Do you know the reason for wearing a ring?

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Jeulia Singapore knows that jewelry is not just a shiny accessory that most of us use to jazz up our looks. Undoubtedly, it does that job quite spectacularly, but there is more to these intricately crafted accessories. Most pieces of jewelry hold immense sentimental value for the wearer; each one is associated with cherished moments, joyous occasions, and pleasant memories. Putting on that particular piece has you reliving some of the best moments of your life.

Out of the various types of jewelry, rings are the most valued; almost every other person owns at least one ring that is linked to a special day. It could be a birthday present, a wedding ring, an engagement ring, a mother’s day gift, a Christmas present, a signet ring, or a gift to celebrate a milestone. These are the rings that one rarely takes off, and as a result, they leave permanent tan lines around your finger. You never step out of the house without this special ring, and if you accidentally do, it feels like a part of you is missing.

Jeulia helps you celebrate such beautiful moments with its magnificently crafted collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and anklets that are perfect for every occasion. Continue reading to learn about everything that makes Jeulia and its jewelry one of a kind.

The significance of wearing rings

Before talking about Jeulia Singapore’s breathtaking ring collection, let’s have a look at what it means to wear rings on different fingers. The significance of wearing a ring on each finger differs according to various schools of thought and practices; for instance, palmistry associates it with Greek Gods.

The significance of wearing rings|Jeulia

The thumb

In the past, wearing a ring on either one of the thumbs was associated with immense wealth and was practiced by those who hailed from the upper class. The thumb also signifies a strong will and an assertive nature.

The index finger

Ruled by Jupiter, the index finger stands for ambition, self-confidence, and leadership. In some cultures, the right index finger is meant to hold the wedding ring, while in the past, only royalty was supposed to adorn their index fingers with rings. As a sign of respect, people would bow and kiss the ring on the monarch’s hand.

The middle finger

The traits associated with this finger are balance, soul-searching, and responsibility. Surprisingly, there is no cryptic meaning or symbolism related to wearing a ring on the middle finger.

The ring finger

Naturally, a ring on this particular finger signifies an unbreakable bond of love, beauty, and creativity. It is also associated with the Greek God Apollo, who was considered the God of music, dance, poetry, and light. The ring finger is called so because it bears the engagement, wedding, and promise rings in many cultures. All three represent a life-long commitment of mutual love and respect between two individuals.

The pinky

Represented by the planet Mercury, your tiny pinky is linked with intelligence, persuasion, and intuition. Back in the 19th and 20th centuries, married men wore two rings on their pinky finger, a wedding band and a signet ring. Men who hailed from the mafia would also have rings on their pinky fingers.

Jeulia Singapore

At Jeulia, you will find artisanal jewelry that embodies your sense of self and beliefs. Each unique piece is created through a detail-oriented process consisting of 15 steps, resulting in authentic and awe-inspiring designs. The 925 sterling silver is embedded with high-quality and rare Jeulia Stones, which are the perfect alternative to the more common gemstones.

Here’s everything that makes Jeulia Stones better than the rest:

  • Their scratch-resistant property makes them ideal for daily wear.
  • They are developed through environment-friendly procedures as opposed to unsafe and destructive traditional mining practices.
  • It is incredibly durable, with optical characteristics that exceed those of a diamond.
  • It scored a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which measures mineral hardness. To put things in perspective, a diamond scores a perfect 10.
  • It comes in brilliant colors: Diamond White, Sapphire Blue, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Fancy Yellow, Champagne, Fancy Pink, Amethyst Purple, Chocolate, and Watermelon.

Don’t worry; if you are looking for a wider variety of stones, Jeulia has got you covered. It also makes jewelry using Synthetic Opal, Moissanite, Synthetic Turquoise, and Moonstone.

Rings at Jeulia

At Jeulia Singapore’s ring section, you will find Promise rings, Stackable rings, Heart rings, Cocktail rings, Mother’s rings, Claddagh rings, Photo rings, Engagement rings, and Wedding rings. Have a look at the best-sellers.

Rings at Jeulia


This adorably-eccentric sterling silver ring will leave you no other choice but to hit ‘buy now.’ It features an adorable Pikachu hugging a pristine round-cut 7 mm Jeulia Stone in Diamond White. This ring belongs to the Hug Me collection, where you will discover more such designs.



This timeless jewelry will become your favorite ring to wear on every occasion. It consists of three rows of perfectly set Jeulia Stones that twinkle with every little movement of your wrist. The most exciting part is that you can customize the ring to suit your taste by selecting the stones’ color and metal and adding a personal engraving.



Inspired by two vines wrapping around each other, this delicate wedding band will make you fall in love all over again. It is made from two different bands woven together to form a magnificent pattern, one is a plain sterling silver band, and the other one features micropave set stones in Diamond White.


Jelulia x Atome

Jeulia Singapore has joined hands with Atome to make sure that you have the liberty to celebrate every occasion with a magnificent flourish.

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Scan QR to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

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The charm and brilliance of an elegant piece of jewelry are unmatched; the right one can do wonders for your look. Some pieces are timeless and can be worn throughout the years, while others trend for a few months’ time, but nonetheless, they remain treasured. Rings are particularly dear for most; they signify moments that are worth reliving a thousand times. So, if you want to immortalize an upcoming occasion, make sure to gift your loved ones a gorgeous ring from Jeulia’s collection. Remember to use Atome for some amazing perks!

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