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Shopee, a leading e-commerce platform in Brazil, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, is tailored for the region and provides its customers with a fast, secure, and effortless online shopping experience through logistic support, substantial payment, and Shopee installment plans. Opting for the installment schemes will help Shopee customers to purchase their desired products and make payments in installments.

Do you want to join the Shopee installment plan? Today, we are providing you with the details on the Shopee installment scheme.

What is Shopee pay later?

There are multiple Shopee payment methods for you to choose from. But Shopee stands out from the rest because of its Buy-Now-pay-later facility. Shopee Pay later, or SpayLater is Shopee’s own installment plan method. There’s an entire variety of installment plans for you to choose from. You can divide your payment into bi-monthly installments, 3-monthly installments, half-yearly installments, and yearly installments.

A minuscule 1.25% processing fee is levied per month on the total payment/order amount. And a penalty of 1.5% per month is levied as a late payment fee for the overdue amount. This is why you should keep a keen eye to make sure that a timely transaction has been made because if your Shopee installment failed and you didn’t notice it, you’ll be paying an overdue for this slight negligence. You can learn more about installment payments when you search for installment Shopee online.

Payment using Shopee installment plan

To avail of the Shopee installment plan, a credit card is required, which is eligible to use its payment method. The two banks that Shopee currently has those offer payment methods for installment plans are Public Bank and Maybank Berhad. 

If you want to make a payment using Shopee installment, a minimum total value after applying vouchers and discounts during checkout should be (Ringgit Malaysia) RM500. Moreover, the products will feature an “Installment” tag on it in the list entitled to the Shopee installment payment plan. Hence, you can select the products you desire to buy. To avail of the installment plan, you must see if your selected product is featured with the installment tag or not. If listed, enjoy the benefits of the installment plan. 

To view the installment plan, you can see the product listing page.

Steps to pay in installment

  • Select the product you want to buy.
  • Proceed if featured with installment tag.
  • Choose the installment simulation.
  • Select the payment method and choose the suitable Shopee installment plan.

Minimum spend for eligibility of Shopee installment

If you want to be eligible for the installment plan, your minimum spend must be RM500. Check out the eligibility criteria under various circumstances through a quick guide mentioned below for you to understand it better:

  • If you are buying an RM500 valued product whose seller has the Shopee installment plan method, your shopping amount is valid for installment.
  • If you are buying multiple products with a combined value of RM500 and whose seller have a Shopee installment plan method, your shopping amount is valid for installment.
  • If you are buying multiple products with an RM250 value of each product from two sellers, and both sellers have a Shopee installment plan method, your shopping amount is valid for installment.
  • Suppose you are buying multiple products with each RM250 value from two sellers when one seller has a Shopee installment plan method, and the other seller’s product is without an installment plan. In that case, your shopping amount is NOT valid for the installment.

For more information, you must see the complete information on Shopee’s e-commerce platform.

Charges and number of months for Shopee installment payment

If you want to know about the charges and the number of months for your Shopee installment payment method after confirming the installment tag, the selected item’s product page will help you know about it. Once you are on the product page:

  • Drop down the selected payment bank.

· You will see the number of months applicable for installment multiplied by the percentage of interest if there is any applied interest in the selected product.

  • Buyers will then be required to pay their amount monthly for their installment.

As instanced by Public Bank Berhad, and if you are buying an HD LED 42” Television for RM1,000, it offers a six-month installment for RM166.67 per month at zero percent interest and twelve months installments for RM83.33 per month at zero percent interest. You can see the options to pay for your amount in installments on the checkout page. You will see the following payment methods:

  • Shopee Wallet
  • ATM/ Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card Installment
  • Online Banking (FPX), and
  • Credit Card

Here you need to select the Credit Card installment to opt for paying for your purchase in installments.

Applying vouchers for the Shoppee installment plan

To opt for and avail of the Shopee installment plan’s benefits, your purchase amount should be equal to or more than RM500 after deduction of discount vouchers. However, if your checkout amount is less than RM500 after the deduction of discount vouchers, you will not be eligible to make your purchase through the Shopee installment plan method.

Processing fee for SPayLater at Shopee

The processing fee is an additional charge on the e-commerce platform of Shopee applied for the services by SPayLater. This processing fee is applicable only if you choose Shopee installment schemes. 

However, the processing fee is not applicable if a customer opts for Buy now and Pay Later as the payment option.

Transaction fee applied to sellers 

The transaction fee is applied to the sellers for the Shopee installment scheme. The payment channels of installment plans are subject to a transaction fee of around two percent on the customers’ total checkout amount. It includes only the orders from those sellers providing its customers with installment plans in the same checkout. The transaction fee applicable is as follows:

  • If your minimum checkout purchase amount is RM 500 for six months installment tenure, the transaction fee applicable will be 2.12%, including 6% SST.
  • If your minimum checkout purchase amount is RM 1000 for twelve months installment tenure, the transaction fee applicable will be 2.12%, including 6% SST.
  • If your minimum checkout purchase amount is RM 1500 for eighteen months installment tenure, the transaction fee applicable will be 2.12%, including 6% SST.

While opting for a Shopee installment payment scheme, sellers and buyers must check the applicable transaction fee and discounts. 

Check the installment tag on the products, installment options, the process of the installment plan, and discount vouchers on your shopping through Shopee.

Credit card promos at Shopee

The online store offers a bunch of promotions and discount codes to credit card holders of different banks.

  • DSB/POSB cardholders get $10 off on spending a minimum of $150 on Shopee’s Big Brand Discounts.
  • UOB card owners can get up to $6 off on a minimum spend of $80 at Shopee’s Supermarket. If you have a UOB ONE Card, you are eligible for a 10% cashback.
  • Those who use a CitiBank credit card can get a discount worth $10 upon spending $100 at Shopee Mall.

Shopee offers more such discounts to different banks’ credit card owners, including HSBC and Maybank. All the fantastic reviews about Shopee being the best online store are on point!

What to do when the Shopee installment doesn’t work?

There can be several reasons behind an unsuccessful Shopee payment transaction, such as a shoddy internet connection or too much traffic on the website. In any case, you may always reach out to Shopee customer service for assistance.

Additionally, you can also look into other means that let you pay for your purchases inconvenient and interest-free installments.

Atome is another great BNPL app.

Your options aren’t limited to the vast domain of buy now pay later apps. Headquartered in Singapore but with operations in 8 countries that include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and Mainland China, Atome is an exponentially growing E-commerce website with more than 10,000 online and offline merchants.

Scan QR to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Atome is available on Android and iOS. If you want to know how this works, click on the link and find out! Moreover, when you create an account for the first time, you get a 10$ shopping voucher that can be used for any purchase! So, what are you waiting for? Get the app now!

Payment method at Atome:

  • Choose all the items you wish to shop for, add them to your cart and proceed to the checkout.
  • From the many options to pay, choose Atome.
  • Next, you have to sign in to your Atome account. If you don’t have one, you can create one today, completely free!
  • Finally, you’re ready for the purchase. You just have to make an initial payment, a third of the total amount at the checkout. The remaining amount will be divided into two monthly installments that are completely installment free!


Shopee, a multinational technology company based in Singapore, has its main focus on e-commerce. Shopee provides its customers with various discount vouchers and schemes to benefit them and make their shopping experience to the next level. Check out the details of Shopee installment plans and options on its e-commerce platform. 

Atome provides a policy of paying in three easy installments. The app is well established in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Stay tuned with to get into the window of various offers and installment plans to have a wonderful shopping time!

Above all, as long as you download and utilize this easy app for the first time, you will immediately get a $10 shopping voucher. Take action right now!

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