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Expedia payment services will provide you with industry-leading products for entire associations, businesses, financial associations, and merchants. You will benefit from the complete package under one roof to run your businesses with lower costs and superior efficiency. The service provider, Expedia, is well-known for its excellent customer services, superior quality products, and strong relationships with top-notch industry players. In this blog, we will inform you about the complete information about this service and how does Expedia Payment work? Try Expedia Singapore and avail yourself of its benefits.

How does Expedia Payment work?

Expedia, the extranet, is an international accommodation online booking platform. Let us understand how Expedia payment works.

There are two payment methods when you place your booking through Expedia. When you sign up with the Expedia Traveller Preference, you will get the opportunity to choose any method. In contrast, if not, you will have a single payment option called Hotel Collects or Expedia Virtual Card.

Expedia Traveller Preference

Once you opt for Expedia Traveller Preference or ETP, you need to sign an agreement with Expedia. Your payment will be through Hotel Collects or Expedia Collects. The booking notes will display the applicable payment procedure for your booking. Here are the two payment methods from Expedia.

Expedia Collects or Expedia Virtual Card

You must recharge your Expedia Virtual Card on your departure day if you have prepaid Expedia. Besides, you can see your credit card details on your login page on the merchant’s website. For any queries related to you can drop a mail to Expedia at The difference between both payment methods is that booking through Hotel Collect will include your credit card details in the booking, and the customer is charged directly. For Expedia Collect, Expedia Virtual Card will be charged for your booking cost.  

Hotel Collects

In this option,  if your payment gateway is linked to PayBridge, etc., the merchant’s site will deduct your deposited percentage automatically. Also, you can manually deduct your credit card via your card machine if you are not linked to PayBridge, etc.

Expedia Payment Modes

Expedia Payments offer more accessible and budget-friendly pricing for its customers, including the following all-inclusive pricing list:

Expedia offers pricing for standard merchants Expedia including the following Interchange Plus:

  • For less than $500, the interchange plus is .40% and $.10.
  • For $2.5mm, the interchange plus is .20% and $.10.
  • For $5mm, the interchange plus is .10% and $.10.
  • For greater than $5mm, the interchange plus is a special price quote.

Regardless of the size, Expedia offers flat rate pricing including:

-If your card is present, the price for you will be 3.00% and S.10.

-If your card is not present, pricing will be 3.50% and $.10.

Expedia provides pricing for high-risk merchants, including the following Interchange Plus:

  • For less than $500, the interchange plus is .40% and $.20
  • For $2.5mm, the interchange plus is .80% and $.20.
  • For $5mm, the interchange plus is .40% and $.20.
  • For greater than $5mm, the interchange plus is a special price quote.

In this plan too, regardless of the size, Expedia offers flat rate pricing including:

-If your card is present, the price for you will be 5.00% and S.20.

-If your card is not present, pricing will be 6.00% and $.20.

Payment Methods by Expedia

Expedia accepts the following bank cards as your payment method, which includes the following:

– American Express

– Discover


– PayPal

– Master Card, and Visa

Some users might think “Expedia does not accept American Express”. But the truth is that Expedia accepts American Express as a form of payment. You can use your American Express card to book your travel arrangements with Expedia.

PayPal On Expedia

You can use PayPal as your payment mode while booking hotels on Expedia. It accepts PayPal For a few hotels while you pre-pay your bookings through an online platform. It would help if you checked if your desired hotel accepts PayPal or not. If you see the availability of PayPal, you should select to continue to it. This page will direct you to PayPal’s homepage. Now, you should log in to your PayPal account and select your preferred bank account, which you connected with PayPal. Tap on Pay Now to complete your payment for the hotel booking.  Want to know How to Split Payments on Paypal? Read this article!

Booking Now and Pay Later With Expedia

When you are booking hotel rooms or flight tickets through Expedia, it offers you a booking now and pays later. This plan is helpful for individuals who are facing financial disruptions.

Booking Hotels

When you book your hotel rooms through Expedia, you don’t have to make the payment until you arrive at your preferred hotel. Rooms booked before reaching your destination guarantee your stay in the property while paying for the same after you check in to the hotel. However, if you want to postpone or cancel your booking, Expedia will not charge you for your reservations’ modifications or cancellations.

Booking Flights

Expedia offers a feasible option for customers to make their flight ticket booking now and pay for it later. By choosing to affirm your payment mode, you will have the flexibility to spread the flight ticket cost into installments. It helps you avoid making the full payment in advance or upfront.

Earning Points with Expedia

One of the primary benefits of utilizing Expedia is its loyalty program. It allows its customers to earn and redeem points for staying at any hotel. Regardless of the hotel brand, it will allow you to earn points on any hotel stay. Besides, you will earn points on each stay, and the earning points can be made doubled if you book your hotel stay through Expedia’s mobile application.

If you are a frequent flier, Expedia will provide you with its two elite tiers, including Gold and Silver, in its loyalty program. Please select your desired travel destination, make flight or hotel bookings with Expedia, and enjoy its vast world of payments.


Expedia provides payment offerings to its customers to shop for their hotel packages and flight bookings with ease. The payment options and schemes from Expedia help its customers to plan for their travel to dream destinations effortlessly and stress-free. This blog is to make you learn about how Expedia payment work and its payment plans. If you are interested in traveling the world in other ways? Klook Singapore is here to save the day! And Agoda is the place for you to book all your upcoming staycations.

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