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The word Gelareh is of Persian origin and means Eyes. Hence at the Gelareh Gallery, you will find everything that pleases the eye. This gallery started in April 2017 in Singapore as a private limited company and strictly online. They deal in decorative items for the walls starting from photo frames to the intricate Persian mirror mosaic.

Greatly motivated by the Persian culture, most of their products have elaborate designs inspired by the Middle Eastern countries. They have a separate line for wall arts that have Islamic Calligraphy as the decoration.


We all like to decorate our surroundings. Ambiance plays a great role in making us productive and creating a sense of wellbeing. Hence it is essential that we are happy with the décor around us. It’s not just our house that needs to be according to our liking, but also our workplace should give positive vibes.

At ATOME we recognize this need for feeling productive and appreciate the value of wellbeing, which is why we have liaised up with Gelareh Gallery to assist you towards it. Shop your favorite wall décor and let ATOME help you towards paying your dues. We will break up the payment into three equal installments that you can pay in three months. This will take the burden off you, and you can enjoy the positivity.


The product line for wall décor at the gallery is big, and each item is a classic since the Middle Eastern arts mostly inspire it. We will discuss a few items here.

  • ISLAMIC FRAMES These are beautiful frames with some significant Islamic writings for spreading positivity.
  • PAINTING There is a large collection of paintings for you to choose from. These majorly include oil paintings in both bright and subdued hues. You’ll find a collection of pencil sketching as well as watercolors. Most are done in the abstract. Abstract art is called the philosophy of art since it uses different shapes instead of an exact visual representation.

All paintings are made on canvas and are framed or are mounted. The frames used are of either wood or metal. The frames are all eye-catching and done neatly to enhance the beauty of the painting. The mounted canvases are done using good quality wood to enhance their lives.

  • POSTERS A poster is a printed picture or a painting. The portraits available at Gelareh are again mostly based on Islamic calligraphy, with a huge range of important text styled beautifully to spread beauty and positivity.

There are also posters of some beautiful flowers, with beautiful settings. You can arrange these around your sitting space to create a connection with nature. They will lend positivity to any surrounding.

These posters have been printed on high quality above 200 mg sheet. Posters lend colors to corridors and waiting areas. They give colors to any walls.

  • MINI CARPETS Using Carpets as wall décor gives a very homely and chic look to any room. Try the mini carpets offered at Gelareh to decorate your living room to give it a chic look. Or you can hang them in your office to give them a personal look.

The carpets are 19×29 in size, and the material used is the fabric to make them light. The designs are eastern to make them look relaxing.

  • ASSORTED DECORATIVES Apart from the wall decorations, Gelareh has started keeping a collection of assorted decorative items to give your living area a beautiful, strong, and comforting look. They have a huge variety of Blue Evil Eye Protection hanging. Evil Eye is believed to be a curse cast by some malevolent person out of jealousy. This symbol is supposed to ward off evil. There are various blue evil eye protection options available at Gelareh.


Wall Mirrors are used for various purposes. The most obvious one is, of course, as a looking mirror. However, mounted wall mirrors are used as decorations as well. They provide the room with light. Wall mirrors look elegant in any setting. They provide bold focal points and give the room an airy aura. Wall mirrors complement any décor style. An interior decorator knows that adding mirrors brightens up any wall.

 At Gelareh, wall mirrors are available in different styles and shapes. These are either framed or mounted. The frames used are wooden, and for the styles, plastic frames have been used for durability. These elegant wall mirrors will lend style and elegance to any room or office.

The striking framed designs are economical.

The full-length mirror comes in different dimensions. These are ideal for your room. If you have less space, then try the slim designs, they will easily fit into any corner of your room, or you can try the big ones for the proper dressing up purposes.

The clarity of the mirror is wonderful. The thickness of the mirror is as per your liking, with an error probability of 10 mm only.


We all crave to have the perfect home. Ambiance matters to all of us. Not just our homes but our workplace should also look great. The perfect environment enhances the creativity of all humans and gives you a sense of happiness. Gelareh cannot provide you happiness but can create an ambiance for you to feel it. If you are religious, put up the Islamic frames that remind you that God is always near you, or decorate the walls with their various items. Try the wall mirrors. The classily framed mirrors will enhance the beauty of your place.

ATOME will help you out by helping with the payments. Be sure to order all you like and pay through ATOME. This way, your initial payment will be just a third of your actual payment. The rest you can pay in the next two months. This way, it will ease your financial burden. Remember, this is an interest-free service. We have no hidden charges!!!

Enjoy decorating your walls. Appreciate your environment and be happy because we care.

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