How To Upgrade Your iPhone On A Budget In Singapore

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Whenever the iPhone comes up in conversations, it is either a cause of excitement or a pressure point, depending upon how fat your wallet is. Any new version of the iPhone is nothing short of an enigma, and rightfully so. After all, few match the range of features and options that Apple delivers in its devices. This is why everyone wants to get their hands on the iPhone as soon as it’s on the shelf. But even though the price of iPhone 11 in Singapore is actually cheaper relative to many other countries, it could still be a handful for some to change their phone every 12 months or so. Hence, there is a need for some alternatives.

Price of iPhone 11 in Singapore

The Price of the iPhone 11 ranges between $1149 to $1389, depending upon which device you prefer. For some, this may not feel like much, but for those living paycheck to paycheck, it may get a bit tricky to save for yet another phone, when it’s not been that long since they purchased their last one. If you are among those who don’t want to miss out on the improved camera smarts and pretty design, despite a tight budget, you may find the below options useful. We have compiled some of the options that would allow you to upgrade your iPhone without breaking your bank.

Consider Monthly installment plans

Don’t make the mistake of picking up a phone on a lease, if you are little cash strapped. It is because, with leasing, you won’t be able to sell or exchange the phone. The leasing money is basically a value that you will not be able to use in the future to purchase a new device. All in all, a bad idea.

Instead, a much better option is to go for Apple Card monthly installments. Given the price of iPhone 11 in Singapore, if you are currently unable or unwilling to afford the full cost of the phone right away, then monthly installments would work quite well for you.

You can use Apple card monthly installments to upgrade your device.This is a feature of the Apple Card that allows Apple users to buy products through its Apple Wallet App. However, if you are among those who ritualistically buy an iPhone every year, that it would be better for you to subscribe to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program. This program splits the cost of the device into AppleCare charges plus Coverage for 24 months for 0% interest. This involves charges pertaining to maintenance, repair, and tech support.

Lazada’s Buy Now Pay Later options

The BNPL(Buy Now Pay Later) options provided by e-commerce Lazada have quickly become popular among those who regularly buy from Lazada. What Lazada’s BNPL plans essentially do is to provide an alternative payment option to buyers.

Buyers can purchase products online, whether it is an iPhone or any other kind of utility item. Lazada has entered into a collaboration with a number of different payment channels and mobile lenders, so as to make this entire process incredibly seamless. There are no interests in the monthly installments that you would be paid within these BNPL Lazada installment plans.

Lazada’s installment plans work just like any standard buy now and pay later payment option. You can purchase the product now and pay later via low, monthly installments. You are probably thinking, how is this different from Apple card monthly installments? An Apple card works just like a credit card. It requires you to go through a similar process of approval. However, Lazada installment plans are without any credit card requirements. Considering the loaded price of iPhone 11 in Singapore, alternative payment plans such as the Lazada installment plan could be a great option.

Advantages of using Lazada’s BNPL installment plans

By going for a monthly installment plan with any one of the several partners of Lazada, you would be able to get the following benefits:

  • For one-time big-ticket purchases such as the iPhone, funding it through Lazada monthly installment without a credit card would be easier as you can raise as high as $50,000(Singapore), depending upon the lender.
  • The purchase process is pretty straightforward and simple. Within the payment options, instead of choosing credit or debit cards, you would choose Lazada’s installment plan.
  • The only condition here is that you would have to purchase through Lazada, which is a plus if you think about the competitive pricing and convenience that comes with the platform’s seamless operation.


There are several other ways in which you can overcome the hurdle that the price of the iPhone 11 in Singapore is putting between you and your favourite device. Don’t let your wallet decide when you will be getting your phone upgraded. After all, what’s the fun of getting the newest version of the iPhone, after all the excitement has faded off.

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