Browhaus Singapore – A Concept Store That Takes Your Brow Game to The Next Level

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Browhaus Singapore is one of the best stores specializing in lash and brow grooming services. The company has taken the world by storm with its extraordinary services and products. Browhaus currently has stores across Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, and Bangkok.

The team at Browhaus believes that everyone deserves perfect brows. Therefore, their products and services are designed to make this belief a reality. Since its inception in 2004, the trailblazing concept store has transformed into an international salon focusing.

Browhaus, as the name suggests, rose to fame with its brow grooming services. If you’re wondering why the semi-permanent eyebrow trend has become so popular, allow us to indulge you.

Why is the Semi-permanent eyebrow trend popular?

If you are from the 90s, you are probably guilty of tweezing and waxing your eyebrows to be as thin as possible. Unfortunately, barely-there eyebrows have disappeared from the beauty scene and have been replaced by bushy and full brows. Thankfully, there are ways for tweezer victims to rebuild their brows and look fashionable.

Semi-permanent eyebrows are a long-lasting solution many people are turning to in the beauty industry. Luckily, this treatment is not just for the rich and famous celebrities who don the red carpet but is readily accessible to women from all walks of life. The benefit of cosmetic tattooing is that it provides a natural makeup look that doesn’t wash away at the end of the day.

Here’s everything you should know about this beauty trend.

What are semi-permanent eyebrows?

Semi-permanent eyebrows, also called microblading, is a technique where individual hairs are drawn into the skin with a needle. It’s basically a tattoo but for the eyebrows. Be advised that the process isn’t a short one and requires a brainstorming session with the technician.

You first discuss the eyebrow shape you want to achieve. In the next step, the pigment is matched to your hair color so that it looks completely natural. The technician then draws life-like hairs on your actual eyebrows using a blade-shaped tool to fill them out.

How long do they last?

While microblading is a type of tattoo, it’s not permanent like an actual tattoo. Not only is the ink different from one another, but also the way it is applied. Regular tattoos use concentrated tattoo ink, whereas, in microblading, the ink used has much smaller pigment particles.

Tattoos deliver pigment into your skin’s deeper layers, and that’s why the result is permanent. In microblading, the tint is applied to your skin superficially; therefore, it fades away eventually. The subtle ink combined with the application technique makes the semi-permanent tattoo look soft and delicate. You can expect the results of microblading to last up to a year. However, the pigment does lighten a shade or two over time.

How are microblading and microshading different?

We agree that the two names sound confusingly similar, but they are totally different from each other. Both microblading and microshading are forms of semi-permanent makeup for your eyebrows, but there are slight differences between them.

While microblading is super precise and in the shape of hair strokes, microshading delivers a softer finish. Think about the look you get from an eyebrow pencil and now compare that with a brow pomade. Microshading is similar to using an eyebrow pencil– soft and diffused, and Microblading results are closer to that of a pomade– defined and rich.

In microblading, the technician draws hair-like strokes in your brows, while in microshading, tiny dots are drawn along your brows for a less defined finish.

Who is an ideal candidate for microblading?

Anyone with sparse brow hair or an imperfect eyebrow shape can opt for microblading. However, there are other factors that you have to keep in mind before getting a microblading treatment. For example, you might not be an ideal candidate if you have sensitive or super-reactive skin.

Microblading causes inflammation initially and can quickly escalate other skin conditions. If your skin reacts badly to the microblading treatment, chances are that your tattoo will not heal soon. Moreover, your microblading will fade away faster if you have oily skin.

While the dream of perfect brows is exciting, make sure you don’t jump on this trend bandwagon on an impulse. Weigh your options smartly and assess your skin’s condition thoroughly before making an appointment.

Benefits of semi-permanent eyebrows

Semi-permanent makeup has many benefits, which is why more people gravitate toward the treatment. Here are a few reasons you should try out microblading yourself.

  • Semi-permanent makeup saves you considerable time you’d otherwise spend standing in front of the mirror daily. All you need are a few touch-ups here and there, and you’re good to go.
  • Perfectly done eyebrows can take your confidence up several notches. Most women are conscious about leaving the house bare-faced, without any makeup. Semi-permanent makeup is a fantastic procedure to invest in as it makes you feel more confident in your looks the moment you step out of bed.
  • Semi-permanent eyebrows mean that you can maintain a consistent look every day.
  • With tattoos comes the fear of permanency. However, semi-permanent eyebrows allow you the ability to change your look. Since the results of microblading don’t last forever, you can choose to maintain your old eyebrow look or try a new one in your next session.

Services Available at Browhaus Singapore

Browhaus Singapore is synonymous with perfectly-filled eyebrows. The store offers expert services, including:

  • Brow resurrection
  • Brow lamination
  • Plasma lift
  • Eye define
  • Lip define
  • Lash in bloom
  • Lash resurrection

The brow resurrection treatment at Browhaus is an excellent semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that creates realistic hair strands to give you picture-perfect brows. However, this isn’t just a standard eyebrow treatment but is exclusively available at Browhaus. The advanced embroidery technique produces a more delicate finish than its counterparts that simply weave parallel hair strands.

There are 4 looks that you can choose from Classic, Soft, Full, or Ombre. If you’re unsure which look would suit you best, you can always reach out to the Browhaus experts for a brow design session.

The results of Browhaus’s brow resurrection are long-lasting. The Classic and Soft looks can last up to 12 months with proper post-treatment care; Full and Ombre looks can stay fresh for up to 18 months. If you want the best results, you should use the after-care products diligently. In addition, you are advised to return for a touch-up session after 3 months of your Brow Resurrection treatment.

For Browhaus Singapore booking, you can visit their stores here:

Browhaus is one of Atome’s partnered brands

Atome is a BNPL company that operates in 8 markets worldwide. It has over 15,000 partner merchants, and Browhaus Singapore is one of them. Our partnership means Browhaus customers can buy products from the store or avail any of their services with the option of flexible payments. Please continue reading to learn more about Atome and how it works.

What is Atome?

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Scan QR to download the Atome app

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Get perfect brows with Browhaus

Browhaus makes it easier than ever to achieve the eyebrow look that you’ve been hoping for. Book a Browhaus appointment today to get started on your semi-permanent makeup journey.

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