LivingCare Water Dispensers | 5 Reasons Why You Need to Buy One

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Having a Livingcare water dispenser can change your life. Thanks to modern technology, water dispensers today can deliver numerous health benefits and are very convenient for use at home.

Plenty of reasons to invest in a water dispenser today

You get filtered water instantly at the touch of a button

Clean water is a basic necessity that must be available to everyone. The number one reason for purchasing a reliable water dispenser is that it is essential to a healthy lifestyle, which should be our priority. Water dispensers by Livingcare come to provide filtered water throughout the day instantly, saving you a lot of time and energy.  


A water dispenser is a must-have if your day doesn’t start without an energizing cup of tea or coffee. Thanks to water dispensers, you get rapid access to hot and cold water, which makes it super easy to prepare your drink of choice. This will especially come in handy if your mornings are often rushed, forcing you to skip your morning fuel. Having a water dispenser will ensure you never leave the house without a cup of tea or coffee.

It is good for your health

Clean water delivers several benefits, such as hydrated skin, healthy digestion, and detoxification. It also ensures that your body is protected against microorganisms and impurities, saving you a lot of trouble and money. During the purification process, some dispensers end up removing the minerals in your water, and that’s not good. Fortunately, Livingcare water dispensers not only purify drinking water of detriments they also retain the essential minerals in it.

A chic-looking water dispenser can spruce up your kitchen space

A good-looking water dispenser can brighten up your living space and give it a chic look, not only it can save space inside the fridge but also clears out the clutter of a kettle and water filter jug from your kitchen countertops.

It saves money and energy

Water dispensers are energy-efficient and require minimal maintenance. There is an adjustable power setting and a variety of sleep modes that allow you to manage energy efficiently. Moreover, it saves you the money you’d otherwise be spending on buying clean and filtered water.

Water from filtered dispensers tastes good

While drinking tap water is safe, it is usually treated with chemicals like chlorine, which then ruins the taste of tap water. Water dispensers like Livingcare water ensure that the water you drink is clean. Water is a basic necessity, so you might as well enjoy its taste when you drink it.

You drink more water

Our body needs ample hydration to maintain vital functions, and a lot of us fall short of consuming the recommended daily amount. Having one of Singapore’s best water dispensers at home will play a positive role in upping your water consumption because, let’s be honest, we all have been too lazy to pull out a water bottle from the refrigerator. Livingcare’s water dispenser will rectify that by reducing the effort and giving you quick access to hot and cold water.

Build better habits

Drinking more water will automatically have you cutting down on sodas and other processed drinks that are loaded with sugars. Consuming lesser sugary drinks will, in turn, improve your blood glucose levels, energy levels, skin, and bowel movements. Trust me; this is something your body will be grateful for.

Declutter your refrigerator

Those who prefer to drink cold water will relate to this greatly since probably an entire shelf of their fridge is lined with water bottles. Having a water dispenser saves you from the hassle of filling up bottles day in and day out and moving everything around to fit them in your fridge. Do yourself a favor and get a Livingcare dispenser so that you can have 24/7 access to cool refreshing water, and leftovers and condiments can have plenty of storage space.

Avoid unknown substances

You never know what is being used to disinfect the water you have been drinking for so long. Having a water dispenser puts you in charge of what you do and don’t consume. It lets you rest assured that your loved ones and yourself are drinking nothing but the healthiest form of water.

What to consider when buying a water dispenser

If you are in the market searching for a water dispenser, there are a few points that you should consider before buying one.

  • Electric or non-electric water dispenser- You need to decide whether you want an electric machine that dispenses hot and cold water or a non-electric water dispenser.
  • The dispenser’s capacity- It is important to check the amount of water a dispenser can hold. If you buy one for home use, a medium-sized water dispenser is ideal. Still, if you are looking for one that caters to more people simultaneously, you would want to invest in one with a bigger storage capacity.
  • Its power consumption- The consumption of power depends on the varying water temperatures you need. The hotter the water, the higher the consumption of power by the water dispenser. You should look for a dispenser compressor capable of heating and cooling water according to your location and preference.
  • Child lock- This is an important safety feature if you plan to install the water dispenser in areas with kids.
  • The ease of use and maintenance- You should check the space between the water outlet and dip tray to ensure enough room to fill tall glasses and water bottles. Also, water dispensers need to be maintained for optimal performance, so make sure you pick one that is easy to keep up and clean.

Livingcare water dispensers

Livingcare is a leading water dispenser and purifier company in Singapore. The brand is committed to providing products and services that help your families lead healthy lifestyles. One of Livingcare’s popular products is its water dispensers.

Livingcare offers its customers three exciting options of water dispensers to choose from.

  • Jewel series
  • Quartz dispenser
  • Pearl series

The water dispensers are available in various colors to elevate the look of your home. In addition, they have several features, such as 7 instant hot/cold temperatures, a motorless machine mechanism, slim design, energy-saving mode, child-lock safety, and much more. Before buying water dispensers, you can feel free to check the Livingcare water dispenser reviews.

What makes Livingcare water dispensers unique and effective?

According to consumer reviews, Livingcare’s water dispensers are the best ones to have, especially if you compare the benefits and affordable prices.

These appliances come fitted with a foolproof filtration system that makes sure that you get a glass of pure water with every push of a button. Have a look at the four different filters that are used in manufacturing each Livingcare water dispenser:

Sediment Filter

Its micron-rated capacity allows it to catch and remove sand, dust, debris, dirt, rust, and any other particles from the water. It also gets rid of cloudiness or turbidity, making the water crystal clear.

Carbon Filter

The purpose of this filter is two-fold, it rids water of chlorine and other organic chemicals that lend foul odor or taste to water. It also functions as a 5-micrometer nominal sediment filter which removes particulate matter.

UF Filter

Ultrafiltration means that this filter removes all impurities sized anywhere between 0.01 to 1.0 microns. It also has the ability to remove dissolved contaminants.

Nano Positive Filter

This filter performs two important functions; first, it cleans the water of algae, moss, germs, and heavy metals. Second, it retains all the essential minerals and softens the water.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness or lifespan of these filters depends on the usage of the water dispenser. But worry not, you can have them checked every few months and get them replaced by Livingcare. The best part is that the brand itself manufacturers these filters, so you know you are getting the authentic ones.

Who needs water dispensers?

Those who do not drink enough water

If you are often dehydrated and suffer the consequences, get a water dispenser. Laziness might be one of the reasons why you skimp out o drinking enough water. An attractive-looking appliance will boost your motivation to stay hydrated. You can even use it to fill up a water bottle with the right temperature water and carry it around.

Health conscious individuals

If you are particular about your and your loved ones’ health, this will prove to be a great investment. You will no longer have to worry about boiling the tap water and wondering if it is hygienic or not. A balanced diet isn’t the only important thing; water quality also has lasting impacts on your health.

Those who enjoy different drinks

If you often find yourself enjoying a glass of juice, smoothie, tea, or coffee throughout the day, a water dispenser will be your best friend. It provides you with clean hot or cold water in an instant, saving a lot of time. Who has the time to wait for the water to boil or the beverage to cool down in the refrigerator? And ice just waters down the taste.

Those who don’t have easy access to clean water

If the tap water you get is nasty, you should gladly invest in a Livingcare water dispenser. It will save you the trouble of boiling water every day, and you will no longer have to stress about the consequences of consuming unhygienic water.

Those who are looking for an upgrade

If you are planning to redesign your kitchen, a cool-looking and vibrant dispenser will make a great addition. This incredible appliance will look great and have people asking you tons of questions. Getting a Livingcare dispenser is the best decision you will ever make because it is cost-effective and healthy!

Gym owners

If you run a gym that does not have water dispensers, you need to rectify that. Most people carry their own water, but these appliances come in handy when someone forgets to bring a bottle or runs out of water. Having a couple of water dispensers around will prevent episodes of dehydration among gym-goers and earn you a few brownie points!

Buy Livingcare water dispensers with Atome

Atome is a buy-now-pay-later app (Get the app) that allows Livingcare customers to split their bills into 3 parts that can be paid overtime. Hence, if you are worried about the Livingcare water dispenser price, Atome is a great option to try.

Atome is a Singapore-based company that operates in 8 markets, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Thailand. The brand has over 15,000 online and physical retailers that are part of its partnered merchants.

It is convenient to use and perfect for frequent shoppers. With Atome’s flexible payment plans, users can enjoy thousands of high-quality brands without worrying about upfront payments.

Scan QR to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

How to pay with Atome?

  1. Select Atome as your payment method when checking out from the merchant’s website or scan the QR code from Atome’s app for in-store purchases.
  2. Enter your user details.
  3. Pay one part of your bill, and the remaining can be paid in the following months.


Water dispensers have become a vital part of modern households. Therefore, if you plan to buy one, Livingcare is a good choice with its 5 stages advanced filtration technology.

Cuckoo is another water purifier that dispenses mild alkaline water free from 99.9% of harmful bacteria. Want to know more about Cuckoo water dispensers? Read on for details.

No matter which water dispenser brand you choose, Atome’s payment plans can help you pay off your bill over time while enjoying all the benefits of a good-quality water machine.

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