ASICS understands that customers follow the shoe companies, never the other way around, in a practical, contemporary understanding of how the sports shoe industry is managed.
  • Running shoe design and production at ASICS are often done conservatively. This implies that those who value fashion and style above functionality are unlikely to invest in a pair of ASICS shoes. The ASICS trainer models, as well as the hyper-speed racer brands, actually don’t look all that different from one another. However, the racers can both be lightweight and smooth, making it a popular choice for many serious runners regarding the sensation quality mentioned earlier. While it might initially appear that the ASICS label is only for real sports practitioners and semi-pros, the reality that it is a top-quality shoe with a clear objective means you will be receiving some of the world’s best shoe innovation that is intended to both improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury. The general public is not aware of this fact about the ASICS brand. Even if you pay more for a pair of Reebok or Adidas shoes, you won’t receive the same dedication to safety and quality as you would with ASICS.

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Buy comfort and style with ASICS shoes now!!

The ASICS store in Singapore is the best place to get your running, training, and athletic shoes. The company has various variants, from the ASICS badminton shoes to their safety shoes!

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