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Our body is made up of 70% of water. To enjoy a healthy lifestyle, proper hydration is necessary. Tap water is considered to be normal drinking water in Singapore. Installing a water filter under the sink is a space and budget-friendly task in Singapore. Water filter Singapore is suitable for both homes and offices.

A water filter is the best solution for your clean and healthy drinking water. “H20 life source” provides premium quality services in Singapore.

About h2O Life Source:

H2O Life Source is considered one of the finest and best water filtration companies in Singapore. They provide a huge variety of inexpensive products for your building, whether an office or home. H2O Life Source products are highly innovated in ionization, proton production, electrolyzation, purifying, and microfiltration.

H2O Life Source is the best choice to provide healthy drinking water to purify all chemical or harmful particulars from your water and provides the best-filtered water.

Why choose the H2O Life source?

  • Filter tap water: Now, you can enjoy your water filtration at your home and get quality drinking water from the tap.
  • Better taste: A water filter wellness company provides better water taste than before.
  • Chlorine-free: H2O Life Source Water filter provides chlorine-free water.
  • Supply alkaline Ionized water: To provide you healthy drinking water, it supplies alkaline ionized water.
  • Best for daily lifestyle: The water filter Singapore allows you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s drinking or cooking. Choose the best filter in Singapore for a quality life.
  • Removes harmful viruses and bacteria: A quality water filter removes all kinds of toxic and dangerous bacterias that can cause any illness.
  • Maintain the natural minerals of water: The water filter only removes harmful bacterias while balancing the nutritional values of natural drinking water.

How to choose the best water filter in Singapore?

  • A vast range of water filters is surrounding in markets. It is hard to choose any one of them, but you can choose easily according to your needs and specifications. A good alkaline ionizer and water filter provide pure, acidic ionized, and alkaline ionized water. Apart from the different and unique taste of ionized water, it brings many health benefits for a better lifestyle. The highest quality alkaline water ionizer and filters are best because:
  • The filter water consisting of natural antioxidants to increase the innate immune system
  • Give more power to fight against viruses.
  • High Rich alkaline minerals to adjust acidity problems.
  • It helps in providing maximum energy to your body.
  • Detox your body

Some of the recommended water filters are:

  • ALKA-BOOST Filter with Single Digital Housing:

It’s light pH alkaline is considered the perfect combination for youngsters and elders. It is safe for drinking and cooking. Its “silver” formation provides antibacterial, antifungal properties, which stop 99.9% of bacterial growth. The water filter removes chloroform, VOC, pesticide, herbicides, and many dangerous bacterias from water. The countertop water filter allows you to monitor the filtration performance on your own.

  • Undersink filter DR- PRO50 (Complete set)

It is considered to be a high-performance, high-quality under-sink water filter. Its high capacity can filter up to 50,000 liters of water with high flow. It beautifully removes THMs (Trihalomethanes). It is also known as the best under sink water filter in Singapore, which removes all harmful particulars of water. Now choose the best water filter in Singapore to give protection to your family against serious illness. It holds the certificate of the US food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • iDuo- Digital Faucet + Undersink Water Ionizer:

It is very simple and provides a modish look. It is space sufficient and ideal for all kitchens. These are space sufficient enough because they are also known as under sink water filters. The touch sensor makes life easier to filter water in Singapore according to your demand. It allows a natural pH level for taking medicines. It contains DARC (Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning) to enhance purity and durability.

  • KYK Generation ll Alkaline Water Ionizer:

It is considered the best water filter in Singapore because containing 4 Alkaline pH levels like pH 8.5, pH 9.0, pH 9.5, and pH 10, which is perfect for drinking and cooking. It promotes four acidic pH levels like pH 5.5, pH 5.0, pH 4.5, and pH 4.0, enhancing the beauty and use for cleaning purposes. It also encourages one natural pH level for taking medicines.

How to get the best water filter in Singapore?

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