Best Body Scrub Singapore-How Often Should You Use A Body Scrub?

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Are you someone looking for more smooth, clean, and supple skin? Do you have blackheads and depigmentation on your body? Have you ever tried using the body scrub from Essenza? Use it at least once and see the difference it takes you from before and after. Have it a go and see for yourself; the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza will be your last choice.

The best body scrubs in Singapore from Essenza is the Essenza organic scrub. It has original almond oil and acai granules.  It can be found by the name Mandorle. It is used to gently clean your skin that ordinary soaps and shower gels cannot do.

Why should you use a body scrub?

A body scrub aims to exfoliate your pores and remove the dead skin gently. Everyone wishes to have soft baby skin, and body scrub is the right product for that. It removes the layer of dead skin and makes your skin super soft.

After exfoliation, your skin can absorb moisturizer better, which means if you apply a moisturizer after body scrubbing, it will be soaked into your skin thoroughly, leaving your skin feeling baby soft and healthy. The best body scrubs Singapore from Essenza will work miracles for you.

The main aim of a scrub

Other than moisturized soft skin, a body scrub also unclogs your clogged pores and prevents ingrown hair on your skin. Clogged pores and ingrown hair leave your skin looking bumpy and rough, which is why body scrub is best for your skin to avoid any bumps and have even looking smooth skin.

So, if you want hydrated, softer, and smooth-looking skin, a body scrub is all that you will need. If you need to unclog your pores and let your skin breathe, the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza is the one you should try.

How to use a body scrub?

People use body scrubs the way they use soap or a shower gel. All body scrubs have a similar direction of use; even the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza. There are certain rules and directions for using a body scrub:

1. Even the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza is to be used once a week. Please do not use it daily, as it has granules that are mild abrasives and may remove the superficial layer of the skin, ending up scarring your body which is painful and leaves a mark.

2. Never use it on your face. It is designed for your body which means the formula is too harsh for your face.

3. Before using, soak your skin in lukewarm or warm water for almost 10-15 minutes allowing the pores to open and the skin to soften. Then pat off the excess water. This way, the water will enter the pores as well. Rehydrating your skin will help the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza to work much more effectively.

4. Now take a generous amount of the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza, and with the tip of your fingers, gently massage it in a circular motion. Massage enough for it to leather up on your skin and form a layer.

5. If the foam is becoming too thick, use a little water to even it out on the body.

6. While using the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza, please do not use the loofah, your body scrub is already abrasive, and the loofa will intensify the scrubbing, which we do not want.

7. After a good massaging of the scrub for about 5-10 minutes, you can start rinsing it away. You can even use a wet or damp cloth to remove the body scrub. Or bathe it away.

8. It is highly suggestive to use a good moisturizer after using the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza. It helps in keeping your skin moist and retaining hydration.

Your skin is supposed to feel smooth and clean after using the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza. If it burns or has left a scratch, then it is evident that you have not been following the rules and directions written on it. Remember the instruction on the bottle or back of the tube is for your good.

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How Often Should You Use a Body Scrub

Now coming to the main instruction of the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza, you may want to use it daily, but it will leave your skin dry and sensitive. Due to the acai granules. For daily use, you can use glycerin soap or just a shower gel. It just washes away the extra sebum and oils from your skin.

But if you want to exfoliate your skin, then a body scrub is what you want. You can get the best body scrub in Singapore from Essenza. But never confuse a body scrub with your face scrub. You can exfoliate 2-3 times a week if your skin is thick and regularly exposed to excessive sunlight. But moisturize it after exfoliation. Now, if your skin is already dry and sensitive, you may want to exfoliate once a week, or you may end up hiring your skin.


A body scrub is an essential self-care product. If you want to have smooth and supple skin, you should get yourself the best body scrub Singapore from Essenza. There are no if and buts when it comes to self-care.

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