What Is An E-SIM Card? How to Transfer Number? Use Circles.Life

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Circles.Life E-SIM/ Circles.Life is a revolutionary and game-changing name in the field of telecommunication. But what is an E-SIM, you may ask? An E-SIM is short for embedded SIM cards that will completely replace and make physical SIM cards obsolete. It’s a relatively novel concept, with the idea of integrating the SIM card within the phone so that there’s no need to incessantly swap between SIM cards on your phone. The E-SIM card is similar to an NFC chip that’s there to stay in your phone.

The information on your E-SIM is re-writable; i.e., you can decide to change your operator over a simple phone call! E-SIM is backed by the GSMA, which is the association of mobile phone networks defining the standard of E-SIM on a global scale.

Owing to the novel concept of E-SIMS, there are currently just a handful number of mobile phone sets that support E-SIMS. These include the recently-debuted iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, iPad Pro, Oppo Find X3 Pro, Google Pixel 2, and Motorola Razr flip phone (which was the first to support E-SIMS). But based on the history of the rapid and exponential growth that we’ve made in the telecommunication industry, the odds are that many mobile phone companies will soon follow suit, and the telecommunication companies will also have to adapt to this shift.

Now, let’s talk about making the shift to the E-SIM from your regular (physical) SIM. It’s easier done on iPhones, so we’ll discuss about transferring the number on iPhones here; Head to the Settings on your iPhone and tap ‘Convert to E-SIM.’ If you don’t see that option, it means that your carrier doesn’t support this option. But no worries, you can contact your carrier to shift your number from a physical SIM to an E-SIM. Next, you need to tap ‘Convert Cellular Plan’ followed by tapping ‘Convert to E-SIM.’ Then you have to wait a couple of minutes for your E-SIM to get activated. As soon as the cellular plan gets activated on your iPhone, your previous SIM card is deactivated. Lastly, you have to remove the physical SIM, followed by restarting your device.

What is Circles.Life? What plans does it have?

Launched in 2016, Circles.Life/ Circles.Life E-SIM/ Circles.Life Singapore is an internationally acclaimed multinational Mobile Virtual Operator (MVNO) that’s based in Singapore. Initially, Circles.Life was exclusively functioning in Singapore, but in 2019, Circles.Life expanded into its first overseas market in Taiwan and has never stopped since.

With Circles.Life/ Circles.Life E-SIM, you’re always in control. Circles.Life has the Mantra of giving absolute power and autonomy to the customers, freeing you of any leashes that ordinary companies get you entangled in. Circles.Life E-SIM was designed keeping you in mind; everything that Circles.Life has to offer and everything in the pipeline is made with the valuable feedback from its customers.

Circles.Life E-SIM rewards you left, right, front and center; from the very first day, you’re bombarded with perks, rewards, and discounts, because Circles.Life believes that you deserve nothing less than the best. And with all this, the results are fruitful for Circles.Life, with a customer service satisfaction rate of 98%. You can check Circles.Life reviews and decide to give your own verdict on it.

Circles.Life is also one of the few telecom companies to offer 5G; you can check Circles.Life 5G/ Circles.Life 5G plans on the internet!

Circles.Life Singapore Plans

The Plans of Circles.Life are going to make you as happy as a clam!

SIM-only plans

There are three SIM-only Circles.Life Plans; The basic plan – which gives you 20 GB for 18$/ month forever, along with 100 minutes of calls, free caller ID, and no contract to bind you in. The 50 GB plan – which is 20$/ month forever and comes with 300 minutes of talking time, free caller ID, and, again, no contract. And finally, the limitless data plan – 100 GB at 38$/ month forever, along with 100 minutes of talk-time, 25 SMS, free caller ID, and 4G rollover, i.e., up to 300 GB of rollover of high speed 4G data.

Data-only plans

There are two Data-only plans: The limited time only boost and the best choice. The Limited time only boost gives you 50 GB for 10$/ month with no contract, free SIM card delivery, and giving you the complete liberty to add more data through the app anytime you want! The best choice offer gives you 130 GB for just 30$ a month! This, too, is free of any contract, entitles you to a free SIM card delivery, and the best part? The unused rollover data is transferred to the next month!

Circles life 5$ plan

The Circles life 5$ plan is as amazing as it gets. Circles life 5$ plan consists of the following: 2 GB of internet, 50 minutes of talk-time, 25 SMS, and a free caller ID. It’s super easy to sign up for the Circles life 5$ plan; you just need to head over to the website, choose your number, then select ‘transfer number’ or ‘Get a new number on the page, fill in your personal and billing credentials, and voila! You’re ready to use the Circles life 5$ plan. A little heads up, when you sign up for the Circles life 5$ plan, you have to pay a one-time 38$ registration fee. You can also boost up your Circles life 5$ plan – changing your data, calling, or SMS plans, giving you the complete leeway to alter it any way you see fit! Do note that the auto-boost option does not apply on the Circles life 5$ plan – you have to purchase a new boost option via the Circles.Life app.

There are other miscellaneous Circles.Life plans such as Circles.Life E-SIM plans, Circles.Life phone plans, phone combo, roaming, and family plans, etc.

FAQs about E-SIM

Since it is a relatively new concept, we’re sure you’re intrigued to know all about E-SIMs, and a plethora of questions and skepticism must be flooding your mind. But fret not; we’ll answer the most frequently encountered questions.

Do I have to pay to keep my old number?

Absolutely not! It’s quite the contrary, actually. Not only do you not have to pay a dime for keeping your old number, but when you port your number to Circles.Life, you get a 10$ monthly bill waiver forever, so technically, it’s quite a lucrative process to keep your old digits.

What should I do if my number is prepaid?

If you wish to keep your current prepaid number, you’ll have to switch it to the postpaid option with your current provider before you transfer your number to Circles.Life E-SIM. Technically you can choose a new number instead, but you lose the catch of the 10$ monthly waiver.

Can I use a physical SIM with an E-SIM?

Yes, you can use the dual sim option by using an E-SIM and a physical sim together. iPhone 13 models and all its successors support two active E-SIMs.

How do I terminate my E-SIM?

If you are using an iPhone, go to the settings, tap ‘cellular,’ then choose E-SIM, then choose ‘remove cellular plan’ followed by ‘remove T-Mobile plan,’ and your E-SIM cellular plan will be removed. In case you’re wondering how to terminate Circles.Life/ how to cancel Circles.Life, then it’s a really simple process. Circles.Life termination comprises of just a couple of easy steps; go to the ‘Manage orders’ page on Circles.Life website or app. Then log in with your date of birth and Circles.Life phone number or order ID. Click the ‘terminate order’ button, and your Circles life plan will be terminated. Make sure to clear all your bills and dues before canceling Circles.Life.

Use Atome to make money matters a less headache

When it comes to the best Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) apps in Singapore, Atome wins the race. Established in Singapore, Atome is one of Asia’s leading BNPL apps that has made waves across 8 countries, which includes Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Mainland China, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. With a fairly decent debut in 2017, Atome has grown exponentially with more than 10,000 online and offline merchants; Atome is people’s favorite as it isn’t just beneficial for the customers but also helps the merchants prosper. Circles.Life is also a merchant of Atome.

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If you’re interested in knowing how this company works, click on this link, and it will be elucidated through the quick and easy pointers on how to use it and how it works. To put a cherry on top, we’ve got even better news for you; when you log on to Atome for the very first time, you get a 10$ shopping voucher! So, what’s the wait? Get the app now!

Scan QR to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

How to pay for Circles.Life E-SIM offers using Atome?

It’s no big deal:

1. First, make sure that you have an account on Atome. If you don’t, fret not; you can make one today completely free.

2. Select all the items you wish to shop for, proceed to the checkout, and from all the given options, choose Atome.

3. Lastly, you will have to log into your Atome account and complete the transaction.

You’d pay 1/3rd of the total amount; the rest of the amount will be paid in two consecutive months.

To pen down the conclusion

Circles.Life/ Circles.Life E-SIM is taking telecom advancement to the next pedestal. Choose the best option in the E-SIMs with Circles.Life (Circles.Life E-SIM), or you can switch your physical SIM to E-SIM today – get the best Circles.Life plan now!

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