Shopping Online with EChecks: A Quick Guide

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The growing online shopping stores had led to significant changes and upgrades in offered features. This has led to creation of clothing stores that accept checks online! This becomes a great supportive feature for anyone who likes to shop online. 

If you are wondering- ‘where can I shop online with a check?’. Then from small businesses to large websites, everyone offers this service for their customers. Still have doubts? Then read this blog till the end to find out more about e-check payment. 

What are E-checks?

There are numerous online shopping sites that accept checks for payment for the invoice. E-checks are very much similar to the paper checks. The only difference is that the transaction takes place online or digitally. 

One has to get themselves registered to the platforms to gain access to this service. Thinking what online stores accept checks for payment, there are numerous online websites that provide this service. 

How Do EChecks Work?

As mentioned, working or paying with e-checks is like using paper checks. But it is a quicker and efficient alternative to the latter. Customer just has to initiate an online transaction to pay for the purchased goods. Here are steps of paying at online acceptance check clothing store!:

  • Request Authorization: The first step is that the business or website should get authorization to run this payment process. They can apply online or give the related provider a call. 
  • Payment Set-Up: Once the business receives approval, they just have to offer it to their customers. After entering the relevant information to the payment processing software, it will be initiated. 
  • Check & Submit: Customer should recheck the entered information to make sure it’s right. Then click on the “Submit” or “Save” buttons to start the payment. 
  • Deposit Funds: When the customer approves, the amount will automatically be reduced from their bank account. The software will also send a copy or the receipt or transaction notification to the consumer. 

Top E-Check Service Provider

Do you want to know which online stores accept check payment? There are numerous platforms that a business or customer can use to create accounts for paying through e-checks. There are some great companies you can see: 


Started in 1998, PayPal is a leading e-check service provider and online money transfer company. Headquartered in California, they render their services all over the world. They have emerged as one of the best ways to make online payments for bills, dues, and other transactions. 

Google Wallet

Another leading name in the industry is Google Wallet. You can use this app or platform to send money directly from your bank account. By posing no additional charges for transactions, it can be used to pay at online shopping sites that accept checks. The app can also be used to make international transactions. 


Known for being one of the newest and biggest online checking companies, Skrill was started in the United Kingdom. The platform can be used to make money transfers to other users. It makes the process hassle-free and simple for both sides. 


The next name in this list of online shopping sites that accept checks is Payza. Best used on tablets and smartphones, it is used to transfer amounts from bank accounts to others. They place no transaction charges on the initiations. And the app can be easily linked to the account. 

E-Check Helping Businesses

Offering an Echeck payment option helps the businesses in increasing their revenue inflow dramatically. Customers receive a longer list of payment options, which allows them to choose the one that fits their needs. It also comes in handy when one has to pay for installments and monthly EMIs. 

Few other ways clothing stores that accept checks online benefit from this feature are:

  • Subscription-Based Company

If your business offers subscription services, then these online check payment features will be highly beneficial for you. E-checks can be used to make auto-renewal or recurring payments, making it easier for the user to manage their finances and transactions. 

  • Online Businesses

Many online shopping sites that accept checks have been reaping the numerous benefits of offering this option. Since they make payment and transactions easier for the user. Using these has become a popular sales model among the online business industry.

  • Businesses Accepting Large Payment

The next name in ‘what online stores accept checks for payment’ section are the companies that perform transactions of large amounts. Usually businesses have to pay for certain raw materials or other essentials online. This makes E-check a better alternative, since it has a high transaction limit and does not charge any extra fees. 

Bottom line

Increasingly, there are so many online stores answering your question about where can I shop online with a check. Using these platforms can help you in making your financial transactions easier and quicker. E-check payment is fairly simpler and efficient than all other payment alternative options. This also ensures that you don’t have to carry extra cash with you everywhere. 

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