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Cycling is a beautiful sport. There is nothing better than cycling. It’s evident to us how much cycling benefits our health. Cycling is the first sport that every child wants to do. Children never forget their first bicycles. Unfortunately, the sport of cycling is vanishing. This results in more environmental issues, including tons of health issues. However, there are still cycling enthusiasts who still believe in this sport. We should all take part in making the cycling sport alive once again.

There are specific requirements while selecting a bicycle. Bike fit is a crucial thing if you want to give yourself the best grip on your bike. When someone selects a shoe, they select according to the size of their feet. A good bike fit enables cyclists to be perfectly aligned with their bicycles. Today we have brought the perfect store which manufactures bicycles according to the bike fit of a cyclist. Cycle project store is providing a perfect opportunity to deliver the best bike fit for their customers.

They make everything according to the bike fit criteria of a cyclist.

There are many benefits of bike fit. The first thing that matters is comfort. When your bike size fits yours, then you are perfectly comfortable riding it. It may cost a little more, but when you are comfortable, then there is nothing better than this. The leaning position on a bike that we often see is what the main point is. The fact is that the position has to be comfortable. If it is not, then it can cause specific problems.

Moreover, the bike fit creates a perfect position that provides comfort to the spinal cord. It is not necessary for every person. A professional cyclist always makes their bikes on bike fits. So for that reason, we have brought the best cycle creators from the cycle project store

Size: No fit can fix the small size bicycle. It is necessary to choose the perfect bike size for yourself. Moreover, there is more or less in this case. But a significant difference in size cannot lead you to what you want. The size depends on the upper tubes and the crotch of the bicycles. For bikes that have slippery tubes, which are very common now.

Height of the seat:

The height of the seat also affects the bike fit. Too high or too short can also create a cause. We often see the pain in our back because the seat of the bike is too high. That results in upper back pain. When it is too short, alternatively, that results in lower back pain. 

Following are the two methods to decide the position of the seat of the bicycle.

  • Position the small arms in such a way that they match the seat tube. Sit in a chair and put your heel on your foot. If you cannot reach the base, lower the seat until you can; if your leg is bent at the knees, lift the chair straight.

If you use pedals without clips, you can also use a mathematical formula. Here’s how:

  1. Stand barefoot on a solid floor, back to the wall, with the book hidden between your legs, with your back to the side.
  2. Measure from the bottom to the top of the book’s back.
  3. Multiply that number by 0.883, then subtract 4mm (1 / 8th inch).
  4. The result is the height of your seat, measured from the centre of the lower bracket to the top of the seat, next to the seat tube.

Handlebar reach:

This is an essential part of the bike fit. The range between the handlebars and your hand’s matters. When you think that your grip and the lining of your back are in a comfortable position, that is your perfect position. It is an obvious fact that a proper reach to the handlebars ultimately lowers the possibility of back pain.

One of the most professional tips is to check that the seat belt should be secured to the seat rail, not hitting the front or back. The seat itself should be level or, at least, facing a few degrees down the front (never go up).

Bike fit for professionals:

The bike fit is the professional way to give the perfect size of cyclist to the bicycle. Bike fit is more of a professional tool. We often see the bicycle races where the professional cyclist leans towards the handlebars and rides for so long without moving their body. This is the fact behind the perfect bike fit. For the cycling enthusiasts in Singapore, we have brought the cycle project store that will provide all the facilities to endure the best experience of cycling. 

About Cycle Project Store:

Cycle Project Store is a Singapore based outlet that provides custom made bicycles. With a strong belief in high-quality goods and services, Cycle Project Store opened in late 2012 as an online store to cater to the bicycle market in Singapore. Intending to help the needs of individual cyclists and their cycling stores worldwide to develop a culture of cycling and a friendly cycling environment, the company’s mission is to encourage cycling to be a part of our daily lives. They believe that each bike is like a project, and like every project, the attention to detail associated with proper care and performance should be tailored to the owner’s needs.


Giving yourself comfort in every field of your life is a winning act. In this way, you will last for a long time. Cycling is one of them. Here is the more reliable way of cycling by bike fit. The Cycle Project Store is providing it. You will be delighted with their product. 

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