Buy Flight Tickets Pay Later- Enhancing Personal Growth

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Travelling is one of the best ways to do exciting and new things from your routine activities. Steeping out from your comfort zone to a new environment enhances your personal growth, giving you a sense of independence and making you more responsible. However, at times it is challenging to plan for a holiday destination due to tight financial conditions. We are here to solve this issue of yours and help you know where to buy flight tickets pay later in Singapore.

What is Buy Now Pay Later?

When you need to purchase your desired products or something else, you cannot stretch it and can’t afford it; this is when the buy now pay later scheme or payment option comes in. Buy now pay later is a scheme or facility allowing customers to turn their shopping or purchases into Equated Monthly Installments or EMIs. The demand for buying and paying later is rinsing for two to three years.  However, ever since the pandemic has hit, many people worldwide prefer to use this shopping mode to avoid getting burdened with paying for their shopping needs in installments.

This scheme is often used by the young generation and those who do not have credit cards. Many digital lenders are also publicizing this facility. These schemes allow customers to pay within the available timeframe, ranging from one month to twenty-four months, as set by the lender.  

Let’s discover a few schemes of buy flight tickets pay later in Singapore.

Buy Flight Tickets Pay Later Schemes In Singapore

Many digital lenders and companies offer to buy flight tickets pay later schemes to help their customers afford their travel plans and enjoy holidays, and other travel needs effortlessly. A few schemes for travel ease of customers are the following:  

Singapore Airlines Scheme

Singapore airlines allow its customers to book their flight tickets now and pay for them later with a zero percent installment plan if you use a BDO credit card. Six months installment plans are available for limited destinations. Hence, you must check the terms and conditions, and schemes for your preferred destination before booking your flight ticket. Singapore helps its customers to make their travel plans comfortable and effortless. You can book your flights with Yatra Singapore and enjoy your travel with its payment flexibility.

Through Yatra Singapore, you can buy flight tickets pay later. It gives you extra time to plan your travel and secure your travel plan for your preferred dates.

Malaysia Airlines

One travel Singapore allows its customers to enjoy easy and effortless monthly installments on their flight bookings. With Malaysia Airlines, you can book your flight tickets to your dream destination and pay for them later. This option or scheme from Malaysia Airlines allows securing your preferred flight bookings and its fare for the next seventy-two hours. You need to pay only the holding fee for your flight before making the purchase.

How does the buy flight tickets pay later option work on Malaysia Airlines?

Here are the steps to select book your now and pay later as your scheme:

  • Select your preferred flight and opt for the book now pay later scheme at the payment page.
  • You must pay the required fee to ensure and guarantee your flight and booking.
  • After paying the holding fee, you will be sent a confirmation mail on your given e-mail ID with the booking reference number and the final payment deadline.
  • After deciding the flight and the destination, you can make the full payment for the flight fare within the deadline to avoid cancellations.

However, once you opt for Book Now Pay Later as your payment option, Malaysia Airlines will secure your booking for up to seventy-two hours from the time you book your flight tickets.

Alternative Airlines Singapore

Alternative Airlines Singapore offers its customers to buy flight tickets pay later option to travel with more than 650 airlines. You can search your flights, book, and pay for them later using Affirm, Klarna, Sezzle, PayBright, PayPal Credit, Quadpay, and Zip.

Flex Pay By Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines allows pay Flex Pay plan for customers to fly to their destination without the stress of paying the cost at once. You need to pay only 10% of the total flight cost and pay for the balance within fifteen days from the day of booking your flight by Indigo Airlines.

Benefits of Flex Pay Scheme

To opt for the Flex Pay scheme, you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select your preferred flight and date with onward or return flight and click on continue.
  • Click on Flex Pay to use it as your payment option to apply it to your flight booking.
  • Your flight booking will now be on hold as you applied the Flex Pay option.

To make your plan the perfect trip, Qantas offers you with Book Now Pay Later plan to hold your booking. You need to pay a holding guarantee or payment for eligible Qantas flight fares. If you fly from Singapore or other available countries, Qantas will provide you with the plan to put your flight booking on hold.

However, the length of the payment deadline or option to pay later depends on the fare conditions of the particular flight and the date of departure. It is because there may be changes in the ticket fare, carrier charges, fees, or taxes while your flight booking is on hold. Besides, to hold your flight booking, you need to pay S$25 per passenger.

It is available for return, multi-city, and one-way bookings. We advise you to check the updated information on Qantas’ online platform before you buy flight tickets pay later.


Expedia offers to book for flight now and pay later. You can use Affirm or other available payment methods to get your flight booking done with Expedia.


Did you hear about the opportunity to book a flight ticket or taking the trip and paying off the price later? Buy flight tickets pay later is the alternative flight booking approach to spread the cost of your ticket price on many available airlines. You can check all buy now pay later options for your flight tickets informed in this blog and travel with ease of payment and comfort.

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