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With new advancements and added aesthetics, the number of toxins found in our everyday lives has also increased. One of the most toxic materials that you might come in contact with regularly on a routine basis is paint. It releases active toxins upon fresh application. As the paint dries, the leaching of toxins becomes slow but continuous.

Gush paints were co-created by two owners Ryan and Lester, who suffered from asthma and allergies. As they were growing up, both of them realized that their conditions were getting worse as they entered a freshly painted room or a new environment due to the paint. As such, they came up with an environment and health-friendly paint.

Gush paint is now available on Atome

Now that we have Atome at our hands availing the Gush paint is very simple and easy. Atome is a Singaporean app that has been getting much popularity already due to its amazing motto, “buy now and pay later.” Atome has collaborated with the best brands on the market that have become a dream come true for all shopping lovers. It has an amazing policy that allows consumers to buy stuff online instantaneously and then pay late in three easy installments. Now that Atome has collaborated with Gush, the Co-founder Ryan on gush paint review has made buying Gush paints easy.

Paint with Gush

The traditional paint is color-based with a lot of toxins. Paints normally have volatile organic compounds called VOC. These compounds are highly toxic and have been termed fatal as well. Sarah, a mother of four, was highly appreciative of the Gush paints and wanted to leave an honest comment for everyone reading the gush paint review.

She has been a mother for the past 14 years and had allergies that she thought were dust or seasonal. As her kids started to grow up, they had allergies, asthma, mild fever almost every other day. There was just no explanation when she saw the ad for Gush paints and how paint can be highly toxic and can cause different symptoms.

When Sarah tried the Gush paint at her home, she was amazed at how quickly she and her kids’ symptoms vanished. Sarah’s throat did not itch, her nose was not runny, her eyes were not irritated, nor did her kids have asthma attacks. It was a dream come true that Sarah would have a fresh breath of air without sneezing and having watery eyes every time she entered her home.

The Chemical – Gush

The paint looks like ordinary paint that you can use on a canvas and even on your walls. What the difference is that this paint is nontoxic. Gush paints eliminate 60% of formaldehyde, ammonia, nitride, and benzene within 48 hours of it being painted. Some of the benefits that Gush paint has are:

1. Air purifying

This paint does not have any VOC and practically absorbs other air pollutants that can harm your lungs and health. It makes your breathable space better, as reviewed on the gush paint review.

2. Eliminates humidity

The amazing quality of this paint that everyone loved on the gush paint review was that it could absorb moisture and make the room less humid. This characteristic has also been lab-tested like others.

3. Anti molding

As it can limit moisture and humidity, it can prevent the molding process. A detail many customers did not know but noticed over time and reviewed it on gush paint review.

4. Negative ions

The air we breathe is filled with pollutants and particles that pass through our mouth, nose, and into our respiratory system. This pain releases clusters of negative ions that hold these particles and weighs them down to the surface, away from your respiratory tract.

5. Anti-bacterial

One of the best features any paint can give you is an anti-bacterial feature, which means low sickness and illness chances. This paint is known to decrease the bacterial load to about 95%. It is active against E.coli and S. Aureus.

This paint is available in many colors, and the gush paint review shows that this paint is becoming much popular among people. It is aesthetics and health together.

Drying off the Gush paint

For quick dry, this paint needs around 30 minutes at room temperature. For complete drying and setting, the Gush paint requires almost 1 hour.

This paint is almost odorless and has no toxins. Like other freshly painted rooms, you do not need to leave while the paint sets in. This paint is health-friendly, and you may not even notice that the walls have been painted.

Gush paint DIY kit

This paint is so easy to apply that it comes with a DIY kit. William, a father of two, says the experience of it was amazing. Knowing this paint is environmentally friendly and will not affect the kid’s lungs made it an everlasting moment of fun.

The DIY kit comes with a set of instructions and guides. You can paint it however you want and then discard the bottle in a bin or a trash can. You can even pour the paint on the soil, and it will be absorbed. It is safe and environmentally friendly.


Paint is a basic aesthetic feature that everyone notices while entering a home. Every room has a separate ambiance due to the paint it has. But at what cost? Our health is way more important. If you want a healthy and safe alternative, choose Gush paint.  

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