Headphones: A Timeless Choice for A Superior Audio Experience

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Headphones and other audio equipment have become essential to everyone’s life. In this fast-moving world, we see that most people, especially the young population, have some sort of audio device in their ears all the time. They are immersed in their little sound world, whether exercising, working, or relaxing at home.

Some love to hear podcasts, while others are addicted to music. In either case, having audio equipment with good sound quality is highly preferred. This is because audio quality can significantly impact the person’s overall mood and listening experience. Therefore, most people, including us, want to invest in the best device.

However, buying the best device can sometimes stretch your budget, discouraging you from making the purchase. Fortunately, Atome is a payment service that makes shopping more convenient than ever with its monthly payment plans. But we will discuss more of that later.

While the young generation is shifting to wireless hands-free earphones, many music lovers and audiophiles still love classic headphones. It is said that classic is timeless and never goes out of style. Well, it is true in this case as well. 

Traditional headphones have amazing benefits, such as larger ear cups, comfort, the best sound experiences, noise cancellation, and durability. In this blog, we will explain the fundamentals of classic headphones, how they work, what the best headphones are, and how they differ from earbuds.

 How Do Headphones Work?

We are pretty sure that by now, you must have used some sort of headphones or headsets, but have you ever wondered how this device works? If not, then check out this simple explanation. 

Detection and Conversion of Electrical Signals

Headphones work by converting electrical signals into sound waves. The simplest headphone detects an electrical signal by an analog source such as a computer, smartphone, or other audio-generating devices.


These signals may be strong or weak, but in the case of weak audio signals, they are amplified by the amplifier circuit in the device. If the signals are digital, they are converted into analog signals by a built-in digital-to-analog converter in the headphones or the device.

Transmission of Electrical Signals to Headphones

Once the signals have been converted, they are transmitted to the headphone with the help of wire or Bluetooth (in the case of wireless headphones). 

Conversion of Electrical Signals into Soundwaves

Next, the electrical signals are converted into sound waves with the help of speaker drivers, which consist of a voice coil, a diaphragm, and a magnet. The received signals pass through a voice coil surrounded by a magnetic field. 

As the signal passes, the voice coil oscillates, moving the diaphragm and producing sound waves. These sound waves are then directed to the ear cups through which we can hear the generated sound. 

In short, headphones receive an electrical signal from an audio device, amplify and convert it into sound waves using speaker drivers, and deliver it to the ear cups for us to hear.

The Difference between Headphones and Earphones

Headphones and earphones work on almost similar basic principles. The process of generating sound by converting electrical signals is the same in both devices. However, some differences exist, such as their making, audio outputs, sound quality, and market demand.

Earphones are wireless, smaller, portable, and easy to use. Unlike wired headphones, wireless earphones have a small driver inside the ear canal, which helps in environmental noise cancellation and better bass quality. 

In contrast, some headphones have improved sound quality, are comfortable because of their larger cup size, and have better noise-cancellation properties. Moreover, classic headphones offer more customization options to their users, making them more appealing to gamers and hence the best gaming headphones.

Which is Better, Classic Headphones or Wireless Earbuds?

Well, if you ask us which is better, wired headphones or wireless earbuds, it depends on your choice, need, and budget. Both devices have pros and cons and must be purchased according to their intended use.

If you want to invest in an audio device that is small, portable, and easy to use and wear, then go for wireless earbuds. But if you are looking for a wholesome gaming experience or noise-canceling perks, choose the classic broad-cupped headphone. Because the headphones have a bigger diaphragm, they produce better sound quality than earphones. 

How to Find the Best Gaming Headphone?

The definition of “best headphones” might vary between individuals depending on their budget, choice, and needs. Despite all factors, there are some common qualities you must look for before making the purchase.

For instance, check the sound quality of the headphone. It must be clear, well-balanced, and with good bass. In addition to the sound quality, the microphone must also be excellent to avoid any distortions. 

A headphone must offer a high noise cancellation effect, making it perfect for gaming and music. 

It must be comfortable to wear and have good adjustable headbands with soft ear pads. A few companies also provide an extra pair of ear pads which feels like the cherry on top. 

The design and material of the headphones must be fine and durable. Moreover, its wire must be flexible enough to withstand any twisting or accidental pushing. 

A good headphone offers a wide range of compatibility with multiple devices, a variety of audio formats, and gaming platforms. 

Lastly, the price of headphones must also be economical or at least mid-range. Plenty of companies in the market have a good variety of headphones, but they are extremely expensive.

Remember, the plan is to play smart. Find a brand that offers high-quality headphones that too in a range of affordable prices. Since you have come a long way with us in this article, we have also researched for you and found one of the best brands of headphones in Malaysia.

Find The Best Headphones at AMPLIFIED

AMPLIFIED is a brand in Malaysia that has thousands of loyal customer reviews. They have a range of audio devices and gadgets, making them the perfect audio gear specialist. In addition to this, they have digital audio players, loudspeakers, sports earphones, recording equipment, turntables, etc. 

AMPLIFIED has portable earphones and equipment for professionals, musicians, stage performers, music lovers, and those who love to buy fancy headphones. In short, this brand has something to offer to everyone. 

The best thing about AMPLIFIED Malaysia is its physical shop with testing units. They offer 100 percent original products along with re-shell and repair services, all at affordable prices.  

Lastly, despite the remarkable prices, AMPLIFIED offers exclusive discounts, promo codes, and vouchers on different platforms and occasions. So, stay connected with the brand and hear everything loud and clear!

AMPLIFIED is Atome’s partner merchant

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of AMPLIFIED; therefore, the company ensures its users enjoy a seamless and convenient shopping experience. To make this vision a reality, AMPLIFIED has partnered with Atome to provide its customers with flexible monthly payment plans.

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About Atome

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Choose AMPLIFIED for an improved audio experience

Audio quality is crucial for an exemplary gaming experience, and what better way to enjoy your favorite games than with AMPLIFIED headphones? Choose quality gear to get the best value for your money, but if you’re worried about the upfront cost, partner with Atome to make shopping easier and more fun.

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