What Are The Best Platforms That Allow Instalment Without Credit Card

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Before jumping right into trusted sources that let you pay installments without a credit card, you should understand some definitions of terms. For starters, paying an installment alone simply refers to paying a bill gradually for a specified period until you complete your debt. An installment plan is typically arranged on buyer and seller’s terms/conditions.

A contractor invoice is a common medium that clearly states the payment terms upon which a validation method like an official stamp or signature is applied. Getting to pay installments with no credit card can involve an installment debt, installment loan, or installment sale between a buyer and seller. In the rest of this article, we shall see some top platforms that permit you to make installment payments not necessarily with a credit card.


This is one of the commonest sources that allowed you to make affordable installments. It is an SEC-certified organization online that provides customers with lazada installment without credit cards. BillEase is one of the most highly favored platforms for Filipinos as it offers a broad range of products to purchase online with convenient and affordable means of payment. As a leading partner with lazada, you can now shop on the platform and pay the complete amount later accompanied by low-interest installment plan options. To apply:

  • Visit the official site and declare the value you want as a loan
  • Select a preferred installment term and apply
  • Submit your personal information for approval after which you get your disbursement in your lazada wallet


Tendopay is an installment plan solution that provides its customers with the convenience of buying now and paying little. You can make installments with no credit card required for your online purchases with 2 to 24 months. This platform is a registered mark that offers lazada e-wallet to enjoy the benefits of an installment plan especially without having a credit card. To apply:

  • Create an account and hold on for approval
  • Purchase vouchers ensuring that the loan value is equal to or below the item price since no charge will be incurred
  • Once completed, Tendopay will send the amount of purchased voucher to your lazada wallet


It is a fintech organization that specializes in lending which is supervised by the Exchange Commission (SEC). Perajet aims at assisting individuals and companies that could use an extra hand in their finances including instalments without credit cards. Innovative financial service employs corporations with specialists from the well-established European financial sector. To apply you must first have:

  • A primary ID then a secondary ID like your business ID or ATM card.
  • Current proof of billing as well as your payslip (within one month)
  • A selfie with your identification
  • A print of your lazada checkout screen.
  • A working lazada e-wallet

Submit your application by visiting here. Once pre-approved complete your application with new requirements. Accept the terms then your lazada wallet will be credited afterward.


This is a company that offers quick access to monthly loans in Singapore without a credit card. If you don’t have a credit card or can’t apply at all, Cashalo provides a Shop now & Pay later initiative as a practical financial solution. Its online platform works on innovative security standards that enable it to give customers a reliable data exchange. Cashalo ensures that it does not include any hidden payments or extra commissions. It also applies to a situation where a customer wants to repay the total amount of a loan ahead of time. To apply:

  • Register your phone number and email address that are connected to your lazada account.
  • Download and install the Cashalo app for iOS or Android and log in
  • Choose the “Lazada Loan” option under “Pay with Cashalo” then finish your profile information
  • Choose your preferred lazada loan amount along with its payment terms
  • Upon approval, your loan will be sent to your lazada wallet within 1 to 3 working days.


Unapay offers you the option to make installments without a credit card in Singapore for online and offline shopping. The company allows customers an easier way to get whatever they want as its services include lower prices and shopping for less with the lazada installment. Interestingly, the platform provides particularly fast, low-interest loans with no down-payment necessary. To apply:

  • Eligibility involves being at least 18 years of age with a valid email address and phone number.
  • You will need to have your valid government ID, Proof of income as well as proof of billing.
  • Fill out the application form. Upon approval, Unapay will send money to your lazada wallet.


There are some online shopping stores that allow you to make transactions that may not require using a credit card. Installment payments, for example, involve gradual remuneration for a product or order that is made consensual between the buyer and seller. The process for getting to pay installments without a credit card may vary as it depends on the source/platform you use. It is recommendable to apply for installment payments with no credit card on sources that provide the most convenient process and conditions for you.

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