How to Detect a Fake Charles and Keith Women Handbag

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Buying a Charles and Keith women’s bag is an investment. It is authentic leather, made with the best material, the best finesse, and a brand! Have you ever been scammed with a fake Chalmers and Keith bag? If you have, it is not that uncommon. People get scammed all the time, even though it is unethical to do so. But in today’s selfish times, no one cares about ethics.

If you want to buy a bag, apart from the looks, it should be durable; it should be spacious, it should match with most of your dresses, and you should have easy access to your items. Charles and Keith understand every aspect of a woman’s bag, and their bags are an investment for the long term. However, they do cost a lot. Making it available for everyone on Charles and Keith discount code is a blessing given to all bag lovers.

Is your Charles and Keith bag authentic or not?

If you have been shopping online and you come across a beautiful bag. Well, do buy it. But just be careful not to end up being ripped off with a fake copy. Because that happens, fake copies of branded items are created and scam people.

There are ways you can find out if the bag on the showcase is original or not. If it turns out to be fake, do not pay for it. To avoid any scams, it is better to use Charles and Keith discount code and buy it from the original site.

Authentic sites

Most sites have fakes bags, and they sell for the same price. People get scammed because they do not know what a detailed Charles and Keith bag looks like. Or mostly, they use fake pictures as well to avoid any sort of lowering of engagement.

IF a store or a site is authentic, ask them that you would like to use your Charles and Keith discount code because Charles and Keith do not send every vendor their products. If the authentic store verifies this site or store, they will accept the discount code.


Suppose you have selected a bag online that looks authentic too. Look at the price. Sometimes the price gives off if it’s a copy or not. Logically if there is a new edition of a bad launch but the price of your selected bag is almost 50% lower than the actual price. How is it authentic?

If prices are too high for you to fit your budget, there are always Charles and Keith discount codes to use at the official store and get them, without a doubt, authentic bags.

Feel and finesse

If however, you have received a bag and are wondering if it is indeed authentic. Here are a few things to check. The look of the bag is exactly how the picture shows? It has no rough edges and stands its weight when kept on the table or floor. If it dips in, it is a certain give-off of being fake.

Some fake bags use cheap canvas or leather, and the major give-off is the auxiliary pockets which are always left unfinished. The stitching around the bag is too visible and untidy.

Also, most fake copies are a size bigger with the logo too are not engraved properly. It is the minor details that every fake vendor misses out on. But with the Charles and Keith discount code, you can buy an authentic bag at a lower price.


Using a Charles and Keith discount code or not, the store has a very flexible return and exchange policy. If your vendor does not show any flexibility, then it is either the unverified seller or the bag is indeed a fake.


Among many things that come to detection of a fake designer’s back; the zips are always the most evitable. IF you look at an authentic Charles and Keith bag, the sizzler will be very symmetrical and straight. While a fake bag will have very untidy stitching of the zip, and the zip itself will be visibly low quality.


The fake vendors can mimic everything almost to make it look alike. But straps are sometimes left out. Because they use the initial quantity of material on each bag, they sometimes make the straps too short or too broad. When you feel the stap, it feels different and not as smooth as an authentic Charles and Keith bag.

The attachments of each strap to the bag are another give-off. The stitchings are too visible and untidy. The major give-offs in fakes are the limited effort on its finesse and minor detailing.

While there is still time, do not look around for just fine bags that might be authentic. Use the Charles and Keith discount code and buy yourself a beautiful durable and undoubtedly authentic bag.

Who to trust?

While many sites offer original bags, a trusted app is Atome, which provides all authentic and the best fashion brands come together into one app. While their collaboration with Charles and Keith is successful, you can be a hundred percent sure whatever you order will be authentic. Even when you use your Charles and Keith discount code, it will be accepted (Download app).

Other than the provided authenticity; Atome provides a policy of paying in three easy installments, which means buying any bag you like and paying for it when you have the money. The app is well established in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Final Thoughts!!

Online shopping can be deceiving. Do not trust any site that you might find attractive to buy your bags from. Bags are an important part of your look. They should be invested in. With Charles and Keith discount codes, you can buy the best bags anyone could have that are 100% authentic. If you want to check more articles that talk about bag authenticity, click here.

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