Top 6 Wheelchair Rental Singapore

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Traveling is difficult enough, but adding medical equipment, particularly a wheelchair, makes the voyage even more difficult. The best answer for this is wheelchair rental Singapore, where you will be visiting. If you or a loved one has a short-term injury and needs a wheelchair, renting one makes more sense because you won’t have to buy a brand-new wheelchair that you won’t need after a few days of use.

If you’re planning a trip to Singapore and need a wheelchair, then you might be wondering, ‘what is the best electric wheelchair rental near me. Well, there here are several options.

Falcon Mobility

Only one model of wheelchair is available for rent at Falcon Mobility, the Miki Lightweight Wheelchair. This equipment is constructed of a lightweight aluminum frame that is extremely foldable and compact, making it ideal for transportation and travel. It is also thought to be the lightest wheelchair on the market. They rent out lightweight, portable pushchairs and a rollator in addition to wheelchairs.

The first week’s rental price for the wheelchair would be $40. If you rent the wheelchair for more than one week, you will be charged $20 for each additional week. There is a $100 refundable security deposit required. If you want the wheelchair delivered, you will be charged an additional $45.

They also rent mobility scooters, power chairs, and pushchairs in addition to wheelchair rental Singapore.

Another benefit of choosing Falcon Mobility is that you can get exclusive discounts and promotional vouchers in addition to splitting the cost of the wheelchair in instalments if you download the Atome app now.

Vertex Mobility Singapore

Vertex Mobility is one of Singapore’s major wheelchair companies. The business sells a variety of wheelchairs, including lightweight, heavy-duty, portable, and reclining models. The good news is that they also provide wheelchair rentals.

Keep in mind, however, that the types of wheelchairs available for rent are quite limited. The Vertex Signature Wheelchair, Elevating Heavy Duty Wheelchair, and Ultra-Portable Travelport Wheelchair are the only manual wheelchairs available for hire. They also hire motorized electric wheelchairs in addition to manual wheelchairs.

However, the little variety is because these wheelchairs would meet the needs of the majority of clients. As a result, you must first call their customer service specialists to check for availability and obtain critical information regarding the type of rental that you require.

Call their customer service number to make a wheelchair reservation. You may pick up your reserved wheelchair rental in Singapore at their Geylang Bahru store. The wheelchairs can be rented on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The cost of a manual wheelchair ranges from $8 to $80, whereas an electric wheelchair might reach $500. For electric wheelchair rentals, the company would additionally ask a $500 deposit. They also provide wheelchair rentals with delivery. The charge for one-way delivery is $20, while the fee for two-way delivery is $40.

Habibi Wheelchair Rental

This wheelchair rental Singapore provider is situated in Singapore and specializes in wheelchair rentals. The company’s objective is to provide anyone from any background with the ability to use a wheelchair temporarily. Their guarantee to their customers is that they will supply wheelchair rentals to any location in Singapore in the lowest amount of time feasible.

The Habibi tiny, Habibi lightweight, and Habibi Prime are the three varieties of wheelchairs available for hire. All of these are collapsible and tiny.

If you need a wheelchair, you’ll be relieved to learn that reservations are accepted. They would require a $20 deposit, which would be forfeited if you canceled your reservation less than 48 hours before your scheduled rental time.

Rental rates are divided into three categories: daily, weekly, and monthly, and can range from $20 to $160. (Including 2-way delivery already). They will also demand a $100 refundable deposit fee for local use and $150 for long-distance use (overseas use).

Pharmex Healthcare

Pharmex Healthcare is a comprehensive Home Healthcare Supply Centre is wheelchair rental Singapore that provides a wide range of medical supplies and equipment, including wheelchair rentals. They are the ones that offer the most wheelchair options when compared to the other rental stores on the list. They rent out up to eleven different sorts of wheelchairs.

For rental arrangements and reservations, the company exclusively takes phone calls and emails. For the first renting period, they will require a deposit. At the end of the rental time, the remaining balance will be collected.

Like those of other wheelchair rental companies, their rental fees are divided into three categories: daily, weekly, and monthly, and can range from $15 to $200.You will be charged $18 for a one-way journey if you want the wheelchair delivered.

Rehab Mart

There are four different types of manual wheelchair rental Singapore available at Rehab Mart. The manual light detachable wheelchair, manual light reclining wheelchair, manual light standard wheelchair, and manual light tilt & recline wheelchair are all manual light wheelchairs. They also included a rental of a motorized wheelchair on their list.

The company also provides delivery for their rentals, but please note that this service is only accessible on weekdays. A refundable security deposit will also be required. The deposit will be charged to the cost of the damaged or lost part or equipment if a portion of the complete wheelchair is damaged or lost.

Bion Medical Group

There are seven different types of wheelchair rental Singapore available on the Bion Medical Group’s website. You can use their website to place your rental order and pay with a credit card.

The rental cost is $3 per day, with a four-day minimum rental duration. You will be required to pay a $50 security deposit for each rental. Delivery is also available, but a one-way trip will set you back $35.

The amazing thing about Bion Medical Group wheelchairs is that they have wheelchairs tailored to each individual’s needs. If you have more precise demands, you should be able to find a wheelchair. For instance, if you require a wheelchair with removable hand rests for easy transfer onto and off a bed, you can select a model that meets your needs. They also have various very functioning wheelchairs with a variety of qualities, such as being extremely light.

If you are interested more then choose an electric wheelchair on Mobility Scooters.

The best place to buy or rent wheelchairs in Singapore

If you are wondering about where to buy wheelchairs in Singapore or what is the best electric wheelchair rental service in the country, then look no further than Falcon Mobility. With both physical and online portals, Falcon Mobility is equipped with several Personal Mobility Aids products to help you move without worry.

Here is why they are the best mobility scooter rental in Singapore:

  1. Falcon Mobility offers the best wheelchair price in Singapore. 
  2. Their Personal Mobility Aids comply with Land Transport Authority rules and regulations so that you can move about without worry.
  3. Their motorized wheelchairs in Singapore come with battery chargers that are up to the Singapore Safety Mark.
  4. Being the best electric wheelchair rental service, Falcon Mobility brings quality assurance and top brands from the USA and the rest of the world.
  5. Last but not least, if you buy from Falcon Mobility, you can pay your wheelchair hire cost over 3 easy and interest-free instalments over 3 months with Atome. 

You can also avail of a fabulous discount voucher for Falcon Mobility on the Atome app. What’s more is that you can also get notified about various Atome exclusive discounts, promotions, and flash sales on Falcon Mobility and other partnered brands only on the Atome app.

Get your wheelchair with Atome

Headquartered in Singapore with over 15,000 partnered merchants and available in 8 markets, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of flexible payment options for a variety of products and services in their partner merchants’ stores. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making higher quality products more affordable.

Scan QR to download the Atome app
Scan QR to download the Atome app

Get your wheelchair or mobility scooter from Falcon Mobility in Singapore in instalments

Falcon mobility offers more than just the best wheelchairs in Singapore, they also offer the best service and ease of purchase. You can get your scooter or electric wheelchair in Singapore in instalments if you buy from Falcon Mobility using Atome. You can also win Atome+ reward points, which further offsets the cost of your next purchase.

Atome lets you split the wheelchair hire cost into 3 easy instalments, with the product delivery after you pay only 1/3rd of the cost. Atome enables you to be financially free without any interest or hidden charges. 

Here is how you can pay using Atome when you buy your electric wheelchair or scooter from Falcon Mobility:

  1. Download the Atome app and make a free account.
  2. While checking out from the Falcon Mobility website, choose Atome as your payment method. OR scan the QR code at the checkout desk if you buy from the Falcon Mobility store.
  3. You will be redirected to the Atome app, where you can log in.
  4. And voila, pay 1/3rd of the cost at the purchase time and the rest in 3 easy instalments over the next 3 months.

Win Atome+ reward points when you buy using Atome

You can also get Atome+ reward points as a part of the loyalty program when you purchase from partnered brands using Atome

Why not have finer things in life when there is so much saving? Here is how you can earn Atome+ points:

  1. For every $1 you spend, you get 1 Atome+ point.
  2. For every friend you refer to Atome, you get 1,000 points.
  3. You can also get extra points during the upsized points campaign.

Download the Atome app to learn more!

You can use these Atome+ points in the following way:

  1. 100 points equal $1. Which you can use to offset the cost of your next purchase.
  2. You can use Atome+ points to redeem exclusive rewards from the rewards center on your Atome app.
  3. You can also play exclusive games on the Atome app using your Atome+ points to win more rewards and prizes.

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