Master the Art of Best Rewards Credit Card Singapore with These Tips

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In Asia, one of the best reward credit cards in Singapore and the biggest spending in the world, with some allowing you to get a free card in exchange for your existing one, and others giving you a cash-back bonus for using certain online services. You can honestly say that the banks’ rewards s system has replaced the old shopping style of making lines. All of the different types of best reward credit cards in Singapore have their pros and cons, which you should be aware of before you consider taking out one.

We’ve compiled a collection of the world credit cards across Singapore to assist you in making the right decision. In general, non-residents are not eligible for many rewards cards in Singapore. But will give you a complete list of the best reward credit cards.

So which rewards cards are available for Singaporeans? A Singapore credit card is essential if you’re planning a big purchase. While there are thousands of highest reward credit cards available, Singaporeans can go with a premium credit card with a certain spending requirement. Since they need to be of a certain income to qualify for the rewards, it is best to stick to a particular type of reward that can be spent only on certain things. Some of them are here below:

Citibank Rewards Card

With an inclusive of the first year waived, the Citi bank reward plays a major role towards the fastest rewards credit card Singaporeans cardholders. On the off chance that you have spent a minimum of S$3,000 on consecutive 3 months, you are credible for receiving an equivalent of 30,000 points. The Citi bank credit card is genuine and it supplies you with a certificate of purchase. The issuance is genuine and all these are pre-filled at the comfort of their consumer. The selection for the reward points would be made by you. Another reason for the Citibank best rewards credit card in Singapore is that there’s no rule for minimum usage. You can expect to gain a rebate that conjures to 10% on distinct locations like Amazon and Starbucks.

  • Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card

Those who enjoy flights are not left behind on earning their miles; they get the overstretched benefice of obtaining the interest of overseas spending at encouraging rates. The good news to all of its consumers is the cashback of 1.5% that ensures everyone has some little bucks as they conduct every transaction. Unlike the other top rewards of bank card Singapore that gives waive for 1 year alone, the standard charted fees can be waived up to 2 years. Take this offer and enjoy amazing deals from the credit card. Another advantage of Standard Chartered is that it will give you a higher rebate in form of rewards when you have a huge balance on your card. To receive more benefits, the card has a 0% balance transfer policy and a 1-year introductory period.

  • HSBC Platinum Card

The HSBC Platinum Card from HSBC is Singapore’s most comprehensive finest reward credit card, if for nothing else than its annual fee. At S$999, it’s reasonable to say this card has the best features. You can use it for anything you want, anywhere you want (within Visa’s networks) for as long as you like.

At the same time, you also get free access to the HSBC Gold Rewards point scheme. This is a scheme where you can earn points for everyday spending that can be used towards gift cards or redeem for cash. You can also get 5x rewards on the multifaceted spend you make; you can earn frequent flier miles, meal coupons, consumer goods, including much more. Perhaps this is the reason it’s more enjoyable for the family guy.

  • American Express Rewards Card

A big bonus for those who like to shine in traveling, from its commonly known Kris Flyer as well as the Asia Miles you’ll get your travel insurance ready. This American Express card gives you 100 points for each dollar you spend on dining and entertainment – plus the value of each point increases by 2.5 percent with every $1 you spend on eligible purchases. However, to receive all the rewards points you need to spend a minimum of $3,000 a year or $7,500 across all your cards each year. Points can be redeemed for flights or transfers from the smartest gift credit card Singapore to anywhere in the world and redeemable in many hotels.

Why should you apply for a rewards credit card?

Well for those Singaporeans who would like to enjoy a degree of leeway for the best compensation credit card in Singapore, this is the right path. All you need is to be patient to earn enough points and you’ll be able to choose your reward. Another reason why people love rewards credit cards is to be able to build points towards bigger, longer-lasting rewards. Some other good news is the wide variety of conversion choices, from a mile to cashback and so forth.


Paying off all your credit card debt is a very difficult and painful process though, but if you are willing to stay the course, it will pay off exponentially in the end. If you have never contemplated taking out a perfect reward financial card in Singapore, you should reconsider. Credit cards are the modern world’s friend; they will help you through tough times.

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