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Do you want to get the utmost comfort and relaxation? For enhanced look and feel comfort, you must shop home furniture. Furniture, one of the most essential of every household, provides you comfort while making your life simpler. Furniture also needs change expressing one’s style. This blog will help you discover the online shopping platforms and stores for furniture in Singapore.

Shop Home Furniture

Browse the massive range and shop home furniture at an unparalleled price, fabric, finishing, and quality in Singapore. Whether you want to buy furniture for your new home or replace the old one, here are a few options to make your home look stunning and attractive.

Bed and Basics Singapore

Contact details: +65 6631 8500

Bed and Basics Singapore provides a massive collection of furniture with beautiful designs and the finest finishing. A few of the featured collection from Bed and Basics are the following:

– Adele velvet storage bed frame at S$671.96.

– Holmvam 3-in-1 pull-out bed frame with stain-resistant fabric at S$537.30.

– Linie Japanese metal loft bed at S$806.62.

– Luna L-shaped sofa with water repellent fabric at S$1075.94.00.

– Moco 200 x 250 cm Japanese rug at S$121.06.

Benefits to shop home furniture from Bed and Basics

  • Bed and Basics Singapore offers to refund the differencing price if you find the same furniture somewhere else at a lower price.
  • It also offers free assembly and furniture delivery if you order for more than S$201.99 from them.
  • Bed and Basics allow you to send its furniture back within 100 days of purchase if you are not satisfied.

Besides, explore the wide range of furniture from Bed and Basics from its online shopping platform or visit their physical stores to shop home furniture. Choose trendy beds, dining tables, mattresses, sofas, rugs, and many more for living and bedroom furniture.

Payment Options at Bed and Basics

You can make payment for your home furniture shopping through Bed and Basics by PayPal and bank cards, including Discover, Maestro, Master Card, and Visa.

Born In Colour Singapore

Website URL:

+65 6988 3308. +65 6257 2501

Born in Colour is endeavoring to bring all Singaporeans to Born in Colour, providing them with trendy and designs on a small yet lively island. Born in Colour, Singapore works with factories directly, providing its customers with designer-quality affordable furniture. It will help you avoid going through distributors, passing the savings to you now.

Born in Colour understands the constraints of your spaces, so it curates furniture especially that are functional yet trendy and compact to suit your budget and home. It also ensures that every piece of furniture is practical and designed ergonomically in your everyday settings. A few best furniture pieces from Born in Colour are the following:

– Ame 2-seater sofa at S$1205.51.

– Fika Swedish glass cabinet sideboard at S$1272.56.

– Fika Swedish dining chair at S$253.44.

– Yasu nature solid oak bed frame at S$1741.89.

– Yak Dining table at S$2144.18.

– Parisienne blue French classic wall mirror at S$199.80.

FIF Furniture Studio Singapore

Contact Details: +65 6222 0270

FIF Singapore helps individuals to create their dream home with confidence and ease by offering budget-friendly designs and design services for free. It exists to bring your dream spaces and interior dreams to life, creating and designing beautiful homes. Some of the most beautiful pieces to shop home furniture from FIF Singapore include the following:

– Delilah lounge chait at S$724.11.

– Cosy L-shape sofa at S$3832.44.

– Leroy bed at S$2545.12.

– Odell coffee table at S$513.58.

– Emi dining char at S$332.56.

– Terrain rug at S$493.47.

– Vera grey sofa bed at S$885.03.

FIF offers free assembly and delivery of furniture for orders of more than S$670.47. Besides, you will get peace of mind with the three-year warranty offered by FIF and a free interior visualization to see the look of your home in 3D.

Rochie Bobois

Roche Bobois Singapore is the leader in distribution and designing furniture worldwide. It works closely with top-notch designers, such as Kenzo Takada, Stephen Burks, Christophe Delcourt, and many others. Its furniture pieces are available in a massive range and is manufactures in small European workshops with high-level customization.

You can browse its complete range of premium-quality furniture, including armchairs, beds, sofas, dining chairs, and many more top-quality furniture pieces. Besides, it has accessories and storage, including lighting, rugs, cushions, etc. Shop home furniture from Roche Bobois’ online shopping platform or go for in-store shopping to see and feel the look of your desired furniture.  

A few of its stunning collection of furniture you can customize are the following:

-Contre-Jour bed

– Rosace bed

– Intermede sofa

– Coiffe pivoting armchair

– Cigale dining table, and many others.

Ikea Singapore

Ikea Singapore is one of the most popular furnishing brands worldwide, with hundreds of stores. Shop home furniture from Ikea Singapore and create your dream home stunning and elegant. Some of the featured collection of its furnishings are the following:

– Tufjord upholstered bedframe in garnered blue color at S$1071.42.

– Klippan two-seat sofa at S$395.58.

– Godishus children’s wardrobe at S$159.57.

– Melltorp table at S$92.53.

Besides, numerous furniture stores in Singapore offers top-quality furniture at wallet-friendly prices, including the following:

Nova Furnishings

Website URL:

Contact Details:65 6561 5535

 From Nova Furnishing’s online shopping platform. Besides, you can visit its physical stores located at TradeHub, Pan-I Complex, Industrial Park, and Sungei Kadut Way.

Hipvan Singapore

Website URL:

Contact Details: +65 6291 1725

Hipvan Singapore has all kinds of beds, mattresses, dining tables, chairs, sofas and so on. This is an essential shopping platform to make your dream home extraordinary.


Are you remodeling your home or shifting to a new one? Shop home furniture from some of the best platforms provided to you in this blog. Choose the right and the best suitable ones to give your home the best furniture and furnishings. Besides, make your home more functional and significant with each furniture piece’s right assortment, making your spaces downright luxurious and furnished. 

Decorate your home with beautiful accessories and furnishings at and make your home appealing and comfortable.  

Headquartered in Singapore with over 10,000 partnered merchants and available in 10 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable.

Scan the QR code to download Atome app
Scan the QR code to download Atome app

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