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Sleep is for getting rid of tiredness, and one only feels comfortable when sleeping on a cool and neat, clean bedsheet. In this sense, Tencel bed sheets are considered one of the highest quality bedsheets in Singapore. The silky soft fabric and the ultimate cool touch features make your resting moments more desirable and classier. You can choose the premium quality bedsheets from Bedding Affairs Singapore.  

About Bedding Affairs Singapore 

Bedding affairs Singapore is a 5-star review rating brand. They aim to provide a quality fabric that is suitable for a healthy lifestyle and environment. They own certified bedding materials. They have several products like bed base, mattress, fitted sheets, bedsheets, and accessories in their stores. The Tencel bedsheets, silk bed sheets, super single bed sheets, epitex bed sheets, aussino bedsheet Singapore, and Muji bed sheets are available at bedding affairs in the affordable range.  

Why choosing TENCEL bedsheets? 

Material: TENCEL bedsheets are softer and lighter than silk. They are beautifully crafted with the most excellent material of Lenzing Tencel fibers. The fabric is 100% health-friendly and anti-bacterial.  

Wide range: TENCEL bed sheets have a vast range of beautiful bedding sets. These are ideal for hotels and homes as well. There are several colors options available so one can choose according to his choice.  

Customized bedding: TENCEL bedsheets are also available in the embroidered customized range. You can gift it to your loved ones while getting their name or nick on their favorite pillow.  

Bedding separates: it is not compulsory to buy a complete set of Tencel bed sheets. You can purchase separate beddings according to your need. Like you can quickly get your hands-on only pillows and even choose any single bed sheet. 


Silk is the extra lighter material in bedding. It is also one of the most luxurious materials. According to the warm and hot nights of Singapore, silk bed sheets are a wave of happiness. For a comfortable and restful sleeping experience, silk bed sheets are one of the most demanding bed sheets readily available on bedding affairs. A goodnight’s sleep is crucial for our healthy well-being.  

Like TENCEL bedsheets, silk bed sheets, Singapore is also very popular in Singapore and has various bedding articles like bed sheets, pillows, neckrolls, bolster, and quilts. You can get your matching silk bed sheets from bedding affairs.

Super single bedsheet Singapore 

Singapore is one of the islands where tourists love to visit and enjoy their holidays. However, the hotel business is at its peak, and in hotels, most people love enjoying single bed space to save their money. Similarly, the guest’s rooms are furnished with single beddings, so super single bed sheets are one of the most selling bedsheets in Singapore.  

Like a king-size mattress, super single bed sheets are also available with the entire set case of pillows and lobsters. However, you can purchase a separate one according to your need. The super single bed sheets are available in all quality materials and colors. The super singles bedsheets are also available in different unique prints. 

EPITEX bedsheets  

Epitex is one of the most popular branded bedding in-home baths and accessories since 1997. Epitex has a variety of bed linen, bedding, fitted bedsheets, home and bath, and essentials. Epitex has eye-catchy bed linen sheets which are created from the highest quality material. They promote quality sleep with comfort and ultra-modern designs. epitex bedsheets are available in all significant malls island-wide. 

Aussino bedsheets 

Aussino designers have been creating luxurious and comfortable beddings since 1991. There are countless masterpieces that Aussino introduced. They are expertise in bedding and getting fame for their households, home décor, kitchen, dining, clothing, and accessories. Aussino has a wide range of washable luxurious bed sheets as They have 100% cotton fabric with exclusive thread count limits. Aussino has different designer bedsheets range like Contempo, Loft, and Inspire. So, choose an inspiring fashion of cheerful colors and exotic prints for your home and bedding.  

Muji Bedsheets  

Muji offers a range of bedding like quilts, mattresses, cover sets, blankets, towels, pillows, box sheets and pillow covers. The bedding is also available in single, Queen, and king size ranges. Premium quality brand MUJI has several bed sheets in cotton, jersey, organic cotton, linen bed sheets. MUJI ensures 100% imported quality material with a range of beautiful colors.  

MUJI bed sheets also provide separate pillowcases, Duvet Covers, Fitted sheets, Pillows, Blankets, and Comforters. However, MUJI bed sheets are very durable. The bed sheets are available in different sizes like single, double, and Queen sizes.

Where to buy premium quality bed sheets in Singapore? 

Bedding Affairs have a range of premium quality brands under one roof. They aim is to provide their valued clients with the branded bedsheets. Now you can buy easily with Atome (buy now, pay later). Just go to Bedding Affairs and choose your selective bed sheet, and checkout with Atome. Just pay 1/3rd of the total bill cost, and the remaining amount will be paid 30 days. 

Headquartered in Singapore with over 5000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making higher quality products more affordable.

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