The Perfect Discovery of the Skincare Range—NARS Singapore 

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NARS is one of Singapore’s best-selling makeup brand with extremely smooth finishing and the rich pigmentation. NARS Singapore has a wide selection of makeup products and skin care products ranging from head to toe. NARS Singapore is one of the highly recommended makeup brands for makeup artists. NARS Singapore is for every skin tone, whether olive skin, fair skin or tan skin.

NARS deep throat blush 

The most popular collection of NARS Singapore has the best blended NARS deep throat blush. NARS deep throat blush is To highlight the cheekbones to enhance the beautiful features of the face. There is a beautiful range of blush-on like NARS Orgasm, NARS Super Orgasm, NARS Deep Throat, Chantecaille Coral and Tarte Glisten. NARS Deep throat blush is also known as “Flirty, Sheer peach”. 

NARS deep throat blush is a hot coral blend of pink and a touch of golden shimmery sheen. It gives the perfect blush look —the actual pinkish effect without leaving your skin orange or red. A very lightweight blush gives a soft glow to every pale cheek. NARS deep throat blush can last up to seven hours of freshness. 

Excellent for day to day wear: 

The buildable colour of coral pink and golden makes it the best wearing blush for your everyday routine. Whether you’re going to attend a meeting or want to enjoy a get-together, NARS deep throat blush is the perfect option for you. 

Perfect skin-matching: 

The soft, warm glow of coral pink makes the NARS deep throat blush a must-have makeup product for everyone.

Smooth texture: 

NARS deep throat blush texture is extra smooth and has a feather-like touch.

NARS Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation review 

With the name “Aqua Glow”, it depicts a high-end glow finishing to your skin. The foundation is refillable. The classic black casing of the cushion foundation makes it more elegant and chicer. NARS Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation is available in 6 tone shades. 

Review of NARS Aqua Glow Cushion Foundation: 

The makeup artists highly recommend this product for those with drier skin types because it is the foundation for glow and shine, so an oily face does not need to glow anymore. However, users must apply a primer and NARS setting powder for the perfect base look for oily skin. 

NARS Concealer 

Like NARS Deep throat blush, NARS Aqua glow cushion foundation, NARS Concealer is also one of the trustiest products in Singapore. It is a multi-purpose concealer that turns out to promote full coverage all day long. It is used to correct your blemish, dark spots and under-eye circles. NARS concealer gives a perfect look to your makeup with an ultra-smooth and luxurious texture for an even skin tone. NARS concealer has a wide range of 30 shades. 

Why choose NARS Concealer? 

There are many reasons to choose NARS concealer. Some of them are: 

Long last finishing: 

NARS Concealer can last for up to 16 hours without any patch or dryness. It is suitable for all skin types. 

Multi-action benefits: 

NARS concealer is enriched with creamy hydrating effects, which leaves your skin extraordinary perfect. 

Perfect solution for fine lines: 

NARS Concealer is not only to hide your dark spots from the skin, but it also helps cover your wrinkles, fine lines and pores for more smooth finishing. 

Multi-purpose Concealer: 

NARS concealer is a multi-purpose concealer, it not only conceals your lines and spot, but you can use it for highlight and contouring purposes. No doubt it is the perfect solution for all your worries. 

How to order NARS products in Singapore? 

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