How to Setup Google Wallet? Making Your Purchasing Hassle-Free

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One of the effortless mobile payment systems, Google Wallet, works as a virtual or digital wallet. It allows the users to make payments and transfer money right from their mobile phones. Google Wallet services are free for its users and store all your information associated with debit, credit, loyalty, and gift cards. Besides, its faster checkout works effortlessly on participating and in-app mobile sites. However, many mobile users are not aware of how to setup Google Wallet.

This article brings with you all the information about setting up Google Wallet and its uses.

Setting up your Google Wallet

Google Wallet helps make your payments secure and accessible at more than 300,000 locations. To make your transferring money and making payments more manageable, you must first know how to setup Google Wallet. It is pretty easy to set up the wallet and make it ready to pay with a single tap. The process to help you install and set up your Google Wallet is described in the below-mentioned steps.

  • Download and install Google Wallet from Play Store 
  • Launch the Google Wallet to initiate setting up your Google Wallet.
  • You will see a welcome introduction on this screen. Swipe through it and tap on done or skip.
  • You need to enter your billing and personal information when prompted to Accept and Create.
  • Now you can set up your security PIN on this screen to keep your wallet information safe and secure.
  • On this screen, you will see that Tap & Pay is unavailable. It is because you have not selected the debit or credit card to associate with the Google Wallet service.
  • It would help if you tapped on the + (plus) sign to add your new debit or credit card.
  • After adding your card, you can use it in Google Wallet. 

You can swipe your mobile device near the NFC reader while shopping or selecting Google Wallet as your payment option during checkout for online shopping. This guide must have helped you know how to setup Google Wallet?

How to add funds to Google wallet?

Adding money to your Google Wallet is easier and quicker. The balance in Google Wallet is the amount stored in your virtual wallet. Making in-store purchases and online shopping is more straightforward with Google Wallet balance. Besides, the convenient aspect of Google Wallet is that you can recharge it anywhere and anytime. Follow the below-mentioned steps to add money to your Google Wallet for quick transactions.

  1. Sign in to your Google Wallet with your Google account.
  2. Choose the Payment Methods from the Menu that appeared on the left.
  3. Here, you will see your wallet balance. Tap on the Add to Wallet Balance. 
  4. Add a credit or debit card and Link your bank account.
  5. Tap on Add Money to complete the process.

What online stores accept Google wallet?

There are many stores and online stores in Singapore that accept Google Wallet to your purchases quicker. Some of the leading stores that accept Google Wallet are the following:

  • Shopee
  • Zalora
  • Wish
  • Food Panda
  • McDonald’s
  • Deliveroo
  • Instacart, and many more.

Check out the payment options for Google Wallet when you checkout after online or in-store shopping, restaurants, etc. To know the steps of how to setup Google Wallet, follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Loyalty Programs With Google Wallet

Apart from making transactions and shopping, you can also use Google Wallet for loyalty programs. The steps to add your loyalty card from Google Wallet’s main window are the following:

  1. Open your Google Wallet.
  2. Tap on the + (plus) sign to add any loyalty program.
  3. You need to scan the front and back of your loyalty card using Goggle Wallet’s built-in scanner.
  4. Tap the Next tab and give the merchant a name to remember your card.
  5. Now you should scan the barcode or enter the barcode of your loyalty card.
  6. Tap on the Save tab to complete the process.

It is easier and convenient to use a loyalty card with Google Wallet. You can swipe the left edge of your mobile screen, tap on loyalty programs and select your saved loyalty card to use it. Using your loyalty card within your Google Wallet will give many advantages.

Google Wallet has many features, such as using gift cards, transferring money, etc. However, the most significant one is loyalty programs and Tap and Pay.   

Is Information Safe With Google Wallet?

The debit or credit card information is completely secured in Google Wallet. You can store your complete information of credit or debit cards and other payment options in Google Wallet securely. Besides keeping the data safely, it will allow you to make seamless payments without re-entering the information during checkouts. 

This process is done with the help of passkeys and encryption to keep your debit or credit card information safe and secure. Hence, neither anyone else nor the merchant store can view it when you make a purchase. If you ever lose your mobile device, you can disable your Google Wallet effortlessly from other devices. It would help if you remembered your PIN, e-mail address, and password to access your Google Wallet.

Google Wallet is one of the safest payment gateways to make in-person and online payments. All you need to remember that how to setup Google Wallet and Google keeps your information secure. 


Google Wallet saves its users from carrying their cash and cards along. Google wallet has made online and in-store shopping and transactions more straightforward and effortless. If you want to know how to setup Google Wallet, you can follow the steps mentioned above in this article. By linking your credit or debit card with your Google Wallet, you can complete your transactions and payments with one click on your mobile devices. Besides, you will have a flawless experience of making payments and transferring amounts to your family and friends with Google Wallet.

For a more convenient shopping experience, set up your account at instantly and link your debit or credit card. Have a seamless shopping time with Atome!

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