iStudio Installment Plan! Have Yourself Stocked Up In Apple Products with iStudio?

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Do you know that Apple has the largest brand value among the customers and has sold almost 1.3 billion iPhones since 2007? This means that almost 1 in 6 people in the world has an iPhone in their hand.

A company founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on 1st April 1976 has grown into one of the world’s largest smartphone device companies and has gained great brand value and customer loyalty all over the globe.

Istudio Installment Plan and Atome

istudio is the largest reseller of Apple products, aiming to bring the customers of apple closer to it with its large variety and easy installment plans. istudio aims to provide apple products at reasonable prices to its customers, and for this, they have introduced istudio installment plan.

Istudio installment plan with an attachment of Atome provides three easy payments and an interest-free installment plan to its customers. By availing the istudio installment plan, customers can easily access a large portfolio of Apple products. The istudio installment plan also helps people having financial challenges like short budgets or late salaries to avail themselves of the apple products they want.

The istudio and Atome provides its customers to have apple products as soon as possible with an easy installment plan. Make your first payment at purchase and split the rest over the following two months.

Products offered at istudio

• iPhone

• Ipad

• Apple watch

• Mac

• Air tag

• Software

• Headphones

Besides apple devices, it also provides other accessories and software as well

Cases & Protection

To keep your cell phone and computer safe, istudio provides good quality and reliable cases and protection to keep your cell phone safe from damages and dirt. The fun thing is these can be bought with Istudio’s installment plan.

Home Kits

Besides cell phones and smart devices, istudio also provides many home products like sensors, switches, thermostats, light bulbs locks, and outlets with istudios installment plans. Did you ever imagine you could even buy a switch through installment plans?

Computer Accessories

You can have good quality and design mice and keyboards for your desktop pc or for your Mac, which are good-looking and long-lasting.


One of the essential products of computer devices is the Microsoft software’s which can be expensive for a student to afford. Why don’t you try buying it using istudios installment plans? Softwares like Microsoft 365 homes, Microsoft 365 personal 1, Microsoft office home and business, and Microsoft home and student are readily available to be bought.


Photography products like cameras and drones are also available with a wide range, good reliability, and reasonable prices.

After-Sale Services

Istudio installment intends to maintain long-term relations with its customers and answer their queries; they have astrong customer support center. All Apple hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. Because Apple makes the hardware, operating system, etc.,

Apple products are truly integrated systems. Only Apple care products give you one-stop service and support from Apple experts so that most issues can be resolved in a single call.


Each Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, iPod, Apple TV, and show accompanies limitless free phone specialized help for 90 days after your buy and a one-year restricted guarantee.


Expand your inclusion from a one-year restricted guarantee and as long as 90 days of free phone specialized help to two a long time from the first buy date of youriPhone or an iPod with AppleCare+.

Appreciate direct admittance to Apple specialists for questions identified with your iPhone like IOS and iCloud, interfacing with remote organizations and Apple-marked iPad applications like Face Time, Mail, and Calendar.

Get up to two occurrences of inadvertent harm inclusion, each subject to a S$42 administration charge for screen harm or S$148 for different harms. All apple care warranties are available even if the phone is bought using the istudios installment program for iPhone.


Increment your involvement from a one-year restricted guarantee and as long as 90 days of free phone specialized help to three (3) a long time from the first buy date of your Mac with the AppleCare Protection Plan.

Appreciate immediate, one-stop admittance to Apple specialists for inquiries on a broad scope of points, including utilizing macOS Catalina and iCloud, Apple applications, for example, Keynote and Garage Band, just as interfacing with printers and AirPort organizations.


As the world has become a global village and people are racing to get more advanced technology. iStudio Singapore is the largest Apple Premium Reseller in Singapore.  

As one of the biggest tech brands in the world, Apple provides one of the best products for people. In istudio, you can find your device and the things you need. With the collaboration of Atome, the istudio installment plan gives an excellent opportunity to have premium Apple products in an easy and cost-efficient way. During the istudio installment plan, the product remains in the apple care warranty, which assures that if anything happens to your phone during the installment period or after its completion, istudios is always there for you.

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