Devour The Goodness of Peony Jade Mooncakes

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Peony Jade Mooncakes are indispensable in the season of autumn, which is very close. People in the west celebrate Halloween at this time. Whereas, in Asia people look ahead to the Mid-Autumn festival. In this celebration, the communities celebrate by moon watching and, of course, drinking the traditional Chinese Osmanthus wine. Another thing that makes folks anticipate this holiday is the sweet-smelling aroma of mooncakes. For this reason, some communities also refer to this holiday as the Mooncake festival.

Mooncakes are sugary goodness. These pastries have fillings of delicious ingredients like red bean paste, lotus paste, nuts, and red dates. Surely, just the mention of these desserts makes many people crave them. The good news is that now you can easily get your hands on Peony Jade mooncakes in Singapore.

Peony Jade Mooncake 

If you live in Singapore, you must have heard of the Peony Jade Restaurant. This restaurant is especially crowded during the Moon festival. The reason is its distinguished Peony Jade mooncakes.

It is probably the first place where families visit to get mooncakes on this occasion. These baked products are gifted to their relatives and friends. Peony Jade Restaurant tries its best to preserve the traditional flavors of these pastries.

Teochew Orh Ni Mooncake 

One of the best-selling moon festival pastries is the Teochew mooncake. It is available in a distinct twirled shape. The outer crust is flaky and crispy. And beneath the crust is cream filling. The best part is that chefs strictly avoid artificial colors and flavors when making these Peony Jade mooncakes.

Peach Garden Mooncake 

Are you looking for unique flavored mooncakes? Or perhaps you prefer to have these traditional goodies with a modern twist. If so, then let us introduce you to Peach Garden.

Ever heard of peanut butter mooncakes? Or how about milk tea flavored ones?

Milk Tea Mooncake 

What if you combine the flavors of boba tea with those of mooncakes? By combining these two Asian flavors, it will produce something extraordinary. It will get you uniquely seasoned milk tea mooncakes. Peach Garden is one of the first shops in Singapore to sell these flavors.

Melon seed and Jackfruit Mooncake 

Have you tried this shop’s new Jackfruit paste mooncakes with melon seeds? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? It is ideal for people who want a fruity and tropical spin to their mooncakes.

In addition, every year around the time of this festival, this eatery introduces new and exclusive flavors. However, these are only available for a limited time. That is why you must get your hands on them as soon as possible.

Golden Phoenix Durian Mooncake

This bakery’s black and golden durian mooncakes are one of its most cherished and in-demand items. The golden and charcoal hues of its skin are enough to lure anyone in. It is rich with flavors of durian.

Snow Skin Pastel Mooncake 

Food in pastel colors is usually a rare sight. Such goodies will probably delight anyone with a child’s soul. That is why Home Favorite has introduced its pastel series. It includes mango pomelo mooncake, lychee blossom mooncake, pure white lotus paste mooncake, and top-grade Hulu durian mooncake.

Meixin Mooncake 

Meixin is a brand that strives to bring the taste of Hong Kong to the rest of the world. This shop specializes in mooncakes. In addition, it has almost two decades of experience in this industry.

Lava and Custard Mooncake 

If you are looking for something creamy that will melt in your mouth, you must try Meixin lava and custard mooncakes. This mooncake has the filling of egg custard. Before baking it, the chefs also cover it with a thin layer of egg yolk. They make it to be semi-molten.

Snowy Mooncake 

Do you love a chewy snow-skinned mooncake? Then you have to try Mexin snowy mooncake. It is not baked which is why it is very soft and tender. Chefs use rice flour to make it. For this reason, it has a similar feel to the mochi rice cakes.

InterContinental Mooncake 

No matter what the occasion is, Kuala Lumpur InterContinental mooncake is the mood lifter you are searching for. People consider this bakehouse to be synonymous with luxury and elegance.

Now, not only the traditional Mid-Autumn festival but every day can be made special with InterContinental mooncakes.

Find Mooncakes on ezbuy 

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