Lazada Installment: Easy Way To Pay For Your Shopping

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Many customers want to do a lot of shopping, but they can’t make the full payment at once. Today we are providing you with the information for those shopaholic people who can make their payments in installments. If you have purchased a product and paying through Lazada payment options, you also have Lazada installment option. It means that you can shop now and pay the amount of your product in installment. We realized that the installment option would be very beneficial for all the customers who purchase products from Lazada.

Now let’s look at some of the installment options that Lazada gives to the customers.

1. BillEase

It is one of the online partners of Lazada to provide the customers with the option to shop the products and pay the amount later. This particular Lazada installment option is a very low-interest installment option that the customers can choose after purchasing the products through Lazada.

How to apply for BillEase

Applying for Billease will be very easy because the customers have to declare the value, choose the preferred installment term, and then apply. Once that is done, the customers can submit their personal information and wait for the approval. Upon approval, they can get their disbursement on their Lazada wallet.

2. Perajet

If you want to get your initial loan approval quickly, in just two minutes, then use this particular Lazada installment option. It is an innovative financial service created in cooperation with the European financial sector’s specialists.

How to apply for Perajet

Applying for Perajet installment option is effortless as there is a requirement of primary and secondary IDs, and after that, the customer is required to submit billing proof and fee slip, which is not more than one month old. Also, they need to submit a selfie with their ID. The customers also need to have an activated Lazada wallet and a screenshot of the Lazada checkout screen. Now, they can submit their application. Once they get approved after accepting the terms and conditions, they will get their loan amount in their Lazada e-wallet.

3. Paylater

Paylater is one of the most frequently used Lazada installment options with an online registered mark and personal loan facilities. It provides Lazada’s e-wallet credits of Php 10,000. Customers can pay this credit in an installment range from fifteen days to two months.

How to apply for Paylater?

Customers can initiate their payment through Paylater loans. They can submit and upload the required information and requirements. The loan approval will be given within 24 hours. Once they receive their loan through Lazada wallet, they can initiate shopping.

4. TendoPay

If you want to have an excellent shopping experience at your convenience, this Lazada installment option is the perfect choice for you.

How to apply for TendoPay

Customers are required to sign up for a new account and then wait for the application’s approval. Customers can also purchase the vouchers, limiting your purchase in a range from 6,000 php to 30,000 php. The applied loan value must be equal to or lower than the price of the products they are purchasing as they cannot change it later. Once the application is completed, they will get the purchased vouchers’ amount in their Lazada wallet.

5. Cashalo

Cashalo is also an excellent Lazada installment option for customers to pay in installments after purchasing the items and products of their choice from the Lazada shopping platform.

How to apply for the installment option Cashalo

Customers need to register on Cashalo with their email address and mobile number. They need to ensure that their email address and mobile number are the same they used while enrolling for a Lazada account.

Upon completing this step, the customers can download the Cashalo app, and log in to their account. In the next step, customers can choose Lazada loan and complete their profile by filling-up the required information.

In the next step, customers can select their desired loan amount and their terms of payment. Once the application is approved, they will get their loan amount, reflecting in their Lazada wallet within one to three working days.

6. InvestEd

It is also a convenient and effortless Lazada installment option, which the customers can choose to make their payments in installments. Besides, the application process for the loan is easy-to-understand and simple.

How to apply for InvestEd

After submitting an online application for a Lazada installment option through InvestEd, customers need to wait for approval, which may take about two to seven days. Once they are qualified for the loan, the loan officer of Lazada will contact them for a telephonic interview. During the interview, the officer will verify the information, and they will also provide them with a sample of loan computation. After this process, the customers can submit their requirements, and they will indeed find InvestEd very comfortable for them.

7. UnaPay

Unapay provides its customers with low-interest and quick loans without any down payment.

How to apply for UnaPay

If you are 18 years old and a citizen of Filipino, you can surely and undoubtedly apply for loans through UnaPaywith a valid mobile number and a valid email address. It is also an easy Lazada installment option. Besides, they need to have certain documents mentioned below:

  • You should have a valid government ID.
  • You should also have proof of income.
  • Submitting evidence of billing is also mandatory.

In the final step of Lazada installment option, customers must fill in the application form to apply. After the process is completed, they will get the loan amount credited to their Lazada wallet. 

The customers also need to keep in mind that they don’t forget to repay through Lazada’s outlets and partner banks.

To sum up

Lazada installment option is beneficial for those customers who cannot make a full payment for their purchase and those who want to make the payment in installments. Every installment options mentioned above are convenient and easy-to-understand. The process of each option is beneficial to the customers. You can choose any of the payment options according to your requirement and convenience. Through each option, you will get your desired loan amount in your Lazada’s e-wallet. Hence, you can use your loan amount from your Lazada’s e-wallet while shopping.

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Have a convenient and effortless shopping experience!!

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