How Can A Grand Wedding Not Have The Perfect Diamond Ring?

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No matter how grandeur or opulent the wedding is, a wedding is never complete unless everything is perfect. This includes the wedding dress, the cake/ cakes, photography, flowers, the venue, and of course, the most beautiful diamond wedding ring for your spouse.

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Why do we exchange rings at the wedding?

In the present day, wedding rings are exchanged to signify a symbol of love and commitment that two people make to each other on their wedding day. Exchanging wedding rings also represent the promises and the vows that the groom and the bride have exchanged with each other.

But the history behind exchanging wedding rings goes back to the customs in Europe in the Middle Ages as a part of Christendom (the part of the world where Christianity prevailed). Exchanging rings at weddings started in ancient Rome and Greece, where it was associated with a marital dowry and later as a promise of fidelity. Weddings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it is closer to the heart, to show that the person you’re committing your life to lies very close to your heart.

Presenting Love & Co. Singapore – the premium wedding band company

Love & Co. Singapore started from its humble and fairly recent beginnings in 2007 in Singapore, first ventured to Thailand and Malaysia, and finally ventured to the lucrative Chinese market in 2021. Love & Co. believes that the utmost love and courtship behavior can be reflected through the beautifully crafted Love & Co. Wedding bands.

Love & Co. Singapore wants you to have an everlasting and blooming marital life, and what better way than to have Love & Co. wedding band to commemorate your wedding? Love & Co. Singapore has redefined artisanship with a collaborative approach with impactful and quality jewelry within all price ranges.

From ground zero to the final touch of personalization, Love & Co. Singapore takes full stakes and responsibility in delivering the benchmark of quality and the most alluring Love & Co. wedding bands.

Love & Co. Singapore incorporates revolutionary technology in creating sustainable diamonds. The cutting-edge technology used to create synthetic diamonds form the basis of Love & Co. Singapore’s Precieux Diamonds.

The lab-grown diamonds are produced in a lab by mimicking the same natural conditions needed to create diamonds. Important to note that these diamonds are no different from the natural ones in terms of their physical appearance, chemical nature, optical properties, and durability. Lab diamonds come in all sizes and shapes, and once created, these lab-grown diamonds go through the same process of grading as the mined diamonds.

Love & Co. Singapore’s diamonds are the undisputed and unparalleled prodigies of lab-grown diamonds because a certified gemologist grades each Love & Co. wedding band diamond through specialized equipment to measure the dimensions of the diamonds and assess quality characteristics such as cut, clarity, and color.

Love & Co. Singapore’s diamonds go through stringent quality control by going through 50 quality control steps. These include the proportion size of the diamond, fluorescence, and a plethora of other measures to ensure that you get the most beautiful and lustrous diamonds on your Love & Co. wedding bands.

Love & Co. jewelry

So, enough about self-flattery; it’s time to introduce the range of Love & Co. jewelry that Love & Co. Singapore has to offer. There are jewels of Love & Co., Love & Co. necklaces and pendants, Love & Co. bracelets and bangles, Love & Co. Earrings, Love & Co. chains, and Love & Co. rings which further ramify to include multiple categories such as Love & Co. engagement rings and Love & Co. wedding bands.

You can shop jewelry according to the color, i.e., you have the choice of white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and two-toned. You can also shop by budget with categories including gifts under $300, $300-$500, and $500 and beyond.

As for the Love & Co. engagement rings, you have complete liberty and a very vast choice in customizing your own engagement ring; you choose the diamond according to the shape, i.e., round, oval, princess-cut, pear, and emerald.

The Love & Co. Wedding bands have greater categorization; i.e., you can shop by designs: most popular wedding bands, eternity wedding bands, classic wedding bands, matter wedding bands, and crossover wedding bands. You can shop according to gender, i.e., Love & Co. wedding bands for men and Love & Co. wedding bands for women. You can shop Love & Co. wedding bands according to the collection; LVC Petit Precieux, LVC Promise, LVC Noeud, LVC Soleil, LVC Eterno, LVC Perfection, LVC Desiro, LVC Purete, and LVC Classique. Similarly, you can also shop Love & Co. wedding bands according to your budget, i.e., under $1000, $1000- $2500, and over $2500.

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Scan QR to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

How to pay for Love & Co. wedding bands using Atome?

It’s actually a walk in the park to pay with Atome. You need to have an account on Atome (if you don’t have one, you can create one today, completely free of charge!) Then you have to add items to your cart (Love & Co. wedding band/ Love & Co. wedding bands in this case) and then proceed to the checkout. Then you’ll see multiple options to pay; from amongst them, choose Atome. And voila! You will have made the transaction. A third of the total bill will be deducted from your account. The rest of the bill will be split into two easy monthly installments that will be paid in the subsequent months.

Make your wedding day special and memorable, and shop the best jewelry from Love & Co. Singapore. You have the greatest range of Love & Co. wedding rings, engagement rings, necklaces, and other jewelry items all under one roof in Love & Co. Ion orchard road, with state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technology that creates sustainable and flabbergasting-ly alluring diamonds.

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