The 4 best scents to come home to

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Come home to your favourite home scents and breathe new life into your space (literally). Not only does aromatherapy keep your home smelling good, it helps to relax, calm your mind, and even boost your health and mood. There are numerous ways to add these scents to your home, whether its through candles, an essential oil diffuser, or a reed diffuser.

No matter what your home decor style is, there is always a way to incorporate these scents into your space. We’ve rounded up our top picks below, and you can get them now and pay later with Atome!
Flowee Your Feel Good Essentials

Flowee: Your Feel Good Essentials

For starters, these three essential oils are ones to have. Known to boost your mood, each have different feel-good properties. Peppermint is a refreshing and revitalising scent and helps to clear the mind and soothe the body upon inhalation. Whereas Rosemary is an invigorating scent to improve your memory and clear congested skin, and lastly zesty Lemon is an uplifting scent to re-energise the spirit. There are different ways to use these essential oils! You can add a couple of drops into your diffuser to purify the air, put 5 drops into hot water and breathe in the good energy, or even add it to your massage oil and work it into affected areas, such as your chest for respiratory problems.

Scent By Six: 2065 Ujong Reed Diffuser

Scent by Six is a local brand with scents that have a nostalgic feel to them. This 2065 Ujong Reed Diffuser is a stunning fragrance with hints of lemon peel, mandarin peel, and bergamot, before slowly trickling down to a mid-layer of orchids and lavender, and finally settling into a solid foundation of rosewood and musk.
Spongellé Sugar Daisy Diffuser

Spongellé: Sugar Daisy Diffuser

Hand-sewn and made of a natural tapioca fibre, the Spongellé florets are a true work of art. Each floret has a cotton wick to infuse the flower when placed in the diffuser oil and will last for up to 8 weeks at a time. The Sugar Daisy scent is a captivating blend of pink raspberry mixed with watery pear, exotic orchid, and white patchouli.

Lastly, the benefits of lavender are endless. It’s the ideal scent to have in the bedroom as it helps you to relax and unwind, preparing you for a good night’s sleep. This soothing diffuser from Max Benjamin is made from blended oils of lavender from the south of France. Restore harmony and peace in your life with this classic relaxing scent.

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There are so many ways to add scents to your home, and a long list of scents to choose from. No matter what you pick, ensure that it’s something that you will look forward to coming home to, as these scents can last a long time. Shop your favourites today, and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three interest-free instalments.

Love it. Own it. Pay later.

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