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It’s a great-looking set for a minimalist, tech-loving traveler, and it even comes with a carry-on, the Rimowa iPhone case answers it all. To store the iPhone, you just place the smartphone into the front cover and decide to match your suitcases with a hard-shell opalescent frame that is crafted from polycarbonate and shockproof materials. I know what’s cooking in the mind of an iPhone user is something that offers a good grasp and comfort throughout the journey. Something that is being close to a piece of technology that is virtually a part of their lives, it’s hard to describe to those who are not Rimowa iPhone wrapper users though.

It’s no surprise that Rimowa’s signature aluminum luggage has unleashed new brands that have been incorporated in Apple iPhone frames. RIMOWA says the cases, which will be available for sale this season in the are made from “super-lightweight materials” and features an integrated carrying strap.

The new collection redefines the premium leather and aluminum cases with unique details that keep them out of reach from prying eyes, the lightest package in its class, and optimal protection is recently designed for the XS Max, and his brother the XR Rimowa iPhone models.

Quality Tested

Well, for the starters, no more losses! All of the Rimowa iPhone sheath have been crafted from aluminum and come in handy with a TPU that’s offers a fantastic option to resist scuffs and scratches. With a sleek slim design, the case comes with a magnetic closure that you can either clip on to your phone or easily remove with a press. The thin profile case is engineered to offer a barely-there look while its nicely textured exterior, visually unifies the look of the iPhone 7.

Excellent grip

The Rimowa iPhone sleeve offers a secure grip around the corners of your iPhone making it a well-rounded smartphone case. The TPU circumference also contributes to its good protection features. The opaque lining makes your iPhone display practically invisible when it is in the case.

Elegant Design

Why design and carry a bulky phone jacket when you can take a classy one that can blend well with your current looks? Not every protective screen has been designed with a swag-a-bit in their mind, the Rimowa iPhone suit fits the feeling of Rimowa’s bag luggage. The dual-layer design is designed to retain your phone’s water and dustproof standard too.

Why the Rimowa iPhone case?

It is not always that you have to worry about a stylish phone case that will shield your phone from every external danger. There are times that your phone might not be protected from external factors and you would want an iPhone case to protect your phone when you travel. Hence this case gives a perfect solution for such cases. Actually, you can shop for electronic devices from other online electronic stores. Want to know more electronic stores? Read more for perfect options.

Make Your Rimowa iPhone Case a Reality

Spigen Rugged Armor Case for iPhone

The Rugged Armor case is a popular option in the rugged case range for the iPhone models as it offers excellent protection while remaining lightweight and slim. Not only that but, there’s still some good news for the ladies it’s available in a variety of lovely rose hues. There’s no such thing as a simple-looking case. While there are quite a few clear or transparent case options, for those looking for something a little different there’s this clear screen protector case. Not only that but, you can also buy it in purple if that’s your style.

The striped iPhone designed XS Max

Yes, silver cases are many though! But this one comes in several styles of grip and shell styles to ensure a secure fit for your device. The innovative liner that is added to the case, which glides over the phone’s bezel, protects it from external impacts. Perhaps there’s a reason why I chose this model I like the “prints everywhere style” from love to other staff.

Cactus Green Groove Shell in Polycarbonate for iPhone 11 pro & 12 Plus

For those who are green lovers, adventure traveler or even a soldier who’s looking to camouflage his designs, this case will suit your needs. The case is also available in two color combinations, including plum and grey. It comes with a Lightning port, a micro USB port, and a 3.5mm audio port.

The case feels smooth in your hand and provides seamless coverage for all sides of the iPhone (which is good news for users who usually hit their devices with odd things, like glasses). The polycarbonate shell protects your iPhone from bumps and drops, but it isn’t super heavy-duty and it feels fragile when you handle it. Nevertheless, it is a good option for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a whole new case. If you want to buy desirable Apple items, you might as well turn to iStudio and try out the iStudio Atome installment plan.


The good news for all Rimowa’s iPhone shell users is that they are guaranteed a prolonged 5 years warranty of user experience. If you’re that guy who’s craving to add a little inspiration to your iPhone décor, this will give a cool iPhone though! And, since we all spend a fair amount of time lugging around our iPhones, who knows, maybe we’ll pick up a couple more of these Rimowa’s iPhone frame bags for ourselves. So grab your iPhone X case at www. atome. sg and alert about your opinion!

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