Chanel bags in Singapore – discover what Zalora offers when it comes to Chanel bags

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Why Chanel bags?

One of the reasons Chanel continues to be hip among trendy young ladies is the simplistic designs they come up with for every type of product they offer. Examples include charming earrings that are regularly sold out and Chanel bags that frequently decorate the shoulders of Hollywood stars.

Chanel classic bags have an underlying elegance that draws the feminine eye. A lot of thought is put into the creative parts of designing, and the manufacturing pays close attention to details. This also contributes to the high respect in which Chanel products are frequently held and is one of the reasons why they are regarded as high-end fashion items.

A brief history of Chanel and the popular Chanel bags

Coco Chanel was raised in a low-income family until the age of 12, when she became an orphan. Her mother died, and her dad abandoned Coco and her siblings. She was moved to an orphanage and later to a Catholic girls’ boarding school. Coco’s dress sense can be attributed to her background. She favored basic yet functional objects. Her pieces are built to last and may be worn for generations.

As a result, Chanel’s goods are created with the finest grade components and by the greatest artisans in the business, all of whom are based in Europe. Even Chanel boy bags, Chanel Gabrielle bags, and Chanel mini flap bags are partly handmade and partly machine-made using top-quality materials.

Most Chanel leather items are made of lambskin or caviar leather. These products are machine-sewn under meticulous supervision until the fabric is hand-cut and shaped to fit perfectly.

Can You Purchase Chanel Bags Online? Where to Buy Chanel Online?

Chanel products can be found online; however, there’s always the risk of the product not being brand-new, or worse, a fake. Most Chanel online products you find on the internet are pre-loved, meaning they have already been used. If you’re looking for span-new, unblemished Chanel products online, you might not be so lucky.

If you want to buy an original Chanel product, you need to go to a Chanel store to do so. Chanel doesn’t allow its customers to directly order Chanel products online. Chanel makes sure that each of its users gets a pristine and immaculate product by limiting official Chanel purchases to its stores only.

Most Chanel online stores claiming that they are selling genuine and brand-new Chanel products might not be so truthful after all, and once you get the order, you’ll notice that the Chanel bag you received was, in fact, a bogus one. However, then again, there are some Chanel online shops and Chanel SG online stores from which you can get pre-loved Chanel bags from. There’s nothing wrong with using a pre-loved Chanel bag if only minor faults exist!

Buying from Chanel Online Stores

On the internet, you’ll find a million adverts floating around advertising Chanel online stores, authentic Chanel products, and whatnot. While some of these products might actually be genuine, most of them are erroneously and inaptly advertising counterfeit Chanel products.

If a website is parading brand-new Chanel products, there’s a pretty weighty chance that this product is a knock-off. However, pre-loved and used, genuine Chanel products are not that arduous to find. This means there are several Chanel stores in Singapore, including Chanel online stores, where you can get your hands on your favorite Chanel bags.

Here are some Chanel online Singapore stores (other than the official seller) from where you can get Chanel bags:

  • Zalora
  • Lazada
  • Stylicy
  • iprice

If you’re not a fan of pre-loved articles, visiting a Chanel boutique in Singapore would be the best choice for you if you’re planning on getting a high-quality original Chanel bag.

Look for These Things When Buying from Chanel Online Stores

When buying a Chanel bag or any other product from the brand for matter, you must possess a keen eye for authenticity. There is a boatload of fake Chanel products frolicking around the internet to lure you into a hoax. Furthermore, auction websites like eBay are brimming with fake Chanel products.

If you’re worried that the Chanel bag you recently equipped yourself with was fake, here’s what you can do to identify a fake product. Authentic Chanel bags boast the following:

  • Leather is either caviar skin or lambskin.
  • An authentic Chanel bag has a very taut lining,
  • It has a high stitch count to avoid the quilting from puffing.
  • The CC lock parades the signature Chanel handbag look.
  • The right C overlaps the left one at the top, and the left C overlaps the right one at the bottom.

This list is not exhaustive; however, it may give you a precise idea of what to look for!


Genuine Chanel bags in Singapore: Meet Zalora!

If you’re on the lookout for genuine Chanel bags and other stuff from Chanel in Singapore, we suggest you go to Zalora. Let’s look at some of the Chanel bags offered by Zalora.

  • Pre-Loved Chanel Boy Bag Rare Le Boy Shoulder Bag in Silver Python Skin and Black Goatskin Leather

This Chanel boy bag was the highlight of the fashion week of the summer/spring of 2014. The goatskin, complemented by the metallic python look, makes this Chanel boy bag wildly unusual.

This Chanel tote bag is a one-of-kind tote bag manufactured by Chanel. Made of caviar leather, this Chanel tote bag is built to last. It comes accompanied by silver hardware and a brown canvas.

  • Pre-Loved Burgundy Caviar Grand Shopper XL Chanel Tote Bag

This magnificent purse is expertly constructed of lush diamond quilted caviar leather, with shoulder straps linked with silver chain links and leather shoulder padding.

  • Pre-Loved Orange Patent Chanel Classic Bag Maxi Double

This bag has a double flap top with a silver-tone turn lock CC clasp. The leather strap chain may be worn on the shoulder or stretched for a longer drop—a beautiful and classic addition to any gathering.

  • Pre-Loved Olive Patent Quilted Maxi Mini Flap Chanel Classic Bag

When this Chanel mini flap bag was launched, women went crazy over it. This Chanel classic bag boasts a silver-tone turn lock CC closure and a versatile leather strap chain.

Receiving a Delivery from a Chanel SG Online Store

Once you’ve ordered Chanel bags from any of the Chanel shops online, we know that you just can’t wait to receive your delivery. From the ordering stage to the receiving phase, the process is worth every exhilarating heartbeat of yours. Don’t forget the adrenaline rush you experience when the parcel lands on your doorstep – a splendid blend of bliss, exhilaration, and anticipation.

Chanel online stores in Singapore usually take a few days to deliver your parcel, depending on the store’s delivery policy and your entered location. Take Zalora Singapore as an example – Zalora takes around 2-4 working days to deliver your order, a single working day if you opt for express delivery. The delivery time depends on the seller and their delivery policy if the item is being shipped from overseas.

When placing the order, you’ll always see an estimated delivery date – when your parcel arrives. In case you don’t receive your parcel from Zalora on time or don’t receive it at all, you can always contact Zalora’s customer service, and they’d be happy to help you.

Other Chanel online stores in Singapore have similar terms and policies when it comes to delivering parcels.

About Atome

Atome is a ‘purchase now, pay later’ application (get the app) that allows you to divide your bill into three payments. No interest costs or service fees are involved, and you have three months to pay. Atome successfully operates in nine regions across the world and is headquartered in Singapore.

Once you’ve downloaded the Atome application, you need to create an account on Atome; it only takes a few seconds. Next, when you want to divide the payment, you need to scan the merchant’s QR code or select Atome as your payment option when checking out at the merchant’s site.

You can find more about Atome and its merchants on their website:

Paying for your Chanel bags from Zalora using Atome

  • When checking out at Zalora, select Atome as your payment option.
  • When redirected, sign in to your Atome account.
  • Pay one-third of the total amount, and pay the rest over the next two months.


Chanel bags are like the Madonna of the world of fashion and trendy apparel. Whether you go for a Gabrielle Chanel bag, a classic Chanel bag, a Chanel boy bag, or a Chanel mini flap bag, you’re sure to be the envy of whoever lays their eyes on your hanging beauty.

Buy your Chanel bags in Singapore from Zalora and use Atome for flexible payment options now!

Scan QR to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

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