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The only thing that men care a lot about in men and women fashion is the shoes. Shoes come at the top. However, there are a lot of other things like outfits. There are many types of shoes available, making it the top priority. Every man and woman wants it to be perfect. There are a lot of top brands available for both of them. So why not make them according to your choice. Girls always choose their products, so in Fact, they must choose according to their priorities. Isn’t it perfect for making shoes which are precisely your size? The best alternative for it is the custom shoe Singapore. Toufie provides an opportunity for the people of Singapore to design and make their own choice in making custom shoes.

The toufie outlet will provide the perfect pair of custom shoes in Singapore. There are alternatives like if your shoe size is not available or not like the colour or the design. So make custom shoes for yourself. The custom shoes will perfectly fit your size as well. It will be exactly like you described. So make a choice today with toufie, who is providing custom shoe Singapore. If you want it, then find toufie using atome and go for it. Choose a design colour and size, and you will get the exact piece. 

Custom made shoes can give you an immense advantage. However, it is necessary to make custom shoes in some cases, like if your one foot is more minor or more significant than the other so you can make it memorable. Otherwise, it is very beneficial. Once You get your design plus your favourite colour, it cannot get better than that. Custom shoes Singapore provides an opportunity to the people of Singapore to choose a pair, and the toufie will alter the same pair. 

Benefits of custom made shoes

There are several benefits of custom shoes. Following are the main advantages that you will get from custom shoes. They are given below:

As per choice customers

Custom made shoes have the most significant advantage, and it is made according to the owner’s choice. Like if you prefer different colours or designs, you can add them to them. In Fact, the most important thing is size. You can choose your foot size, which will perfectly fit. Custom shoe Singapore will provide the same as per the choice of the customer. 

Detailing in existing style and colour

Toufie is also offering to choose the existing style and colour. Like if you like a shoe design that is already available and your size is not available to order it according to your style. They will alter the new one according to your size. In Fact with the colours too. You can choose the colours as well. 

Specially made shoes

There are some cases in which it is required to make shoe custom. Like if you have huge feet. There are no stores that consist of a larger size than the average shoe size. Toufie is providing an opportunity for the people of Singapore. Just give them the size of the feet, and they will exactly make it in the same size. You can also choose the design and colour available in the collection of toufie. 

At last

Making custom made shoes is the best idea. Once you make it custom, you will realize how great it is. You will not worry about the size as well the design. There is always a curiosity after buying a pair of shoes as to whether they will fit or not. Nevertheless, making it custom will give you relief from all the curiosity. Toufie is bringing it for the people of Singapore. It does not matter what size it is, and they can make up to Eu44 size. There is no such thing more significant as that.

Moreover, if it is, then they will make it for you. Toufie is an online eCommerce store. You can order it online too. So do not linger around for buying the readymade make custom one, and you will be satisfied with custom shoes in Singapore. 

About Toufie

Tufo is an online Singapore shoe outlet. They have an extensive collection of shoes available in their store. Every category of shoes is available. They also provide custom shoes. Everything the custom shoes demand, they will make the exact copy for it. Toufie is the first Asian shoe brand to offer sizes up to EU44, and we are excited to pave the way for this new direction. Shoes are a necessity, and timelessness is its foundation. Encouraging classic styles, we created something more critical than styles. We pride ourselves on making quality handmade products at reasonable prices. After all, fashion should not harm you, the environment or your pocket. If you like what we offer, tag us in #Toufies and join us in making the shoes accessible and accessible to all women.

Atom’s Help

Toufie is using the platform of Atome. Atome is a top eCommerce website in Singapore. They provide the opportunity for both the seller as well as for the buyers. If you want to pursue your outlet to a maximum output atome is the way to do it. Atome provides a particular plate form to the outlets, especially for the eCommerce stores. As a seller, you will be delighted with Atome.

You can buy anything you want in Atome. They have several brands for each item. The easy availability of brands and items makes them perfect in Singapore. Any item you need, you call for Atome. The app also provide the best offers to those who visit some stores through Atome. So shop with Atome now and do not miss a chance of the best offers they provide. 


Custom made shoes are the best choice. There are some complications about it which we already desire. So you want to make one for yourself, this is the time. Go to the official store of toufie and order it now. They are also offering 5% off right now, so do not miss a chance and order custom shoes in Singapore. Sometimes, finding a comfortable shoe is tough, especially when you want them to be stylish our closet, check more.

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