PS5: To Buy or Not to Buy?

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Released in November 2020, PlayStation 5 emerged as a Beacon of Light for upcoming gaming consoles. Setting up an epitome example, the gadget has been loved and used by several pro-gamers. One can easily buy PS5 Singapore, even though it is slightly on the expensive side. However, if you are wondering what are the other reasons for buying PS5, then here a few to make your decision easier. 

Why is PS5 better?

This question is being asked by every regular gamer, who plans on getting the newer and better version of PlayStation. Giving up on your precious PS4 Pro can be challenging. However, with the growing technological developments and improved versions available, people are shifting to buy PS5 Singapore.

Crediting to the hype created by the brand and PlayStation lovers, the pre-bookings were sold out pretty quickly. The PS5 sports an upgraded GPU and CPU, which gives it an upper hand over the previous versions. Furthermore, the internal NVMe SSD helps the gadget in loading the games faster than before.

It also has adaptive triggers and haptic feedback features that help in delivering an immersive experience to the user. Moreover, if you are waiting to play Horizon: Forbidden West, then this would be the best gaming console you could ever as for!

Since the model is quite expensive, you can buy PS5 Singapore with buy now and pay later services offered by platforms.

Reasons to buy PS5 Singapore

  • Wide Variety of Games

Most gaming consoles only support the basic and old games that are already on the market. However, PlayStation 5 sports this unique feature. It supports a wide range of games and can load or run them very quickly. Taking from the class PS3, the console supports Demon’s Souls, which is the heart of the console.

It is quite impressive how the gaming console can keep up with the innovation trends and stay connected with the basic consoles. The PS5 will come installed with Astro’s Playroom as well, it is the best alternative to basic tech demos. Overall, it will bring back memories for long-term PS players.

  • Access to PlayStation Store

While this is mainly a feature of PlayStation 5, it is an important point to consider before you buy PS5 Singapore. If you are ready to spend some extra bucks, then you must get the PS5 Digital Edition. It will help you go on an online shopping spree for the latest video games.

This means that you will be spending a lot of your time scrolling through PlayStation Store. Unlike PS4, the PlayStation 5 comes with inbuilt access to this online store by PlayStation. You can open it from the home screen, meaning you will only be one click away from getting the newest games.

  • DualSense Gamepad

Functional & Fun- Two words that define the PlayStation 5 DualSense Gamepad the best. This next-gen game controller takes the gaming experience to a whole new level. As mentioned above, it comes with improved haptic feedback features. It helps the users perform better during the games. Using the DualSense Gamepad will complete the immersive experience that PS5 promises on rendering through their latest launch.

  • User Experience

If you have experienced playing on PS4, then you would know its clunky and basic interface. While it is not the worst, it is not the best either; not really something you would brag about to your friends. On the exact contrary, PS5 is like a large window that lets in the fresh air and natural light.

The console might not have the most “revolutionary” design. However, it is fairly easy to use and the added features help in delivering an optimal experience. Users can organize their selection of games. All it needs is one upgrade, buy PS5 Singapore to experience cutting-edge technology.

  • NVME SSD Storage

As stated above, PlayStation 5 has an enhanced internal NVMe SSD variant. This is said to better than the one used by Xbox Series X, which was one of the best gaming consoles yet. Unlike Series X, PS5’s custom internal NVMe SSD can function twice as fast as the former. It is being said that this is even better than Microsoft or Sony’s console.

Final Verdict

Getting hands-on with the recently launched PS5 was very difficult for video game and PlayStation lovers. Whether you talk about the pre-order or post-launch phase, consumers have been going crazy to buy PS5 Singapore. The improved and added features of the product make it stand out from various other gaming consoles.

Since it is significantly expensive as well, it is recommended to buy this amazing product with buy now pay later service. This will not only help you get one of the leading consoles in the whole world but without emptying your pockets. Moreover, repaid in easy installments, you will not have to worry about spending excess every month.

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