How to Not Burn a Hole in Your Pocket While Buying the PlayStation 5

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Once again the hunt to pre-order PS5 in Singapore is back. In 2019 Sony announced its new PS5 with a slight alteration to the previous version. A home gaming console that also has internet capabilities, PS5 was released in November 2020 in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and North America.

However, thinking of a Sony PS5 pre-order in Singapore is often a cause of headache in the PlayStation lovers owing to the gadget’s sky-rocketing prices. This also applies to all countries where the cutting edge gadget has been launched. This is where platforms like Atome come to a gamer’s aid effectively! Online e-commerce portals like Atome provide the potential buyer with the best pricing options, allowing them to make the desired purchase. Atome makes the shopping experience this comfortable due to a myriad of reasons. They are enlisted below.

Immensely in demand

The PS5 is extremely popular amongst gamers all around the world. It not only has revamped the gaming experience but has also provided the players with numerous options to explore. It can not only play first-party games from Sony’s stored franchises but also supplement that line up with great third-party titles.

With the new and improved storage performance, hardware-assisted ray tracing for realistic lightning effects, tempest engine facilitating 3D audio effects etc. it has created quite a buzz amongst the PlayStation lovers, who are now leaving no stone unturned to pre-order PS5. Singapore especially has a thriving PS5 market along with the other countries where this crème de la crème of a gadget was launched.

Skyrocketing prices

All the world-class features like- even better graphics in the games, SSD that offers such mind-boggling leap forward in the loading speeds that it has the potential to change the way the games are designed in this day and age etc. come at a very high price though for those looking forward to a PS5 Pre-order. Singapore has especially made it difficult for its customers to go ahead and get their favourite gaming console. It would not be wrong to mention that the other countries exhibit the same pattern too.

Merely looking at the prices while trying to pre-order PS5 in Singapore is sure to give a severe blow to one’s desire to possess this console with better-improved features.

Why choose Atome to pre-order PS5 in Singapore?

  • Opt for online or offline markets at your convenience

In a bid to look for the cheapest places to place an order, the conversation starts from separating the online as well as offline markets. Atome does away with this inconvenience by collaborating with several merchants- both online and offline. This makes the process completely hassle-free and timeless. All you’ve got to do is to go on Atome and experience the cohesive pricing across the board they offer while making your purchase.

  • Buy now, pay later model

This facility offered by Atome is exactly as it sounds! Atome in Singapore lets you make a PS5 pre-order while ensuring that you can repay in four instalments with no interest whatsoever.

Atome is simplifying the purchasing process by offering the customer choice, flexibility and convenience in how they opt to choose and pay. Their ‘buy now, pay later model’ splits the consumer’s bills very methodologically into three equal, zero interest payments over time.

  • Enticing offers and discounts

Who would have thought that making a Sony PS5 pre-order in Singapore, would ensure getting an effective discount accompanied by alluring offers! Your decision to purchase the in-vogue gadget from Atome not only gets you numerous deals but also a plethora of exclusive offers.

  • The payment is entirely safe

  Atome has ensured that there shouldn’t be an iota of doubt regarding the payment related aspects in their customer’s mind by- having integrated highly safe and secure payment gateways. The safety measures taken by the platform make sure that- the products reach the customers, and they are not tricked into making the payment. The payment infrastructure at Atome is ironclad and has the safest payment methods there are.

Final Word

The team at Atome realizes the importance of your hard-earned money and thus, goes above and beyond in making sure to facilitate your purchase all the way through, making it a delightful experience, rather than a cumbersome one. Upholding their goal, ‘to empower a new generation of tech-savvy consumers by giving them smarter access to their aspirations’; they ensure you get the best of the services- with their carefully crafted payment options.

Despite the ever augmenting rates of the console a Sony PS5 pre order in Singapore can easily be placed with the assistance of this gem of a platform and have this one of a kind gaming console all to yourself.

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