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Colours are all about expression, they’re a unique way to express your personality and moods (#MondayBlues anyone?) There’s a basis in colour psychology that’s said that colours can evoke our emotions, like how the colour blue can make us feel calm, and how colours can even be associated with different feelings.

We believe that life’s better in colour, and that each colour represents a part that is in all of us. Whether we’re channelling our inner hustler, taking some time to pamper ourselves, embracing our adventurous side, or feeling creative, there’s something for everyone. Feel good with Atome and split your bill into three easy parts so that you can treat yourself to the things you love today, and pay later with three interest-free parts.


Cool shades such as greens often symbolizes nature and is often associated with tranquillity and health. For this part of the series, we’re going to talk about various ways you can pamper yourself especially during the current situation.

This stunning August Berg watch is inspired by the importance of taking time to reflect on how we’re spending our time. This collection reiterates August Berg’s key message of ‘Time spent consciously is time well-spent’, and we believe that this saying couldn’t hold more true in today’s fast-paced world.

This gorgeous Aimee Mini Lime Tote from Tocco Toscano is perfect for lazy weekends, doing the things that you love. Plus it’s crafted in vegan-friendly leather, and comes in three colours, so you can have your pick match any outfit you want!


The colour yellow is a warm shade that is sure to get you in a cheerful mood! It is also said to stimulate mental activity, getting those creative juices flowing, for this part of the series, we’ve rounded up our top picks to get you feeling your artistic side!

Embrace your creative side with this adorable Disney Hip Pack  from Herschel! Disney has been a cornerstone for many of us, it’s the place where magic and wonder always happens, getting us to believe in (what seems to be) the impossible. Well, creativity should never be limited to what is possible or not, we believe that there should never be limitations in dreaming and this hip pack from Herschel is the perfect testament for that!

What better way to inspire creativity than with your outfit? We love this bright fun print dress from Hollyhoque that’s super trendy and comfortable!


Calm, cool, collected – that’s the first words we think of when we think of the colour blue, so it makes sense that blue empower bosses all over the world. Check out our top picks in what we believe every boss in you needs!

Faire Leather Co. designs sleek and stylish bags that caters to everyone. We love that their bags comes with various compartments so that you can easily organise all your essentials!

Complete your #boss look with this stunning Wulf Lycan watch that effortlessly elevates your outfit, adding an air of sophistication around you everywhere you go.


When we think of the colour orange, we imagine days soaking in the sun and having fun. Orange is associated with spontaneous adventures, discovering new things and lots of excitement. So while travelling is on hold for now, we can explore our sunny island with these brands!

FunFit: Layered Ruched One-Piece Swimsuit

Head over to our beaches across Singapore (remember to book in advance if you’re heading to Sentosa!) and don on fun swimsuits from FunFit! We love this super stylish and adorable one-piece swimsuit that’s designed for action-friendly coverage!

Another Sole: Watermelon – White

Lastly, it’s important to put on comfortable shoes when you’re exploring, that’s why we know you’ll love this high-quality, breathable shoe from Another Sole. Each and every shoe hides an ergonomic sport engineered footbed that readily absorbs the impact, something we know your feet will thank us for after a long day. Plus, they have a wide range of designs to choose from – but we love this watermelon design that adds a pop of fun to every outfit!

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