Footkaki- A Guide to Comfortable Shoes

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Everyone needs a friend in this world, even our feet. Keeping this purpose in mind, ‘Footkaki’ was established in Singapore. Kaki means friend in Singapore, which means they treat their customers like friends. They provide your feet with the kind of shoes that you find comfortable; they are a friend to your feet.

With hectic day-to-day life routines, people have to walk all day and even stand for hours. These kinds of unhealthy routines can tire your legs and cause muscle and bone problems for your legs and feet. Other than this, many foot problems can cause uneasiness, like plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, bunions, diabetic foot, calluses, etc. So Footkaki provides you with good shoes for standing all day.

The goal of Footkaki:

With an increase in complaints about foot problems, a Singaporean pedorthist, who is also an expert in shoe fitting, came up with the idea of shoes made just for you so that you don’t have to experience any foot problems. We all know how badly fitted shoes and soles can hurt your feet and create problems that you have to deal with for years with temporary solutions. Footkaki brings you permanent solutions for your foot problems; you can think of them as good shoes for standing all day.

Free Consultation:

They have experts that you can consult for your foot problems, and they can give you helpful advice on what kind of show you can wear so that your problem does not worsen. In addition, they give you the time you need to decide peacefully what you wanna buy and wear. Other than being practical, footkaki provides you with stylish shoes.

Free Foot Assessment:

You can even book a free foot assessment to check the problem you are dealing with and how it can be solved. They will provide you with good shoes for standing all day.

Professional Shoe Fitting:

This is for people who need wide-fitting shoes. The experts at footkaki handpick and design shoes perfect for people with wide feet or who need wide-fitting shoes because of their foot problems.

They provide their friends with great service at great prices. Once you interact with them, you will realize that they are indeed your friends.

Orthotic Soles:

Orthotic soles are shoe inserts that you can insert in any kind of shoe; whether they are heels, flat shoes, joggers, or casual walking shoes, you can insert them in your shoes and walk all day or stand for hours without any discomfort. The other amazing thing about orthotic soles is that they are very budget-friendly. You can buy them for under $30. They are quality pain relievers that are not very heavy on your wallet.

They have a wide variety of foot soles designed depending on the kind of pain you experience. Depending on your age, foot problem, and the kind of shoe you want to insert them in, you can find all types of orthotic soles at footkaki. Orthotic soles make them good shoes for standing all day. They are very popular nowadays, so what are you waiting for? Go get yours now!

Customized soles:

You can also get your customized foot soles. You only have to consult one of footkaki’s experts and trust the process. They will provide you with the right stuff at the right time.

Branded Shoes:

Being a customer-conscious store, footkaki always knows that customers go for brands. That is why they are connected with worldwide famous shoe brands like Spenco, Grun Land, Wider fit, and Vionic, etc. All these brands provide orthotic shoes. So, it is clear that footkaki shoes are branded and good shoes for standing all day.

Not all these brands are from Singapore, some are Canadian brands, and some brands belong to the USA. This shows that footkaki is a world-known and trusted shoe store, established just for your comfort.

Atome at your service

Atome is a Singaporean app that brings all the best brands to your screen. With an exciting offer of buy now and pay later. You buy the Footkaki shoes and pay in easy three installments. It is a catch no other app provides.

Footkaki Shoe Collection:

They have a wide shoe collection. Although they have a huge variety of orthotic shoes, you can also find other kinds of shoes if you don’t have any kind of foot problem. They have a ladies footwear collection, as well as a men’s collection.

Ladies’ Shoe Collection:

Whether it’s for a party or a day-to-day shoe, they have whatever you need. They have mary janes, loafers, heels, and sneakers for ladies. These shoes are stylish and extremely comfortable to wear. All these shoes are of high international brands—these the kind of good shoes for standing all day, even for hours. You can rest assure that footkaki shoes are of high brand and quality.

Men’s Shoe Collection:

Whether they are casual walking shoes, slippers, office shoes, or sport shoes, footkaki provides its male customers with shoes that are high in fashion and comfortable to wear around. Mens’ shoes are also from high brands and are of high quality. Men are the bread-earners of the family, and that means they have to stand around all day doing their job; for this very reason, footkaki are famous for providing good shoes for standing all day.

Wide Fitting Collection: They also have a huge collection of wide fitting. You don’t have to worry if you have broad feet or some foot problem that causes your shoes to feel tight. You can always get a wide-fitting shoe at footkaki. Like mentioned before, footkaki provides you with good shoes for standing all day; no matter how your feet are, footkaki shoes will never disappoint you.

Orthotic-friendly Collection:

If you want to find shoes that have the space to insert insoles and other shoe inserts, footkaki has a wide collection of such shoes. These shoes are specifically designed for people who need orthotic soles so that they can walk without any pain in their feet, they are stylish and can be worn confidently in public, and everyone can wear them whenever they want. It is for people of all ages and sizes who experience foot problems. Orthotic-friendly shoes are good shoes for standing all day.


If you need shoes that are comfortable to walk in and do not worsen your foot problem, footkaki is the best choice for you. These shoes are easy to afford and stylish to wear. At footkaki, the staff makes sure that its customers are treated like friends, and they try to help you with solving your problem as much as they can. Footkaki exists so that people can walk around with comfort and style. These are, indeed, good shoes for standing all day.

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