How to Use Debit Card for Installments?

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If you have decided to purchase a product and wondering if the debit card can do installment payment, you may also need this information for the future. Debit as Credit cards is the most essential item to live in the 21st century. We get the salary on the card, we buy things, food, everyday things, and hence we need a card for everything. Whether it is credit or debit, both are essential for our daily lives and simply to say for just being. These two cards are equally impotent for us, but they have completely different purposes.

The idea of the Debit Card

Simply saying, a debit card is a plastic card we use as a payment method instead of cash when we buy things. In some countries, people also call it a bank card or check card. When you use a debit card money is immediately withdrawn from your bank account. Debit cards and credit cards are both used by products and services, however, they are quite different. Debit cards do not lend money, as soon as you buy something money is debited from your bank account, hence this is why we think the debit card can do installment.

The Types of Debit Cards installments:

  • First is an online debit card that requires electronic authorization for each payment, all approved payments then appear on the purchases account and this operation occurs on your account immediately.
  • The second type is the offline debit card, which has a logo of major credit card companies such as maestro MasterCard and Visa. The cardholder uses it at the point of sale as they would do with the credit card.
  • And the final one, the electronic purse debit cards chip stores how much money you have available, the seller’s machine, therefore, does not need to be online. Also want to add that these cards are popular in some EU and Asian countries

The idea of the Credit Card

The main idea of Credit cards is to land you the money, when you buy things and at the end of the month the company will send you a statement of your purchases, wasted amount and total numbers owe the money you owe the bank. Practically we can say that this is one of the ways of loaning money and pay with installments or with delay.

True or false the idea that a debit card can do installment?

A debit card is very different than a credit card, but in both cases, we can do installment payments. If we use the credit card, we buy things and after some time bank gives us the final numbers we owe them, with commissions and extra fees, also the schedule of the amount settlement, hence we can say that this credit card is an easy way of card split payments. In the case of a Debit card, we can directly land the specific amount from the bank that will charge us with the specific amount monthly, in this case, we can they that this is a debit card split installment. On the other way, we can directly use the intermediary companies offering us installment payments where we can register both debit and credit cards.

A debit card can do installment online

Online shopping is a great way of using cards instead of cash, which means that you have more ability to control your money, schedule payments, and split the amounts. More and more companies appear on market offering payment installments with a debit card and credit card, without getting loans from banks, which is a great deal, if we consider that very frequently banks overcharge us.


While we think which way is the best to pay for products and do not splurge too much or don’t pay extra, bank systems take a huge amount of service fees and extra commissions for lending us money. Both, as credit as debit card can do installment, but the best way to buy a product is online, where you have the opportunity to use the installment payment with different companies and with various range of commission systems. There are also the best ones, which do not charge you additional fees. The main point is to choose the right company, which provides you a vast variety of brands and nil additional commissions, just for 3 or 4 installment payments.

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