How to buy a Sonos IKEA in Singapore?

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If you are wondering how or where to buy an item of ikea speaker lamp, and if this worth the price then you also should stay with us, because we are trying to clear things up here.

Shopping in IKEA is a full-day activity, you collect your family members and drive to the store outside the city, drop your kids in a play area, max out your credit cards, and then top off it with some Swedish meatballs. The IKEA stores are as iconic and loved as Disney, Six Flags, and universal, like any other amusement park.

The secret of IKEA’s Success?

Although not nearly the same company it is today, it is a company founded in the early 40s, and firstly they were selling staples like matches, pencils, and watches. Seven years later they began to sell furniture. Seeing the logistical difficulty of shipping large items far away, they decided to flat-pack the furniture, which also reduced the chance of damage during transport. The company created a catalog that customers could browse through and order from afar. They started from one showroom and now they own huge multi-story buildings all over the world. Now, they are selling everything from home décor to home technique, like lamps of ikea symfonisk lamp. The company vision is to make your everyday life, easy, comfortable, and relaxing with not very expensive items.

The clever idea behind IKEA Store

As we already mentioned IKEA built and expanded its business all over this world and you can find their stores almost in every country. The average size of a store is around 35,000 square meters, with over 8,000 unique items. Inside the experience is unlike any other. Customers are guided through the store by a one-way path, which begins in the showroom, flows into the market hall, where small items can be picked up instantly, and end in the warehouse where previously selected IKEA products can be picked off the shelves and then paid for at the register. Most retailers design their stores to maximize the time you spend inside, and IKEA takes this on an extreme level. They configure the store in a way that you have to stay there longer, spend money on products and food, considering how good prices they have, consumers shop there without even thinking too much about prices.

IKEA in Singapore

Like in many other countries, you can also find two huge stores of IKEA in Singapore. They are located on opposite sides of the city. Together with stores, there is also a great web portal for online shoppers to buy furniture and techniques, like the ikea speaker lamp. We all know that Ikea products are easy to deliver from one place to another, so online purchasing works very nicely in this situation.

Products of IKEA sonos speaker?

It turns out Singapore IKEA sells more than just flat-pack furniture, thanks to the collaboration of Sonos and IKEA, they make WI-Fi connected speakers, which are two types: bookshelf speaker and two in one lamp speaker. They are both company’s new symphonic line of Sonos power devices, which are designed more for IKEA vision, meaning homier. While the lamp is covered in a knit shell, bookshelf speakers look blocky. The lamp has a wonderfully soft and cozy appeal, while the bookshelf speakers’ shape allows it to fit both vertically and horizontally in every place. And at the end, the pricing is more affordable than usually Sonos products cost.

Moreover, the most well guarded secrets about Ikea Sonos Singapore in this blog, let’s read it.


We all know that IKEA is an accessible and affordable brand for everyone, so when Sonos and Ikea decided to create a merged product, they decided that the price should definitely come in line with Ikea. Sonos speakers are not as affordable as any other brand producing these products, so for Sonos brand lovers, the emergence of ikea speaker lamp became a very handy and exciting event. In both cases, no matter you want to purchase the product from Sonos or from IKEA, you may prefer to split payment and pay with several installments.

There are many companies on market, offering these services, but here is the one without charging you with extra fees and commissions. Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. This company allows you to choose the brands from their web page, buy products and then pay later with 3 or 4 installments, which is a great deal we all can agree on it. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout.

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