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Lips are one of the areas that we tend to give the most attention to in our beauty routine, and in all types of makeup that may range from a no-makeup look to a special day one, a lip glow is definitely the way to go. Although you will find several brands in the market that offer lip glosses for smoother, fuller, and moisturized lips, Dior is considered to be a preferred choice for any beauty enthusiast because of its ever-evolving innovation and steadfast quality. At Sephora, discover the best in beauty from the best global brands in various categories, including fragrance, skincare, haircare, cosmetics, nail color, and body lotions.

What should one look for in a perfect lip gloss?

  • Ingredients and natural butters

If you want to have an all-natural lip gloss that can help improve the look of your lips, then you must go for the one that incorporates natural butter. It is better to look for cocoa butter and shea butter because these kinds of butter are perfect for aiding in chapped, cracked, and dry lips. You will find the Dior lip glow to be filled with natural butter so that the overall health of lips can be maintained.

  • Long-lasting

Longevity must be a major priority of a quality lip glow. Everybody wants the lip glow to have staying power, and the top lip glows like the Dior lip glow can hold for hours on your lips. This means that longevity is definitely a feature that must be considered when you purchase a lip glow.

List of the top Dior lip glows at SEPHORA

  • Dior Lip Glow

This one is a limited-edition lip glow by Dior and is the best super-hydrating lip balm that can hydrate as well as moisturize your lips so that they can become plumper and softer. The Dior lip glow also comes with the color pigments that offer you the much-coveted color along with excellent protection for your lips.

  • Dior Lip Glow Oil

The Dior lip glow oil is among the top nourishing and hydrating lip glosses that offered by Dior. With the help of its cherry oil extract, your lips are able to get complete protection, while it also prevents them from turning chapped and dry. It is worth noting that the slight tint of the color of the Dior lip glow oil makes it one of the favorite lip products.

  • Dior Lip Glow Rosewood

The Christian Dior lip glow is undoubtedly the favorite lip product of many people, but now it also offers a more neutral tone in the form of Dior lip glow rosewood. This particular lip glow is in dark rose color, whereas its perfect packaging makes it one of the most beautiful lipsticks that you will own. The formula of Dior lip glow rosewood is creamy, and you will see it gliding effortlessly while it’s thin and doesn’t feel sticky at your lips at all.

  • Dior Addict Lip Glow Lip Balm

This is known to be the best lip exfoliating product that you will come across, as its refined sugar grains tend to melt on the lips in just one sweep in order to exfoliate lips. Therefore, you will have a soft and smooth feel. The secret to your good feeling and beautiful lips is a sugar scrub, which means that there could be nothing better than the Dior Addict lip glow lip balm that can perform the task effortlessly on your lips.

  • Dior Holographic Lip Glow

There have been very few new color additions by Christian Dior lip glow, and the Dior Holographic lip glow is known to be a highly moisturizing lip balm that is offered. Although you will not find many flavors in it, it indeed gives a silky feel to your lips and applies easily. This surely is a decent tinted lip balm that you will love to own.

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