Buy the Best Wallet for Men in The Market from Braun Buffel

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Leather and its products have been in the rage for a long time. Leather bags are not just durable but fashionable. They are used for both fashion and function. 

The leather and leather industry are as old as history itself, but the recent form of leather goods started in the 1700s. Producing good leather is difficult and making products out of that leather needs craftsmanship. It requires specialized workmanship along with specialized tools. It’s a skill that is passed on from generation to generation. One such company is Braun Buffel.

Established in 1887, it has a history of 124 years of producing quality products and satisfying customers.


Solid leather wallets for men and stylish leather bags for women are a must-have for all. They exude not just money but class as well. Leather products have always been in demand. They are much loved for the value they exhibit. Men love to have a solid leather wallet, and women exhibit their style sense with perfectly crafted leather bags. Leather products are never cheap as leather is an expensive commodity, not to mention the skills and craftsmanship required to make the items. However, ATOME has a solution to offer. If you choose ATOME as a payment option, your payment will be broken up into three easy installments. You will have to pay a third of the total payment at the time of purchase, and the other two payments will be paid monthly in the upcoming two months. 


Braun Buffel started as a small family business in Kern, Germany, more than a hundred years ago. What was just a family trade quickly turned into a flourishing business polished by four generations. Each generation brought about the changes required to move along with time. More innovations were brought about, the product range was increased, and the business flowed along with time. From a trade shop in a small town of Germany, it has now spread into a chain and has a worldwide clientele. The products of Braun Buffel are loved by executives, favored by travelers, and fancied by fashionistas. Despite the expanding business and the established name, Braun Buffel are as contemporary today as they were when they established their business in 1887.


Braun Buffel exclusively produce bags and wallets for men and women. They have a sizeable variety that will match your needs and style. Whether it’s a handbag or a traveling bag, the products are durable and presentable at the same time. They use premium quality leather for their products. They obtain their leather from local curators to ensure that the leather has been tanned in the best circumstances. Their craftsmen are skilled, and most of them have been working with them for years to ensure that superior quality is not lost over acquiring new acquisitions. The traditional style and lore of the products have been maintained through generations. 


Every girl loves her bags. If these bags are classy and made of pure leather, then there can be nothing better. You can get what you desire from Braun Buffel. They have various handbags, travel bags, clutches, cross body bags, wallets, leather straps for your wristwatches, tote bags, cardholders, and even coin bags. 

All bags are made of pure leather and have been tanned naturally. Most of the products are made of grain leather. The bags have different styles that make each bag distinguishable and fashionable.

The backpacks are made of classic soft leather and have been styled in a feminine way with contemporary shapes and details. 

Wallets are essential for every handbag. They help in keeping our money organized. There are different wallets available at Braun Buffel. You will find matching wallets as well as coin bags for your handbag. 

There are even formal clutch bags available that will enhance the beauty of your formal dresses. The tote and hobo bags are ideal for the working woman amongst you.


Men can be fussy while choosing their Wallets. They want durable, sturdy, and, yes, stylish wallets. The general requirements for wallets for men are to have big capacities, be stylish, and hold coins. At Braun Buffel, other leather items are available for men like backpacks, briefcases, travel accessories, and much more.


Sometimes we are so caught up in our life that we forget to enjoy ourselves. And when we do, our financial responsibilities pull us back from spending anything on ourselves. This is not good or sometimes we need to buy a gift for our loved ones, something the other will remember us by for the years to come. But due to our financial restraints, we are unable to do so. But now you can use the payment method of ATOME to buy that perfect gift for your loved ones. These leather bags are the perfect gift for the woman in your life, may it be your mother, sister or a special one. And if you want to get the perfect gift for the man of your life, you should visit Braun Buffel to get that perfect leather wallet or any other leather accessory!


We should indulge ourselves sometimes. Buying products from an established chain like Braun Buffel ensures that you spend for good quality products. The superior leather quality you will attain through them will make the bags and wallets for men last longer.

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