Replace your traditional water heater with a 707 Water Heater

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A water heater like the 707 water heater is one of the basic items of a comfortable household. One major reason behind its popularity is its compact size and consume less energy than traditional water heaters. 

Now getting the hot water as per your needs is easier than ever. If you want to replace your traditional giant-sized water heater with a compact 707 water heater, you have two choices: a tank water heater and a tankless water heater. 

A tank water heater

This water heater comes with a tank installed in its body that keeps the water inside warm. It also has a built-in thermostat that maintains the temperature of the water according to the requirements of the outer weather conditions. 

The tank water heater comes in two kinds: a gas tank water heater and an electric tank water heater.

Tankless water heater

As the name indicates, a tankless water heater does not come with any tank. It has a free flow of water and makes it hot according to the requirements of the user. They provide an endless water supply. 

Both kinds of water heaters are compact, energy-efficient, and easy to use, but this question might pop up in many users minds: “which one is the best water heater?”

The content would guide you on which kind of latest water heater would be right for you. 

A tankless water heater is energy efficient

Compared to the traditional water heater, a tank-less water heater like a 707 water heater or an instant water heater is more energy-efficient. A tankless water heater only takes water and makes it hot when it is in use, so it only consumes energy. 

Compared to that, a traditional water heater consumes energy even if the water is not required. It utilizes energy not only to turn the water warm or hot but also to maintain the temperature. In such water heaters, when the water cools down, it turns on automatically and to make it warm again.

Both kinds of water heaters take little space

Both kinds of water heaters like the 707 water heater require little space for installation. Even if you live in a congested house, you can mount it on a wall, as they are compact and take little space for installation.

The traditional water heaters are large. They are heavy too. You also need a large space for the installations. That’s why you have seen many households having a larger traditional water heater installed in their backyards. 

The capacity of water storage

This is true that modern water heaters have multiple benefits over traditional water heaters, but their capacity to store a large amount of hot water is less than others. A traditional and large-sized water heater can store up to 150 liters per hot water. These water heaters can supply hot water to multiple sections of your house such as the kitchen and bathroom.

On the other side, modern water heaters, like a 707 water heater, can store only 15 liters of hot water. It can supply hot water only to the section where it is installed; for instance, if you have installed it for the laundry section only, its water can be utilized for that purpose only. 

Cost of tankless water heater is high

As the tankless water heater is more energy-efficient and works ten years more in comparison to the tank water heater, its price in the market is a bit high. But one-time investment is a much better option than spending money again and again. 

Replacing your traditional water heater with a tankless water heater or a tank water heater is a wise decision. It not only saves your money in the long run but also has multiple environmental benefits. 

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Many households have replaced the traditional water heaters with instant water heaters like the 707 water heater. The reason is that the latest water heaters not only acquire less space in your home but are also energy efficient along with other multiple environmental benefits. If you also plan to replace your traditional water heater with the 707 water heater and require flexible, interest-free payments, place your order today via Atome.

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