Flipkart or Amazon: What works better as an online shopping site for mobile?

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If someone asked to name an online shopping site for mobile, just off the top of your head, you will probably come up with either Amazon or Flipkart. The reason why almost everyone is so aware of these e-commerce websites is that both of these websites are two of the biggest e-commerce retail platforms, operating currently. Their success has a lot to do with the way they have optimized their user platform and interface to suit the mobile screen.

Capitalizing on the growing audience of online shoppers, who are increasingly buying more and more stuff on their smartphones, Flipkart and Amazon have bent themselves perfectly to fit the ideal mold of an online shopping site for mobile. Let’s dig a bit deeper and try to understand what exactly these behemoths are doing that is working so well. It will allow us to determine which one serves as a better option for businesses and customers alike.  

These are mobile-friendly platforms

50% of all online transactions are being undertaken on a mobile device. This is something that e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon are well aware of. Whether you are using Flipkart online mobile shopping or Amazon, you would have probably noticed how both of these platforms are intuitive and responsive, and quickly morphs to whatever device they are being accessed through, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The reason why browsing through Amazon online mobile shopping app is so seamless is because it is designed to provide a flawless user experience. It smoothly takes you from one product page to another, increasing the probability that you would end up liking something and buy it.

High-quality photos and videos

One of the fundamentals that any online shopping site for mobile must nail is the quality of the photos and videos that are being posted on the site. Shoppers are not going to show any real interest in products unless they can take a good look at the product. There is already one barrier that users face with online shopping- they cannot touch and feel the product with their hands before purchasing. The least any e-commerce platform is expected to do is to make it easier for the buyers to get an understanding of the product by looking at photos and videos that are posted on the site. Hence, those pictures should be well put together. If you take a look at Amazon’s online mobile shopping app, you would see that the product photos are shot from different angles, and show people using the products. Also, these are high-quality photos that users can zoom in on, to take a closer look at the products. Furthermore, platforms such as Flipkart’s online mobile shopping app do a great job ensuring that there are no technical issues that keep the images from loading fast so that consumers can quickly view professionally shot photos of products.

Hassle-free and quick login

As soon as you open any online shopping site for mobile, the site will ask you to login and register into the app or website. The process of making an account on an e-commerce website should be made as simple as it can get. Flipkart online mobile shopping app, as well as Amazon, have got this down to a tee, as both these platforms have streamlined the process of login by simplifying registration. Users can use their email ids or other social media accounts to log in on these platforms, which has not only simplified the process but has made it much faster. Not to mention, users no longer have to fret about feeding pages of data to use the platforms. To put it simply, another barrier to entry is lowered, if the login process is made easy for users to navigate.

Savvy product filters and categorization

For any online shopping site for mobile that is offering a wide spectrum of products to customers, it is essential to get the sorting right. By incorporating systematic categorization of products and multiple user-friendly filters, platforms like Amazon online mobile shopping apps have considerably cut short the number of steps that a user has to go through to find the product they are looking for. In the same vein, sites such as Flipkart online mobile shopping website have also embraced some savvy filtering techniques. As a result, the site has managed to nurture a sense of brand loyalty among its customers by delivering a hassle-free user experience.

Well-written, precise product descriptions

Another important component of an e-commerce website is the content present on the site, particularly, the product descriptions. It is a mistake to assume that lengthy product descriptions are not needed and that photos and videos are enough to convince customers to buy products online. Irrespective of whether you are browsing an online shopping site for mobile or a platform built for a laptop, a well-written product description is a must. Amazon does a better job of providing plenty of product information, including but not limited to, product type, size, weight, color, material, and warranty. This, if not eliminated, definitely reduces the number of returns or impulsive shopping decisions that customers make.

Social proof

Probably the most important cog in the wheel is social proof. Customers tend to buy something that they know is already popular amongst and being brought by others. This is why user reviews are so crucial for any online shopping site for mobile. According to a startling statistic, a large majority of shoppers, a whopping 95% to be precise, read reviews of other buyers before buying a product. Even negative reviews work in the favor of the brand, as they make the reviews in general, more authentic and genuine. Therefore, negative reviews often end up elevating the impact that positive reviews have on consumers’ buying decisions. Flipkart does a better job of presenting user reviews on its site.


It does seem like Amazon has a better grasp on product descriptions, and that Flipkart does a better job with its presentation of social proof, but in nearly all other aspects both do a marvelous job of engaging buyers. Any online shopping site for mobile needs to excel in all of the above-mentioned areas, to capture a bigger share of the market.

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