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Although the majority of the workforce in Singapore is continuing to work from home, some offices have started to open up with safe distancing measures in place. If you’re heading back to the office, you might be trying to commit to the work out routine that you’ve established during Circuit Breaker or Phase 1, but it might be a hassle to squeeze both your workout clothes and laptop into a bag right? Well, it shouldn’t be! You need a functional bag.

Bags are an essential part of our lives, and it can make a statement in our style. We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between style and function (it’s 2020, if there are no flying cars, let us just have this please). We’ve rounded up our top bag picks for both the men and the ladies! So what are you waiting for? Shop now and pay later with Atome to split your bill into three equal parts today! The best part about shopping with Atome is that everything is smooth, seamless, contactless and transparent from start to finish – there’s zero interest and everything can be managed through our phone app (available on both Android and Apple)!

For the men

BStore: Nixon – Landlock 30L Backpack

Backpacks are something that you can find in every household. It brings us back to school days when we had to lug around heavy books to and fro classes, without hurting our backs (weight being distributed evenly, and what not – it’s physics). That being said, choosing a backpack when we enter the corporate world can be a challenge, after all, we want to make a good first impression everywhere we go – especially if we’re heading from the gym to work. That’s why this Nixon backpack is definitely a keeper, it’s big enough to stash your work clothes and your laptop, and stylish enough to bring to and fro meetings.

Faire Leather Co: Bond EP Slim Briefcase

A trusty briefcase is your best friend. It’s classic and practical, and emits a timeless look to you. This stunning briefcase from Faire Leather Co is a sleek addition to your wardrobe. There are various compartments for easy organisation and you can even have it monogrammed to make it uniquely yours.


For the ladies

Tocco Toscano: Aimee Tote

Tote bags are one for every occasion, it can be brought to the office, school, gym, and even for a grocery run. This gorgeous tote bag from Tocco Toscano checks out all the boxes – fashionable, stylish, versatile, durable and functional.

Hervelvetvase: Olmstead Bucket Bag

The bucket bag has proven to be a staple in everyone’s closet. Each season, designers reimagine this classic style bag in various ways, showing that this bag is here to style. We love this roomy bag from Her Velvet Vase which comes in a beautiful shade that’s easy to match and bring along for weekend brunch plans, or dates with someone special.

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