Things you need to Know about Gymmboxx Membership 

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Want to do daily exercises with a GYMMBOXX membership for quality service? Let’s first take a quick glance at the stories behind GYMMBOXX.

GYMMBOXX began as a solitary gym at the top of a multi-story parking park in Singapore called Bedok Reservoir in October 2010. It has established itself as Singapore’s most affordable quality gym brand, servicing its residential areas and heartlands. GYMMBOXX will continue developing and providing excellent gym facilities and service to the rest of Singapore and beyond, with more than seven gyms island-wide.

In this article, you’ll be able to learn and understand the things required to purchase a GYMMBOXX membership.

GYMMBOXX Membership

GYMMBOXX offers – 1-month, six months, and 12 monthly membership packages. Its packages specially cater to students (<25 years old), adults, and senior citizens (>55 years old) at varying rates. All seven outlets are available to members 24/7 unless otherwise stated.

Personal Training is also available beginning at $86/session.

Do note:

  • Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable and are provided to the individual who registered for a Membership or GYMMBOXX Personal Training Services.
  • Access to GYMMBOXX facilities and services requires a valid Membership Card. If your Membership Card is lost or misplaced, you will be charged a card replacement cost.
  • Members have access to all GYMMBOXX facilities during their Membership time during operation hours unless otherwise indicated in their sign-up terms and conditions.
  • Fees. There are no refunds for any payments paid.

Can you share your GYMMBOXX Membership with your friend or anyone else?

Unfortunately, no, memberships cannot be shared with another individual. Should your friend or a family member wish to access the gym, they may do so as a per-entry guest or as a member. (All per-entry access will be ceased temporarily till further notice)

How do I sign up for a GYMMBOXX Membership?

Membership sign-up can be done at any of our seven GYMMBOXX outlets. Simply approach any of our friendly Gym Associates at your preferred GYMMBOXX outlet, and they will assist you accordingly.

Can I freeze my membership if needed?

You can freeze your membership – hibernation. You may apply for hibernation of your membership at any GYMMBOXX outlet at a fee of $20/month. Do note that hibernation is accorded on a full month basis.

Covid-19 Measures in GYMMBOXX after Lockdown

GYMMBOXX has placed precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19 within the gym. Some of them are as follows:

  • Staff on duty will be given a face mask or face shield at all times. Staff can also choose to use disposable gloves, which will be given to all on-duty personnel.
  • Staff will advise any member who shows symptoms of illness to take a 10-minute break and be observed. They will be asked to leave if they continue to show indications of illness (coughing, sneezing).
  • To prevent the virus from spreading, employees (both full-time & part-time) are only permitted to work in one area.
  • Members can use disinfectant sprays and clean clothes to clean their equipment before using it. Towels are changed on a regular basis.
  • Staff and members have access to alcohol-based hand sanitiser stations situated throughout the gym.
  • Members of the check-in line must adhere to floor markings that are at least 1 meter apart.
  • To permit just one person per bench, rest benches and showers have been marked out on the gym floor.
  • The number of stools and seats at dining tables has been decreased, and floor markers have been installed to guarantee that members are separated by 1 meter.
  • Members will be unable to use communal accessories like stretching mats, foam rollers, and lifting straps, which will be maintained by the counter staff.
  • To establish a 2m separation between members, all gyms have closed some equipment.
  • In all GYMMBOXX gyms, alternate cardiovascular machines have been turned off to guarantee that members are separated by at least 2 meters when exercising.
  • To avoid overcrowding in the free weights section, the number of multi-adjustable benches (MAB) on the gym floor will be lowered. To better enforce this regulation, 2m of social distancing tape will be placed between the benches.

Is GYMMBOXX Membership cost-effective?

GYMMBOXX is one of Singapore’s most affordable gyms. Their outlets include Bedok Point, Bishan CC, Canberra Plaza, Century Square, Ci Yuan CC (coming Mar 2022), Jcube, Kebun Baru CC, and Keat Hong CC.

Conveniently located in heartland areas, their prices remain competitive, along with state-of-the-art equipment that is well maintained.

Let’s talk about the membership price now. So, adults pay $75-$110 a month, depending on the length of their membership. While students and older citizens pay between $50-$95 each month, note that the registration fee applies! 

Taking a look at GYMMBOXX reviews

Enjoying a 4/5-star rating, GYMMBOXX reviews (including Gymmbox Bedok reviews) are certainly enthralling and captivating, regardless if you’re a newbie or a veteran fitness freak.

It is a given; when you compare all the amenities at GYMMBOXX and the state-of-the-art machines and certified trainers with the GYMMBOXX price/GYMMBOXX per entry price (GYMMBOXX Bedok point price and GYMMBOXX Buit Batok price) you would understand why everyone is all hail and praises for GYMMBOXX.

It’s honestly worth every penny.

For more information about GYMMBOXX, you can visit the nearest GYMMBOXX franchise by searching “GYMMBOXX near me” on any search engine, or you could just contact GYMMBOXX at GYMMBOXX contact number: +65 68730286.

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Ending Thoughts

GYMMBOXX reviews speak volumes of their greatness. Now, it’s time for you to pursue that ‘great’ lifestyle – fitness is the way to go! Get yourself a membership at GYMMBOXX without worrying about GYMMBOXX’s prices; as with Atome, you can get the best deal through GYMMBOXX membership promotions. Don’t wait; a healthy lifestyle awaits you!

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