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The consumer electronics industry is one of the most highly innovative and fastest-evolving industries. Most of the leading manufacturers create next base electronic products regularly, creating their products more advanced, user-friendly, and developing ways to entertain and help their customers. The electronics industry plays a significant part in the e-commerce sector, with around 43% of sales being made online. Hence, we are guiding you with some of the best online electronics stores Singapore.


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PRISM+ Popup Store

HipVan Experience Store

Suntec City Mall Tower 3

East Wing, #02-728/729/730

3 Temasek Blvd, S(038983)

Monday to Sunday | 11 AM to 9 PM

Prism+ started off as a tributary of Aftershock PC in March 2017. Prism+ is a Singaporean consumer tech company that specializes in affordable gaming PCs, monitors, and TV sets. Prism Singapore (Prism SG) debuted with two models called X315 and X340, which broke the internet due to their cheap price tag!

Since its inception, Prism+ has substantially grown as a business, achieving the greatest awards and accolades in the electronics industry. Owing to its remarkable success, Prism+ has substantially proliferated and expanded overseas to Malaysia and Australia.

Though mentioned earlier as well, it’s worth reiterating that the greatest selling point about Prism+ is its affordability. Stemming off from the parent company, Aftershock, Prism+ inherited the same reputation in terms of its performance and durability, but the added fact that it’s so cheap gives all the reason to buy gaming PCs from Prism+.

Products at Prism plus:

  1. Prism TV
  2. Prism Monitors (Prism+ monitor)
  3. Prism Gaming PC

People are confident with buying PC-related accessories from Prism since its parent company (Aftershock) is the pioneer of PCs. But based on the selling profile, they seem skeptical of Prism TV Singapore. But there’s nothing to fret about, you can search Prism Tv reviews, and you will find that most customers are extremely satisfied with the TVs. Want to know more about the seamless relations between Prism+ and Atome? Read on.


Contact Compaq:

Hotline: (+65) 6262 0402

Address: 2 Gambas Crescent #06-21,

Nordcom II, Tower 2 Singapore 757044

Compaq is the focal point and a single-stop solution that curates a wide range of IT hardware, software, and related services. Compaq hosts the greatest and the most sought-after brands like Dell, HP, Microsoft, Asus, etc. Compaq also provides IT Helpdesk support over email, phone, remote and onsite support.

The Helpdesk services provided at Compaq are:

  1. Domain Renewal/ Hosting/ Registration
  2. All sorts of PC troubleshooting problems
  3. Productivity Solution Grants (PSG)
  4. Web Development and Design
  5. IT Tenders or Projects
  6. Help with office relocation or setting up a new office
  7. Secure Sockets and Layers (SSL) certificates

If you have any IT-related problems or queries, feel free to reach out to the Helpdesk. Compaq will help you in any capacity it can.

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Phone: +65 8830 1101



68 Orchard Rd #03-90/91, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839

Synced is not just a brand; it’s an idea – an idea that was inspired by countless innovative problem-solvers around the world. Be it self-cleaning bottles or self-growing gardens; there’s always room for a better and more adapted version of the most mundane things in our daily life. Many a time, these innovations never make it past mere concepts, and when they do, they’re limited to a local area where these hacks are prevalent. If they get famous by chance, it’s because they’re either a viral video or just another unheeded news report.

So, Synced SG created a platform to connect users who might find these products life-changing with these innovative creations from around the world. And with that vision in our mind, Synced has sought to bring you the best new brands, stories, and technology to inspire your tomorrow. Synced curates fan-favorite brands such as Samsung and Apple, but most importantly, it’s the hub for the lesser-known tech genius companies such as

  • Click & Grow: which brings you smart indoor gardens for your home;
  • Theragun: Which is a state-of-the-art percussive therapy for recovery;
  • Neo Smartpen: Offering smart pens to digitalize writing to reduce the carbon footprint from ink pens
  • myFirst: Hosting smart tech essentials for kids
  • Belkin: An elevated charging tool for everyday use
  • Garmin: GPS smartwatches for health and fitness.

Synced has categorized its merchants based on five classes:

  1. Audio: Catering to the following brands – Audio-Technica, Belkin, Cotodama, Jabra, Mu6, and Samsung
  2. Exercise and wellness: Catering to the following brands – Coolify, Dr. Rock, Fitbit, FlexBeam, Garmin, LIVALL, Nexgim, Theragun, and Withings.
  3. Home and Living: Catering to the following brands – Aurabeat, Aqara, Click & Grow, Cricut, Govee, igloohome, Knocki, Lavatools, Nanoleaf, Philips Hue, and Yeedi
  4. Kids and Toys: Catering to the following brands – myFirst and Sphero
  5. Productivity and Work: Belkin, Brydge, Chipolo, ErgoTune, EverDesk+, Logitech, Native Union, Neo Smartpen, Nightwatch, Sum, Swiftpoint, and Tap.


Contact Details: 8656 1744

ELECTRONICS CRAZY, the online electronics store Singapore focuses on providing its customers with advanced electronics products. It has become one of the leading electronic sellers over the years. Besides, it offers various electronic products, including home theatres, audio, mobile phones, washing machines, kitchen appliances, and many more products. 

This online store also offers discounted prices on all of its products. Moreover, it serves its customers consistently, focusing primarily on affordability, reliability, and consistency. You can avail of the latest technology at the most budget-friendly prices, representing discounted activities and massive promotions on its online shopping platform.


MEGA ELECTRONIC Limited, the online electronics store Singapore is an electronics company launched in 2014. It specializes in home electronics and electronic products, including digital electronics, vacuum cleaners, car accessories, USB chargers, mobile phones, and audio products. 

Besides, it focuses on offering high-quality products with practicality and lifestyle designs. All products available on its online shopping platform are offered for up to 70% off. You can make your life easier and better by experiencing a world-class shopping experience at an affordable price.


The well-known online electronics store Singapore offers an energy-efficient, strong, and smart shopping experience with top-notch electronic products. Its vision is to bring together diverse sellers and buyers together. You will have a tremendous and enjoyable shopping experience, delivering the 3Q services as Quest, Quick, and Quality to its customers.

Besides, it offers cheap electronics to its customers in Singapore, providing them with good quality electronics. You can get a massive range of electronics, including Televisions, home appliances, electric shavers, and many more products at affordable prices. Know more about Qoo10 Singapore to shop for your desired items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions people are asking all around:

What to consider when selecting online electronic shops?

Technology shopping in Singapore can be a hectic job. Although there are various electronic shops throughout the city, like the famous electronic store on orchard road, buying electronics online can still be tough. Here is how you can choose the best online electronics store in Singapore;

  • Read what people say about the online electronic shop. Reviews are paramount when it comes to buying electronics online to ensure quality products and services
  • Make sure that the electronic shop has a repair service available for unfortunate mishaps
  • Delivery time and cost of products
  • Make sure while buying electronics online that the gadgets come with a warranty

How to purchase electronic devices from the best electronic shops using Atome app?

If you are looking to get your favorite electronic products from the best online electronics store in Singapore, then we have good news for you! You can use Atome as your payment method and get amazing rewards. Atome is a buy now, pay later payment solution, that allows you to split the cost of your items into 3 interest-free installments. There are absolutely no hidden charges.

Scan QR to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

If that attracts you, choose Atome as your payment option while checking out from the various best electronics online shopping sites and get the app now to get $10 off your first purchase through Atome.

Here is how you can purchase from online electronic shops easily using Atome app. These stores include Prism+, Compaq, Synced, and Qoo10.

  • First off, Download the Atome app on your phone and create a free account.
  • While checking out from the electronic shop website, use Atome as your payment method.
  • You’ll be redirected to the app, where you can enter your login details.
  • And voila! Pay the 1st installment at the purchase time and the other two 30 days apart.

Learn more about how Atome works!


One of the primary reasons people cite most often to shop online is that they can compare products and stores and check the reviews to know the customers’ experiences. Besides, you can compare the price, customer service, and quality of their purchasing products. You can check the above-mentioned online electronics store Singapore and have a top-notch shopping experience.

Moreover, it would be best if you check, one of the great online stores in Singapore, and get the unique collection of electronics through its partner stores. Avail of superior customer services, discounts, offers, and payment options with Atome (Download app). 

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