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Are you also one of those multi-taskers finishing up multiple tasks at once? We have brought an ideal product for you which will reduce half of your burden, and will you will thus be able to spare some free time. In this blog, you will read about Thercmomix review sg, an excellent product made to reduce stress. Thermomix is a kitchen appliance that will complete different tasks at one go, famous in Singapore and abroad. Thermomix is also one of the fastest evolving brands in Singapore and is also the future of cooking. Scroll in the section below to know more about it.

What is Thermomix?

Thermomix is a multi-purpose appliance made for the kitchen by Vorwerk Corporate Group. It is a heating element with a motor for slow and fast stirring and blending and weighs scale. The product will carry multiple functions like emulsifying, steaming, blending, mixing, weighing, stirring, grinding, and whipping. It also has a touchscreen which shows the recipes and also guides the step to make them. Read the features of the product below to get clarity about Thermomix review sg.

Functions performed by Thermomix

Thermomix is a multi-functional product, beneficial to complete various tasks, including the following:


The recently launched product, Thermomix TM6, will adjust the cooking time required to prepare the meal according to the ingredients. It will also adjust the temperature accordingly for custards, sauces, and creams.


It also has a weighing meter attached with the same, which will help ensure that the proper amount of ingredients is poured into the machine to taste delicious.

Rice Cooker

It will also act as a rice cooker and will cook the grains perfectly. All you need to do is place the right amount of water with grains in the bowl, and then it will automatically control the cooking time and temperature.

Milling and Grating

You can grate several ingredients in this mixer for your meals. The product will do it with its high speed and efficient blades, giving you the controls for the end product’s consistency.


The product will take over the cooking process on your orders and prepare the food without any hassle, mess and difficulties.

Sugar Stages

Another function performed by the product is to prepare honeycomb, caramel, and lollipops for your taste buds.


You also have the option to set the temperatures on your own to cook the meals between 37 degrees to 160 degrees.


It also has the option to heat the ingredients upto 160 degrees. You can also cook caramelized onions and others by taking help through its guide.

Along with all these functions, the product also helps complete the processes, including steaming, emulsifying and Mixing, kneading, mincing, chopping, Stirring, slow cooking, blending, and many more functions. Besides, it has an egg boiler, warm-up, and high-temperature mode, making your meal preparation and cooking time effortlessly. There are around twenty-four functions that you can accomplish with Thermomix. You can also go through the guidance video for all these functions, which will help you with better and clear understandings. Head to the following sections to reveal more about Thermomix review sg. 

Models Launched by Thermomix

The chronology of all the models launched by the brand is:

  • 1961- Thermomix VKM5
  • 1960- Thermomix VM 10
  • 1971- Thermomix VM 2000
  • 1977- Thermomix VM 2200
  • 1980- Thermomix 3000
  • 1982- Thermomix 3300
  • 1996- Thermomix TM 21
  • 2004- Thermomix TM 31
  • 2014- Thermomix TM 5
  • 2019- Thermomix TM 6

Who all are the targeted customers for Thermomix?

To all those who are super busy, those who know fewer cooking skills, all these people are the product’s targeted customers as it will help them complete their cooking task without any hassle and easily will prepare the food for them. Many people in Singapore and worldwide who struggle with their work and cooking skills can try Thermomix and get the best and desired results within the least possible time.

Thermomix review sg

Thermomix launched its first product back in 1961, and since then, it has been trending in the latest and technical launches for innovative products. Many customers appreciate the product, and they have mentioned it to be a complete kitchen setup.

They have mentioned in their reviews that it is an all-in-one device for people who do not have cooking skills. Some restaurant owners also own it, and they have also claimed it to be the best.

The brand is also marked as the fastest-growing brand in Singapore. Thermomix review sg itself depicts the brand appreciation by its customers.

The features appreciated in Thermomix review sg

Customers have appreciated the product, marked it as a quick and easy technique, and amazed by its working. Many of them have tried and compared the product with several other brands and have realized it to be the best without any shortcomings. Its efficiency and usability is also marked as durable and robust.

The in-built weighing machine is also one of the product’s unique features, and people are fond of its recipes that can be downloaded from Cookidoo. Customers have further added that baking is also properly and finely done by Thermomix with complete precision.

Information about Thermomixer Online Singapore Platform

Singapore citizens have an advantage over the product, which is that they also have access to a digital guide that will explain all its functions and benefits more clearly. It is the website’s official online platform where customers can go through benefits, recipes and can shop the same from the website.


This blog about Thermomix review sg was a positive initiative to introduce you to a multi-tasker product that will help you accomplish multiple tasks at a time. For your clarity and to learn more about Thermomix, you can go through this blog and explore over its online platform. There are many similar products available in the market, but there is something unique about Thermomixer which makes it stand out from the crowd.

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