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Spas are referred to as luxury rooms where people go for their beauty routines in order to feel relaxed. Many women get their manicures, massages and beauty facials one or two weeks per month. We are living in an environment where the fittest person survives, therefore in order to succeed, one should be healthy and strong.  People with well-groomed personalities and physical attraction have more chances to succeed. Therefore, people try to keep themselves happy healthy and beautiful. HUANG AH MA, the oriental spa located in the heart of Singapore offers a relaxing massage for the locals and tourists. It also offers maternity spa services including pre-natal and post-natal massage for recovering and healing therapy.

This oriental spa offers a wide variety of signature services for their beloved customers. In addition to providing these services, it also delivers many beauty products that can be used for styling, grooming and enhancing your beauty.

Making your skin glow beautifully should not come at the expense of monetary issues therefore we provide the payment service from Atome. Atome provides payment modes that divides your expenses into three parts of installments to make it easy for you to enjoy the massage services of the spa.

Facial mists:

If you are tired of your dry skin and want to hydrate it in order to look fresh then you have to go for the facial mist from HUANG AH MA the oriental spa.  It consists of all the essential nutrients that moisturize your skin. By using this facial mist, all the additional moisturizers and serums will work better. The best thing about it is by spraying it all over your skin will make your skin moisturized and fresh even without messing up your makeup. In order to be effective, they include important humectants in their ingredients. Humectants will prevent skin from drying out and will hold moisture.

Men’s cologne:

In order to get the finest touches of gentlemen transformation, and to get a refreshing vibe with you everywhere you go, you should shop with Atome. The alluring scents will boost up your confidence level.  A great fragrance will compliment your personality and make people remember you.

Skin care products:

The best defense to protect your skin from the harmful rays of sun is to use sunblock. Unlike other skin care products, it gives results immediately. It is like an insurance of your skin that protects it from the harmful rays of the sun.  Therefore, the oriental spa protects you from skin cancer as it blocks the entry of rays. Whether the climate is rainy or humid, you can wear it without feeling uncomfortable. Hence if you want to protect your skin, HUANG AH MA oriental spa will help to provide you with your desired products.


Who does not like to have healthy and glowing skin? Pamper yourself everyday by using a body exfoliator or a scrub. Our body needs exfoliation as it will remove all the dead skin and give you a refreshing look, which in turn will enhance your confidence level. It provides a best way to release your burden of stress and make yourself relaxed.

Products for damaged hair:

Nowadays with the progressing modern industry you can have a number of adventures with your hair for e.g., you can curl them, bleach them, straighten them or curl them but this will damage your hair. Therefore, in order to protect your hair from damage use hair products from the HUANG AH MA the oriental spa, this will restore the fiber of your hair and prevent the breaking up of your hair. Now you can style your hair without worrying about hair damage.

Night creams:

It is important to have a beauty sleep of approximately eight hours. But making the application of night cream an important part of your night schedule can be a key to your glowing skin. Night creams are enriched with strong anti-aging and anti-oxidant contents that will make your skin glow, reduce the wrinkles and also the dark spots and will give you a younger look, glowing and fresh skin. It will also enhance your complexion.

Facial massages and additional deals:

It provides a wide range of additional deals that are budget friendly. They offer pocket friendly deals related to hair, beauty treatment, massage and facial services etc.

The most unique feature about their facial massage is that the products they use are packed with anti-oxidants and amino acids to prevent the damage that can be done by free radicals. It also enhances the cell recovery. It is not only an enjoyable experience but will also lead to a glowing skin.

Treat your skin, have a break from your hectic routines and pamper yourself with full body massages.  HUANG AH MA the oriental spa includes many massages services, such as the aroma oil body massage, body scrub, ear candling, royal foot massage etc., it also offers reflexology treatment that treats many of your health issues.

It also offers MACRO BEAUTY MASSAGE. It is a unique type of massage that will reduce the stiffness of muscles, head, lymph nodes and nerves and will help you in keeping skin beautiful. It keeps skin in healthy from both inside and outside.

Why purchase from Atome?

HUANG AH MA does not compromise on the quality of care we provide to our customers. We make them feel satisfied and provide best kind of care for their skin, hair etc. This oriental spa makes you love yourself. By collaborating with Atome, it has made it easy for you to enjoy your relaxing routine in a budget friendly price.  Atome provides the opportunity to enjoy the facial massage services or to buy beauty products without worrying about the expenses.

The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making quality products and services more reachable.

Scan QR code to download Atome app
Scan QR code to download Atome app

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