Marie Biscuits – The New way to Healthy Munching

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What is Marie biscuit?

Marie biscuit is similar to the rich tea biscuits and was named after the Grand Duchess Maria Alexandrovna of Russia, paying homage and commemorating their marriage in 1847. Marie biscuits are a healthy and a scrumptious snack made out of wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, and vanilla flavor. They are round, sturdier than other tea biscuits, and trademarked with the logo Marie on them.

Marie is one of the most famous biscuits in the biscuit industry. It was manufactured in 1874 by the Peek Freans bakery in London, England, to celebrate the wedding of Maria Alexandrovna, Russia’s Grand Duchess, to the Duke of Edinburgh.

The company is also known for being exceedingly famous for their Marie biscuits; The biscuit became very popular throughout Europe, specifically in Spain, where it became the country’s symbol of economic recovery after the Civil War. They also take the crown for making cakes for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding.

Their most famous biscuit, Marie, takes the lion’s share in the field of biscuit making. Not only does it taste great, but it is also widely used in different ways.

Stay golden with Marie Gold biscuits.

The first question you should ask before eating or even buying a Marie biscuit (or any other food product for that matter) should be, “is Marie biscuit good for health?” In terms of health benefits, Marie biscuit has many:

Low-calorie sweet treats

Marie biscuits are low sugar (low glycemic index) and low-fat biscuits for people who can’t eat very sweet treats, such as the diabetics and the elderly while satisfying their sweet-toothed cravings. Most elderly individuals and diabetics are actually encouraged to keep Marie biscuits or other related biscuits with them at all times so that they may have something to devour during their hunger pangs since low glucose level is precariously jeopardizing for such individuals and could rapidly precipitate into a fatal episode of hypoglycemia (dangerously low blood glucose levels).

Being a low-calorie treat means that not only are they beneficial to people with health conditions, but Marie biscuit calories are also an excellent alternative for fitness freaks since they can go to tea parties and munch on a few of these without fretting about consuming too many calories. And since most of the sugar is in the form of complex carbohydrates, Marie biscuits are slowly and gradually digested, releasing small amounts of sugar into the bloodstream, maintaining a steady blood glucose level that maintains satiety while also not hiking up the insulin levels, thus maintaining insulin sensitivity.

Rich source of fiber

Fiber is a quintessential part of the diet and should be inculcated into all meals in a day. Unfortunately, most adults consume a diet deficient or with scanty fiber. This is problematic since lack of fiber can lead to constipation which is the mother of most gastrointestinal disturbances. But the challenge at hand is not about forgetting to add fiber to your diet; it’s the fact that most fiber-containing products are extremely bland and difficult to consume. Marie biscuits beautifully address this problem since they are quite a delight to consume.

It’s cheap infant food!

Most pediatricians in Southeast Asia recommend feeding Marie biscuits with milk to toddlers up to one year of age since it’s not only a very light diet for the babies to consume, but it is also a cheaper alternative for the lower socio-economic countries. They’re also safer than most baby foods making the headlines for being the subject of controversy and causing health hazards to babies. Besides this, Marie biscuits are excellent starters for a weaning diet; since it contains whole wheat, it serves as the perfect litmus for infants with gluten insensitivity (Celiac Disease), making it convenient to bring this health hazard to light early on in life.

The holy grail of recipes- Making Marie biscuits at home.

Even though Peek Freans were the first company to make the Marie biscuits, we’re fortunate enough that its recipe isn’t kept confidential like the state secrets. Making Marie biscuits at home aren’t a child’s play though. There are two distinct recipes for the Marie biscuit.

Recipe 1

This is the original, standard Marie recipe which contains whole flour, corn flour, Maize flour, granulated sugar, Invert syrup 80%, shortening, Lecithin, salt, baking soda, ACP, protease, of 10% Sodium Metabisulfite solution, Ammonium bicarbonate, and water.

Recipe 2

Recipe 2 is a higher quality product, albeit a little different from the original recipe. It contains whole flour, Corn flour, granulated sugar, Invert syrup 80%, butter, Whey powder, Margarine, Lecithin, salt, soda, ACP, protease, 10% sodium Metabisulfite solution, whole egg, ammonium bicarbonate, and water.

Mixing it up:

Mixing is the cornerstone in making perfect Marie biscuits. The ingredients are churned and mixed using a high-speed mixer for 20-25 minutes until the desired temperature (of 40-42 degrees) and the desired soft extensible dough is formed. After reaching this temperature, it is kneaded for a while. Maintaining this temperature is paramount to the consistency of the dough since higher temperatures make it too fluid.


Without further ado, the dough is immediately set for the lamination, where it is cut into circles and stamped with a stencil to engrave the trademark and then sent right away to be baked, without any delay in the relaying process since temperature changes heavily impact the biscuit quality. Steam may be used at the oven entrance to achieve the high humidity to improve the surface finish of the biscuit.


The ratio of cooling time to baking time should not exceed the ratio of 1.5:1; otherwise, it will lead to the cracking of biscuits due to the inner moisture gradient.

Using Marie biscuits for other delicacies

Marie biscuits are not just a standalone delicacy; they’re now an integral part of most desserts and cuisines. You can use Marie biscuits for making Tiramisu, Custard Trifles, or Sundaes, or you could enjoy them with Meiji Chocolate, or mix them with coffee Marie biscuits and Meiji Yan Yan biscuit sticks (Meiji biscuits) and serve them for tea!

Meiji Japanese Biscuits are another biscuit with health benefits and a long agricultural legacy. Meiji is a Japanese food company that manufactures dairy products, confectioneries, and other goods. Meiji is one of Japan’s earliest confectionery firms, and their achievement has been rewarded with global recognition.

Hello Panda, Lucky Stick, and Yan are just a few of their well-known snack brands.

Yan Yan biscuits:

Yan Yan biscuits are divided into two halves, one with biscuit sticks and chocolate crème. The notion is rather clever, as the children would be able to enjoy both chocolate and biscuits simultaneously.

Yan Yan is available in a wide range of flavors. Vanilla sticks with chocolate, strawberry, mango, vanilla cream, and the newest hazelnut or chocolate sticks with vanilla cream, are among the flavors available.

It’s a sweet and tasty afternoon snack for kids and teenagers. It is also lightweight.

Meiji’s Hello Panda

The Hello Panda biscuits are one of Japan’s most well-known cookies. As the name suggests, these biscuits, launched in 1979, are in the shape of small charming, and cute-looking pandas. A shortbread layer fills each panda biscuit with vanilla, double chocolate, green tea, strawberry, or chocolate.

These biscuits are now shipped to almost every country globally, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Europe. When it comes to nutritional value, the Hello Panda cookies are a wonderful choice for dieters. You don’t have to worry about gaining weight if you indulge in these snacks from time to time. Around one hundred and sixty calories are contained in a normal serving of thirty grams (ten cookies). The cookies include two grams of protein, ten grams of fat, and eighteen grams of carbohydrates in terms of nutritional value.

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